Viva España!

We’ve just returned home from a wonderful break in Barcelona (flights and spending money courtesy of Smooth Radio, and accommodation from a Barratts Shoes win!) and I wanted to share some photos as this was my first holiday abroad for 18 months… talk about itchy feet!

Ryland was great on his first flight – and loved the airports too (I thought he might be toddling around by 16 months old, but no such luck – he’s a lazy crawler!)

I first visited Barcelona six years ago and was really excited about going back – it’s an amazing city with so much to see and do, we stayed for 4 days and didn’t retrace our steps once.

On our first day we sheltered from the rain (typical!) in the Boquería Market, where we stocked up on picnic essentials like manchego, ham, tomatoes, olives and my favourite – anchovies! Ryland didn’t seem that interested in shopping mind you…


We jumped on a tram (easier than the metro with a buggy!) to the Sagrada Familia – the interior has only recently been opened to the public and although the €12 entry fee was somewhat frightening, it really was worth it to see the incredible architecture and museum inside.

In the early evening the sun shone through the beautiful stained glass windows high in the Apse, bathing us in red light.

Barcelona Zoo was a great place, there were hardly any visitors and the animals all seemed super laid back. Seeing all the fluffy baby animals almost turned me veggie again… but not quite!

We caught some tortoises doing the conga (very slowly…)

All the food we ate was delicious – Ry was a big fan of tapas, in particular black rice (with squid ink) and paella…

…but for me it was all about the ‘pescados fritos’ and sherry. Salud!

Barcelona has loads of incredible architecture – and not just the wibbly wobbly Gaudi buildings. Museu Blau is the striking new natural history museum at the Forum, which we stumbled across by accident.

As for places for Ryland to play, we hung out at Barceloneta beach and at Parc de la Ciutadella (the free places are always the best!)

Our apartments had a lovely swimming pool but the water was way too cold for Ry to even dip his toes in, so he just pointed and laughed whilst we braved the cold like true Brits.

On our final night, we went to the Feria de Abril – in May, which was rather odd! Essentially this was lots of tents, food, booze, funfair rides, flamenco and noise (we put Ryland’s Snoozeshade to good use!). All the local ladies put on their best dresses and danced about randomly, while people sang, ate paella, drank wine and generally partied (we went on a Wednesday so I can only imagine what it’s like at the weekend when it’s open till 4.15am!)

So after a first successful trip abroad I’m now on a mission to win another holiday – although I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go long haul with a toddler, I think that a prize trip to Italy or France would definitely be fun. Let me know if you see any good comps to win one!

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  1. Mesina says:

    Wow, that’s a fab win! Congrats on the holiday and what great pics….you go girl! xx

  2. bloomers says:

    Thanks for replying, that’s what I thought, I used to buy hundreds of stamps and maybe win a dvd, so I always ended up out of pocket! I do win something from Facebook or Twitter at least once a fortnight, so I think I will stick to that!

  3. bloomers says:

    Just a quick question, I used to always enter postcard comps, but have found that postage becomes quite expensive, do you still enter postcard comps or are all your winnings from online comps? x

  4. SuperluckyDi says:

    Hi bloomers!
    I kept records last year of my wins, and although I did enter postcard comps (maybe 5-10 a week) I only had one win from them all year – that was from a local paper! There are LOTS of older compers who haven’t got the hang of online comping, and they still enter all the postcard ones, so I think they must get loads of entries – in my opinion, with the high cost of stamps, it’s not worth the effort – best to concentrate on the free Facebook/Twitter/online ones!

  5. Bex says:

    Thank you for the kind comment on my post 🙂
    Glad to see you had a great first holiday abroad with Ry 🙂
    Good luck with your comping honey xoxoxo

  6. suedong says:

    What a lovely break and well deserved for all your comping efforts I would love to go back to Barcelona myself so must get back to my comping lol

  7. Geoffwd says:

    Thanks for sharing – looks like you had a great time

  8. Lynn Savage says:

    Wow, looks like you had a great time, I’d love to go to Barcelona thanks for the photos.
    Now that you know it’s possible to have a great holiday with a toddler you better win another holiday.

  9. clarateddy says:

    wow great prize – nice to see people winning lovely holidays

  10. KTBennett says:

    looks like you had a fab time …..

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