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Good news, crisps fans! Walkers are back with another great on-pack promotion. The new Game Ready promo offers the chance to win Champions League tickets, footballs, t-shirts and sharing bowls. 

There are lots of reasons to love this promotion…

  • Multipacks have a unique code printed on every individual pack – rather than just a single code on the big outer packet. Six times the fun!
  • Walkers packets are one of the most commonly littered items – which means wombling heaven for compers. Retrieve unwanted packets from pavements, parks and pubs… if you work at a school or college, you’re laughing!
  • There are over 40,000 prizes to be won.
  • It’s a 24 hour instant win – meaning you can use the trick of inputting codes in the early hours when less people will be entering.

If you love football and crisps this promotion should be right up your street, and the multipacks are on offer at most major supermarkets right now. The promotion had a rocky start yesterday, with the website down for most of the day – but I still managed to win two footballs and a sharing bowl with my first three codes in the morning – and managed another football at 6.20am today. I think the school raffle will have plenty of footballs from us by the end of this promotion!

Walkers Crisps promotion

The prizes

Grand prize draw: All entries are eligible to win a VIP trip to the Champions League Final in Milan (including travel and accommodation)

Instant win prizes: 7 pairs of tickets to the Champions League Final, 20 pairs of tickets to the semi-finals, 32 pairs of tickets to the quarter finals (all including hotel stay & travel contribution) plus 22,000 t-shirts, 10,000 footballs and 8,000 sharing bowls.

The T&Cs give a breakdown of the prizes available in each time period – there are more to be won in the first month of the promotion, so try and get your codes entered early.  There’s also a late ‘mop up’ draw from 26th April to 29th June 2016, for the chance to win one £500 prize.

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional packet of Walkers crisps or Doritos.
  • Register at  and input the unique code from the back of your packet between 1st February and 25th April 2016.
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won, and receive an email.

The promotion is also on Lays and Pepsi (from 1st March), and is Europewide – check for the other dates.

This is a 24 hour promotion, so you can input codes round the clock. My tip would be to type up your codes as soon as you buy the crisps, then copy and paste them to enter between about 2am & 6am. You can enter more than one code (and win more than one prize) per hour, despite it being labelled as an ‘hourly’ promotion – up to a maximum of 24 codes per day.

Good luck – let me know if you win!

Enjoyed this post? Read my tips for winning on-pack promotions and check out ‘Di’s Prize Buys’ on YouTube for more current competitions!

UPDATE! The main Game Ready promotion has ended, but check out my post on the new Walkers ‘Spell & Go’ holiday promotion.

28 Responses

  1. Malak Lahdo says:

    Guys can i get help im trying to find the code, where is it?

    • It’s on the back of the packet near the best before date Malak – although the main promo has ended for this now, it’s just a £500 draw. Make sure you check the flash on the front of your packet or multipack to see which promotion is it though – or you might have the inbetween crisps that weren’t flashed with GameReady OR Spell & Go!

  2. Peter James says:

    Screen grab of problem many people are receiving…

  3. Peter James says:

    All I get when I input my codes (5 so far) is this message: – “Sorry! There seems to be a problem connecting to our server. Please try again later.” I have tried with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers and both deliver the same message. Also I disabled my security software programs in case of the server being blocked with no success.

  4. Kieran Sutty says:

    No loin me in

  5. I was wondering if they might ask for packets when there were so many early winners, but nobody has been asked for one yet as far as I know!

  6. cara b81 says:

    it won’t let me register my email address to input the codes because it contains punctuation! it says only letters & numbers are valid? has anyone else had this problem? have tried on laptop & phone – same message 🙁 surely all email addresses have punctuation in? going round in circles!

  7. Tracy G says:

    I’ve won a t-shirt – one win with six packs. However, I teach at a college so have been wombling for more packets. You’ll be amazed at how many of the kids just chuck the packets away – I have now got a box which I ask the kids to put their packets in if they don’t want them!

  8. Rachel Griffiths says:

    I’ve bought 4 packets so far and won 1 t-shirt and a pair of tickets to the QFinals Leg 1. Back of the net!

  9. Christina Rhoney says:

    Every time I try and enter my code it keeps saying check the code. I have checked this numerous occasions, a friend has also checked the code and it still says it is incorrect. I have tried entering on my phone and on my laptop.

    • There has been a problem for a lot of people with the codes being invalid. Get in touch with Walkers and they should send you out some vouchers to buy more crisps!

  10. Katie Sheppard says:

    I just signed up and entered my code and it told me Sorry! There seems to be a problem connecting to our server. Please try again later. so then I try again and its saying that codes already been used

  11. Helen McIver says:

    I have just entered four codes and won two T-shirts and two footballs. My fifth packet didn’t have a code printed on it and someone in the family had eaten packet six! Thanks Di x

  12. Sue leake says:

    Hi Di i appear to be doing something wrong, when i click on the link above and also go independently through the web site and select UK I am told the promotion doesn’t start until March 16. Am I doing something wrong or am i being a little premature

    • Check the country that’s at the top of your screen Sue – for some reason it kept logging me into Belgium this morning!

      • Sue leake says:

        Hi I did select Uk and tried it several times – age up in the end. I will try again this morning
        thank you

        • Do you have a different device you can try on Sue?

          • Sue leake says:

            First attempts Mac book with no luck – the website must have thought I was in another Country. Just tried on the computer and won 1 tee shirt and 3 sharing bowls – I think thats enough for today… thank you for your help

          • Emma Fox says:

            My iPhone does not support it either and can not enter this way. It is fine on my lap top though!

      • Sue leake says:

        just tried again and no matter what i do it comes up 1st March could you send me the link that you are using please. i have tried via walkers site as well as these links

  13. rebecca beesley says:

    We’ve eaten walkers crisps pretty much daily for years in the kids packed lunches etc but just this week i have cut them out in favour of home-made popcorn in an attempt to be a bit healthier! I Will have to start wombling instead i reckon. x

  14. anita says:

    i won 1 t-shirt out of about 16 codes yesterday tea time and found 2 more codes and entered about 3 am and won a t-shirt on both of those 🙂 brill thank you

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