Walkers Ghostbusters Afterlife instant win

Walkers are celebrating the release of the new Ghostbusters Afterlife movie by giving away loads of instant win prizes in their 2021 Halloween promotion.

The new instant win promotion is advertised on Wotsits, Quavers, Monster Munch, French Fries and Squares – but the good news is that you don’t need to make a purchase in order to enter!

Plus – you can enter once every hour until 30 November 2021, so with thousands of prizes to be won there’s a great chance of bagging at least a pair of cinema tickets or a voucher for a free 6-pack of crisps! The late entry draw closes in March 2022.

Walkers Ghostbusters instant win prizes

There are 4027 instant win prizes to be won, at least 2 every hour, from this list:

  • 1,050 x Pairs of Cinema Tickets (950 pairs for GB entrants, 100 pairs for NI and ROI)
  • 4 x Cinema Takeovers (3 prizes for GB entrants, 1 prize for for NI and ROI)
  • 10 x Play Station 4s
  • 5 x Sony Headphones
  • 5 x Sony Soundbars
  • 25 x Sony Ghostbusters Merch Bundles
  • 1,829 x Walkers Snacks 6 Packs

Grand prize draw

Every entry you make will also get you an entry into the grand prize draw to win a fantastic trip to New York City. The prize includes flights, 6 day car hire, a two night hotel stay in NY plus 3 night cabin stay in Tempur, a tour of Ghostbusters filming locations, a Ghost walk, private Manhattan tour and Private Flashlight Cavern Adventure.

Wrap up prize draw

If you miss the main instant win period (ending on 30 November 2021), you still have the chance to win £200 cash in a late entry prize draw that closes on 31 March 2022.

How to enter the Walkers Ghostbusters instant win

  • Head to www.walkers.co.uk/ghostbustersafterlife
  • Enter your name and email address, and select GB or Ireland
  • Wait for the captcha to pop up, then tick the box (if you get a photo captcha pop up, you may need to rotate your phone handset to see all the pictures)
  • You’ll find out instantly if you have won a prize, and will also be entered into the grand prize draw to win a trip to New York!

You can enter once an hour per household, and win one of each prize type per household. The entry form lets you submit more than one entry an hour, rather than giving you a warning that you’ve reached your limit. Check out full T&Cs here.

Winners will receive email confirmation of their prize – you may need to click the image in the email if you struggle to find the confirmation code!

About the winning moments format

There are 4027 winning moments – and if you’re the first person to enter after one of these random winning moments, you’ll win a prize. This means that you can choose your entry time for the best chance of winning – less people will be taking part overnight, so you’ll have a higher chance of hitting a winning moment between 1am and 6am.

If there’s no entry between one winning moment and the next, the prize rolls over and will be won by the next entrant, so all 4027 prizes should be won. To find out more about this type of instant win format, read my post What is a winning moment promotion?

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22 Responses

  1. entered on 25.11.21, won walkers 6 pack, entered details and code, on following page nothing since ?

  2. G matthhews says:


  3. joe coleman says:

    still waiting for a win despite 20 go
    es at it in all hours of the night

  4. Christopher Pace says:

    Wow Sizzling Steak Wotsits all mine.

  5. Ann marie dillon says:

    I love quavers

  6. KelleyP says:

    I contacted the customer service line and was informed that the code is in the verification email. When I clicked the mouse on it, it did reveal itself, it that helps.

  7. Amelia says:

    Hi my name is amelia faith brown I tried to apply my details with the ghost buster wotistis sight but wint let my I would love to win a prize I have share n liked this to Facebook so my friends and family can see

  8. hugh johnston says:

    who you gonna get WALKERS QUAVERS.

  9. Kay Armitage says:

    tried for a few days not won a thing

  10. Michelle Izzard says:

    Has anyone won anything yet. I’ve entered numerous times day and night and nothing

    • Ben Russell says:

      I won 2 tickets to cineworld today. I have entered a lot though was starting to think never get lucky. Worth keep trying never know your luck and quick to enter

      • Michelle Izzard says:

        Good to know you won. Well done. I’ve entered in the middle of the night but no luck. You have given me hope

        • Ben Russell says:

          Yeah I entered late sometimes thinking have more luck but ended winning around half 8 in the morning. Good luck I hope you win something

    • KelleyP says:

      Yes, I’ve won a multipack of Quavers but I’m struggling to claim because I can’t find the code they require to verify the win. It’s not in the first email they sent and I didn’t keep the Congratulations screen message they sent.

  11. Ann Smith says:

    Is it not one entry per person per hour but one prize per household?(Item 5 from t&c’s)

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