Vimto £1 million Big Cash Giveway

Vimto have just launched a huge ‘Win a share of £1million’ promotion! There are actually three different ways to win – for all three promotions you’ll need to buy a bottle of Vimto. Read on to find out which of these three options gives you the best chance of winning a cash prize…

Win £100 cash in the instant win

For the main ‘Win a share of £1 million’ promotion, you need to buy any Vimto 500ml bottle or 330ml can, then enter 4 digits from the barcode at between 5 June 2023 and 13 August 2023. You can enter 3 times a day and up to 30 times in total using the same barcode (I suggest just buying one bottle – but keep your receipt as it may be required to validate your win). The promotion is NOT advertised on the packaging, but you may see advertising in the supermarket!

Although the campaign marketing advertises 10,000 x £100 prizes, unfortunately the promotion format is an algorithmic instant win, and you’ll only have a 1-in-1999 chance of winning £100 with each entry. That means for the full £1million to be awarded, they would need to get (10,000 x 1,999) = 19,990,000 entries! With a limit of 30 entries per person, we can predict there won’t be many £100 prizes awarded!

However, Vimto have stated in the T&Cs that if they don’t reach 60 winners (equivalent to around 30,000 entries), they will draw winners at random from losing entries until they have 60 x £100 winners. Sixty prizes would still only be just 0.06% of the 10,000 prizes advertised – and although I really dislike this type of misleading instant win promotion where prizes aren’t guaranteed to be won, I do feel that Vimto are improving the format by adding this clause to ensure there are winners, plus throwing the fun selfie prize draw and in-store events into the mix.

Note that for this type of instant win, your time of entry makes no difference as it’s still set odds of 1-in-1,999 each time you take part.

Winning entrants will be instantly notified on screen and will need to provide an email linked to a PayPal account or bank account details to claim their prize – it’s completely safe to do this, and many promoters now use bank transfers to pay their cash prizes easily.

Win £100 every day in the Vimto selfie prize draw

The second promotion is on social media – share a photo of you with your Vimto on TikTok or Instagram between 5 June 2023 and 13 August 2023.

Share your entry as a post or story with #VimtoBCG and tag @Vimto (Instagram) or @OfficialVimto (TikTok) – and remember to follow the Vimto account too.

You can enter once a day and every day one entry will be chosen at random to win £100. 

For this one, it’s not clear if you can repost the same photo, but I suggest taking a batch of Vimto selfies at once and then adding a reminder to your daily comps list to share one each day. Personally I much prefer adding a competition entry to my Instagram story, rather than cluttering up my Instagram profile with similar photos – but you’re reliant on the promoter manually adding your story entry to the prize draw, because stories aren’t picked up on a hashtag search. It will be interesting what percentage of daily winners entered on TikTok, Insta grid (regular photo) or Insta story!

Daily winners will be notified via Instagram or TikTok direct message (although it’s not stated how long after the draw this will be) and must respond within 48 hours.

Win £1,000 cash at the in-store events

Keep an eye on Vimto social media for this one. At some point between Monday-Wednesday each week until 13 August, Vimto will give clues to the location of a store somewhere in Great Britain – you could set notifications for their Instagram story at if you don’t want to miss out!

If one of the stores is near you, pop down between 9am and 5pm that day and buy a Vimto sparkling 500ml bottle, 330ml can or still 500ml bottle, then see the Vimto rep at the store who will enter you into an instant win competition on their iPad to see if you’ve won £1,000! You can enter up to 4 times each day with a new purchase each time.

The format of this in-store promotion is rather vague – there’s ten £1,000 prizes available to be won and T&Cs state that ‘winning entrants will be identified by a digital randomised programme’ – I assume this is an instant win algorithm, but with odds that can be changed depending on the popularity of the promotion. If you manage to get to a store, it might be worth asking the rep how it works and how many of the ten prizes have been awarded already!

All promotions are open to GB residents aged 16+.

The T&Cs for all three promotions are available at and there are also chat posts for each one in my Lucky Learners Facebook group: Vimto instant win chat, Vimto selfie chat, & Vimto £1,000 in store chat

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3 Responses

  1. Elaine Savage says:

    is anyone getting a confirmation on the Vimto instant win saying whether they have won or not? Nothing here, it just says that verification is successful and nothing else.

  2. EuroDreams says:

    A very appetizing promotion, thanks for sharing it.

  3. George Williams says:

    Just now there are no too many entries in the daily Vimto selfie draw. So probably a good chance of winning.

    Has any LL won as yet?

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