Vodafone Find Unlimited Virtual Treasure Hunt

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  1. Paul Evans says:

    This game doesn’t work I’ve tried again and again

  2. Assel says:

    Is there anyone who has won Samsung??? I have won only vouchers…

    • Di says:

      There’s been earbuds and watch winners in my Lucky Learners Facebook group – but I’ve not heard of a phone winner yet. Keep trying!

      • Ben says:

        The phone shows up as a gold vatom so you’ll know it when you see it. They only show up in the cities the game was designed for and as its now the last week of the competition they’ll only show up in London.

        • Ben says:

          And just to add some conspiracy into the mix, the gold vatom does not drop with a cluster (from a pin drop) and is at a pre-planned location. There would usually be Vodafone staff nearby, but this obviously isn’t the case now. I’ve seen the gold vatom pop up twice on the map (on different days) and both times it’s gone within 10 seconds so I suspect they’re being won by people who have been tipped off.

  3. Neilton says:

    I can only get to drop pin where i am located. is that how it works ?

  4. Hayley Cooper says:

    Do you know if this is a winning moments type competition?

    • Di says:

      The T&Cs don’t say how the instant wins are decided! I would guess winning moments, as I think early players won quite a lot of prizes!

      • Ben says:

        I collected 200+ vatoms today over a number of accounts. I didn’t tap to reveal until the afternoon (after 2pm) and none of them produced prizes.

        I originally presumed the prizes were tied to the vatoms when you collected them, but now I think they may be winning moments when you tap to reveal after collecting. So essentially collecting vatoms just enables you to have a chance at getting a winning moment. This, however, doesn’t explain the location clues they were giving out to get some top prizes.

    • michelle harbinson says:

      Playing time is from 11am – 2pm

  5. Katerina says:

    Is it possible to drop a second pin with a different number?

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