Walkers Christmas instant win

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  1. Derek says:

    Must be a complete scam, send all your empty bags back to Walkers.

  2. Lynn Hewitt says:

    Can’t believe Walkers could be so disingenuous.
    Not sure if I should support this product anymore. There’s a great deal of negative feedback

  3. Bernadette says:

    It says error everytime I try enter disappointed really when I’ve been entertaining since early December for the all I want for Christmas is walkers give away

  4. Ellaine says:

    Apparently won a box of 36 crisps. Still waiting. Guess it was a con

  5. Gill says:

    Love all flavours of walkers crisps
    This Christmas must be walkers

  6. lori scott ryan says:

    i just hear from someone who worked for walkers that all the prizes are won by the workers of walkers its a total fix is this true

    • Glyn says:

      I don’t work for walkers but I wrote that it is a con and this proves my point. Everyone is saying they’ve won crisps as it proves that there are no big prizes.

  7. lori scott ryan says:

    still waiting on my box of crisps

  8. I like very much this crisps, it is tasty like my fish yoni 🙂 thanking you

  9. Ross says:

    Old school salt n viniger !!! All the way !!

  10. Deane Pougher says:

    I,m still waiting for my box of crisps.

  11. Glyn says:

    It’s a con like all online competitions. All anyone will ever win are crisps or vouchers for more crisps. They can put up any picture and make the idiots who are daft enough to believe someone has won something other than crisps.

    • Di says:

      You can believe that if you like Glyn, but there are people like me (and many other compers) who win thousands of pounds of prizes every year, so I’m guessing that quite a lot of online competitions AREN’T a con! You just need to know which ones to trust.

  12. Mary gregory says:

    Ready salted is my favourite with my ham sandwich lovely

  13. Paige says:

    Prawn cocktail is the best all the way

  14. I love cheese and onion crisps yummy

  15. Denise says:

    Cheese and onion

  16. Roy Rycroft says:

    Love cheese and onion can’t understand why prawn cocktail in meaty packs not even meat and my absolute won’t eat flavour

  17. Norma says:

    Cheese and onion would be my favourite but now I’m thinking cheese and onion and Marmite yummmm

  18. Patricia Morgan says:

    Tried loads of times to enter this just keeps saying error ?

  19. Wendy Evans says:

    I love prawn cocktail is really nice x

  20. Cheryl says:

    Love cheese and onion yum yum

  21. Frances McCallum says:

    My favourite crisps

  22. Chris says:

    Cheese and onion

  23. Well I won and gave my phone number but had no e mail or nothing I’ve contacted them.got a e mail today saying they are looking into it

  24. matthew lindsay says:

    i love them all

  25. Jason Oakley says:

    I just love walkers crisps

  26. Dave P says:

    Love Brussels crisps

  27. Lorna says:

    Marmite every time for me …great to see them back on the shelves in Poundland but only 4 packets in a multipack now used to be 6 !!

  28. Jennifer Jockins says:

    I love all walkers crisp they are my favourite brand of crisp

  29. Elisabeth Foy says:

    I love your Walkers products and enjoy it every night with my whisky tot

  30. Cheryl says:

    Love ready salted with salmon sanwiches

  31. Helen says:

    Thank you so much, I just clicked the link and had a go and have won the box of 36 crisps. Can’t believe it as these usually never work for me, so thank you.

  32. alan fox says:

    I love walkers crisps because they are simply the best i dont mind any flavours because they all taste great

  33. Tina Lutichevici says:

    My favorite walkers are salt vinegar

  34. Derek says:

    Cheese and onion

  35. Jackie Groizard says:

    I love all the flavor and if I have a sandwich I always have a bag of walkers crips x

  36. Jasbir says:

    I love walkers crisps the best

  37. Jill graham says:

    Love the crunch of prawn

  38. Dawn says:

    I love roast chicken 🙂

  39. John mason says:

    Cheese and onion

  40. DUGIE says:


  41. Jackie says:

    What a scam. A waste of time and just a promotion farce. Expected better from such a big named brand. At least if you had to input your number off your pack of crisp you would have a chance of winning something. Basically there’s hardly any prizes available it’s less odds than the lottery. I went on this site under the impression that I would need to key in the number from my pack of crisp not to put my details on your website for a random raffle. You should make this clear on your Christmas packs of crisp. Instead of paying out millions to celebrities.

    • Brenda says:

      I think it’s a scam because even with trying all hours of the day and night you just can’t get through!

  42. mike says:

    Mature Cheddar with Branston pickle sarnie, topped of with Cheese and Onion Walkers for a tasty crunch factor yum.

  43. Stephen flack says:

    I love all of your flavours there great

  44. Margaret Lawson says:

    Best crisps ever.

  45. Pete says:

    Love cheese & onion, and chicken

  46. Donna Clarke says:

    My favourite is cheese n onion second beef n onion

  47. Sophie G says:

    Not a great crisp fan if I’m honest, twiglets all day long for me

  48. Francis says:

    I’ve Entered my Name and email address. And it keep telling me my email address is not Valid.
    I’ve had this email address since since in the 90’s
    So why is it not valid now??

    • Di says:

      Have you checked there’s not a space at the end of it Francis? Sometimes if your browser automatically fills forms, it puts a space in!

    • Faye says:

      If you leave a space after email address it sometimes says this.

  49. lisa turner says:

    Love ready salted
    And cheese & onion xx

  50. Jack olantern says:

    Ham sandwich with Salt and Vinegar Walkers crisps chaser .. does it every time for me

  51. Ashley says:

    I love walkers crisps always been my best crisp from being a child,my gran always had ready salted&cheese and onion but when walkers changed the packaging she was so confused haha ready salted just go with any other snacks yummy xx

  52. john ohagan says:

    very tasty

  53. Maria says:

    They are so good you just cant have one pack yiu need 2

  54. Ashfak Ottayil Alayam says:

    WOw, its very tasty…

  55. Declan Collopy says:

    Cheese @ onion my faverate

  56. ELISHA says:

    Cheese and onion & roast chicken always taste good in a butty but plain can get a pass to as it can fill a gap.

  57. Sue says:

    Chicken flavour but would love to see cheese flavour back on the shelves

  58. vince Jones says:

    Plain plain plain all day long

  59. jillian vaughan says:

    ooooh its just plain for me lovely crisp sandwitch Its only ever been walkers crisps for me

  60. Candida says:

    Cheese and onion are the best

  61. Elena says:

    Salt and vinegar

  62. Margaret Roberts says:

    Cheese and onion,loved these since I was a child, now over 65.

  63. Joyce Marshall says:

    Plain is my favourite I can use them in dips then x

  64. Phillip reilly says:

    Roast chicken is my favourite but closely run by cheese and onion

  65. Rosemary says:

    I love cheese and onion flavour they are so nice

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