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When I returned from my recent holiday, I had 5,000 unread emails in my inbox. Of those, only a handful were important or contained appealing competitions! It took me a week to sift through them all, and it was then I realised that something had to be done about all the junk…

Unroll.me offers a good solution. Log in with your email address and password, and it scans your inbox to find the lists you’re subscribed to. You can choose to unsubscribe, add to a daily email (the ‘Rollup’) or leave untouched.

To get started, go to http://unroll.me and enter your email address. Accept the T&Cs, then input the password for your email account (current email providers supported are Outlook.com, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo!, AOL and iCloud). Unroll.me will then start trawling through your inbox to establish the mailing lists you’re on. This could take some time – in my case, about half an hour!

When it’s finished, you’ll be presented with an alphabetical list of the mailing lists you subscribe to – I had a whopping 1702!


Click through to unsubscribe from each one quickly and easily – after clicking five, you’ll be asked to send a Tweet or Like Unroll.me on Facebook to continue. You can find out more about the Unroll.me unsubscribe process here.

If you don’t want to unsubscribe, then leave the mailing list name untouched in your list. Or add that email to your Rollup list. The Rollup is a single daily digest which you can choose to receive in the morning, afternoon or evening – then you can scan through to see if there’s anything of interest! The emails included in the Rollup are also filed into am ‘Unroll.me’ folder in your email client, so you can always access the originals.


After about half an hour of clicking away, I had unsubscribed from a whopping 1403 mailing lists, left 23 emails untouched and added 276 to my Rollup. That’s a pretty major de-clutter!

Unrollme screenshot

As for the daily ‘Rollup’ email – it features neat thumbnails of each email so you can scroll through and click if you spot anything interesting… such as a competition! Clicking will open up that email on the Unroll.me website, but remember you can find the original emails in your ‘Unroll.me’ folder in your mailbox too (remember to clear this out regularly!). You can also check out all your daily Rollups online by logging in at unroll.me.


When you receive your daily Rollup there may be a blue banner at the top to say ‘We found X new subscriptions in your inbox. Why not roll them up or unsubscribe?’. Click it to go to Unroll.me and check the ‘New items’ folder, where you can unsubscribe, add these new senders to your Rollup or leave them in your inbox.


I signed up to Unroll.me ten days ago and I must say I’m really impressed. I’m now only getting the important stuff – such as ‘Congratulations’ emails! – in my inbox. And each evening I whizz through my Rollup quickly on my iPhone to check I’ve not missed anything important. I feel de-cluttered and relieved!

If you decide to try Unroll.me, let me know how you get on – I’d love to know how many mailing lists you were subscribed to!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2015: Unroll.me now have a mobile app available for OS devices Рfind out more here. Whoop!

20 Responses

  1. Clara Cort says:

    I had about 2100 subscription and took me over an hour to click the unsubscribed button but looking forward to a lesser dosage of e-mails every day. I’ve always started my days with checking my e-mails, at least I don’t have to deal with the obvious rubbish, though I didn’t sign up for the daily rollup.

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    Now I’ve been using unrollme for several months I have worked out what it does. It does not unsubscribe you – look in your trash/bin folder, you will see the emails still get sent to you, you just don’t see them. It also creates a folder (in yahoo anyway) for all those unroll emails which eventually will clog you box, unless you start deleting them now!

    • Ah yes, I do mention in the post about clearing that folder out regularly but it’s easy to forget! I tend to only use Unroll.me to ‘roll up’ emails, and I’ve got into the habit of unsubscribing from other junk properly as it pops into my inbox!

  3. DanielleGraves says:

    It says Unroll.me unsubscribes you by following a sender’s unsubscribe
    instructions 24 hours after you’ve unsubscribed. As a backup, we
    automatically trash all future emails you’ll receive from that sender.
    This is to ensure that if the unsubscribe request fails for some reason,
    you’ll still never receive an email from that sender.

    Does that mean they will delete winning emails from those companies you unsubscribed to as well and so you risk losing out

  4. Sue Ocock says:

    I use my Talktalk account for comps and it doesn’t work with that. Fingers crossed it covers it in the future. I seem to spend half of my time deleting/unsubscribing…

  5. Vikki George says:

    Thank you, that’s a huge help and up subscribed me from something’s that seemed impossible to!

  6. Lynn Brown says:

    I’ve been using this for a couple of months. Only caution I would exercise is that some spam is in there and clicking unsubscribe would not be the thing to do!

  7. Linz_Toothpaste says:

    I’ve tried it this morning and had 860 odd subs that I’ve wheddled down to about 30, however I’m already still getting emails from lists I know I’ve unsubscribed from..does it take a while to catch up?

    • I had the same – keep an eye on your rollups for the next week or so, and be sure to click to unsubscribe from new ones. I had a few where emails seemed to be arriving from 3 different email addresses!

  8. caz380z says:

    Am I on the only one concerned about giving my email and password out?? Do they offer any assurances?

    • I think with all the security scares recently, it’s understandable and you do need to take this into consideration before signing up. If you use a Google/Gmail or Outlook account, Unroll.me use authentication services, so they don’t actually have access to your login details. If you use Yahoo, iCloud orAOL then your password is securely encrypted. You can read more at https://unroll.me/faq/security

  9. Mellissa Williams says:

    Wow look impressive, I’m trying it out now

  10. Lorraine says:

    It looks a bit hit & miss. It found 600 & odd subscriptions in my gmail, many of which I’ve now unsubscribed, but only 63 in hubby’s yahoo, and as he gets about 300+ emails a day aside from the actual personal ones, it must have missed some. But even so, if it just picks up some, it’s better than doing it manually.

  11. beckykingston says:

    495! Not quite as drastic as yours but enough. My inbox is feeling wonderfully clear today after sorting it yesterday and it is great seeing all my emails in roll up going straight into a folder for me to look at after work! Thanks for the tips ūüėÄ

  12. Tracy C says:

    I tried but it doesn’t support all email providers so no use for me which is a shame as it sounds great.

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