Walkers Snap & Share Promotion

Walkers Crisps have launched a brand new promotion, with a huge number of prizes that, unlike last year’s awful Spell and Go, should all be awarded! 

There’s 40 pairs of Champions League tickets (including accommodation and travel allowance), 500 PlayStations and 7000 footballs to be won, awarded in daily prize draws until 23 April 2017. Look out for ‘Snap & Share’ on the sharing bags and grab bags of Walkers (which might not be available everywhere – check larger supermarkets, and end-of aisle displays).

UPDATE 21st February: There are two Tesco-specific promotions that have launched too – see the end of the post for details!

Here’s the lowdown in my latest ‘Di’s Prize Buys’ video…

How to enter

  • Buy (or borrow!) a promotional Walkers United Sharing Pack
  • Take a selfie with the pack in front of your face
  • Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter using #WalkersUnited – or share as a comment on their Facebook post.
  • You can enter three times every day before midnight – daily winners will be chosen at random from all entries across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and contacted within 3 working days via a message on that platform.
  • Closing date for the daily draws is 23rd April 2017 (a late entry draw, with one £500 prize, closes on 22 June 2017)

Walkers Snap and Share

The prizes

There are 7,540 prizes in total, shared between the daily draws:

  • 6 pairs of Champions League Final tickets including travel & 2 nights’ accommodation.
  • 14 pairs of Semi-Final Match tickets including travel contribution & 1 night accommodation.
  • 20 pairs of Quarter-Final Match tickets including travel contribution & 1 night accommodation.
  • 500 prizes of a 500GB Sony PS4 with a Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game
  • 7000 prizes of an adidas UEFA Champions League football

Note that if you enter on different platforms, you may well receive 2 – or even 3 – separate winning messages for a football – but as it’s only one of each prize allowed, you might want to respond to one message and ask them to pass the football to a reserve winner.

The promotion is open to UK, ROI, Channel Islands & Isle of Man residents only.
Check the list of FAQs at www.walkers.co.uk/walkers-snap-share-faqs and the T&Cs at www.walkers.co.uk/snap-share-terms

With around 90 prizes to be won every single day, there’s a great chance of winning in this promotion.

NEW! Tesco selfie promotion

If you spot a Walkers Snap and Share selfie stand (there are two types – one with a silhouette card insert, and one that has people with cutout faces) in your local Tesco and take your photo with it, you can add the #Tesco hashtag to your #WalkersUnited entry and also be entered into a bonus Tesco daily draw in addition to the regular daily draw. Prizes of 250 PS4s, 150 Sony headphones and 340 footballs will be won over the course of this additional Tesco promotion (this ends on 14th March 2017). But be careful – you can only enter three photos each day, NOT three for each draw. Adding #Tesco and #WalkersUnited to your three photos ensures you’ll be entered in both daily draws, but make sure your photo is taken in Tesco! Again – submit on the same pinned Facebook post on Instagram or Twitter.  Confusing hey? T&Cs are combined with the main promo ones here.

NEW! Tesco Super Sofa promotion

In addition, the Walkers sofa will be touring Tesco stores until 12th March – have your photo taken on it and complete an entry form in store for a chance to win one of four prizes worth £10,000 (including UCL Final tickets, PS4, TV, Soundbar and even a DFS sofa!). Check out the list of participating stores and dates (it’s there between 12 & 2pm on each day) at www.walkerssupersofastores.com – but you might want to call the store before travelling, as I’ve heard some visits have been cancelled! There are four separate random prize draws to decide the winners. T&Cs are here.

Whew! Let me know in the comments when you get lucky!

57 Responses

  1. Sinead O'Callaghan says:

    Hi Di, I entered this competition once on 11/3/17 via Twitter and got a tweet this week to say I’d won a football!!! The luck of the Irish! ☘

  2. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    I won with this promotion from Tescos. Thank you Di!

  3. Fiona Wilson says:

    Really pleased that i didn’t give up with this -had notification today of a PS$ win from the Tesco/Walkers picture 🙂

  4. Emma Fox says:

    I’m really glad that I stuck with entering three photos a day as today I received a notification to say I had won a PS4 – yay! I’ve not told my son yet – I think I’ll give him the package to open as a surprise 🙂

  5. Jamie Millard says:

    Won a football and got some Bluetooth headphones today, happy with that. As many are, still hoping for that PS4.
    I see quite a few more creative entries and also some of the more creative ones winning which has people speculating that it’s not random after all. Thoughts?

    • It’s definitely random. Promoveritas use independently supervised random draws to ensure their prize draws are CAP Code compliant. They also do lots of judged competitions, and for those there will be detailed criteria for judging in the terms and they use a panel of independent judges. For smaller companies though, they may well be judging the entries of a ‘random’ draw. But it’s not worth making the effort for either this Walkers comp or the Ambrosia one, because they are being run properly 🙂

      • Jamie Millard says:

        Thanks Di. I figured that was the case, thanks for your take on it. Just heard quite a bit of chat about the number of more quirky ones winner.

        One other thing that I wasn’t sure of, Walkers replied to someone on their Facebook intimating that once your photo has won, it can’t win again (so you’d need more photos rather than using the same one throughout the contest). Again, not sure that’s accurate because the terms seemed to suggest otherwise, just strange to see Walkers post that. Their message read:

        ‘You can upload the same photo (once to each platform, or all 3 to the same) however once that photo has been picked as a winner, it can’t win again. Hope this makes sense!’

  6. George Williams says:

    Hi Di 🙂

    I’ve just won an Adidas UCL Finale 16 Capitano Football today, through the Walkers Snap and Share promotion via Twitter

    Happy comping, George

  7. Corina Wharmby says:

    Hi Di, thought I would pass on my thanks to you. I have won a Playstation 4 via Facebook which should have been a football but somehow ended up turning into a PS4 and have also won a football on Instagram. This was my very first competition entry on Instagram as I’m new to this and still trying to get my head around Instagram. I have also been lucky with the instant win soup and mug competitions and have won with both Asda and Tesco, I’m guessing they are separate competitions. I wasn’t even that bothered about winning a mug and a tin of soup, I think I was determined just to win, I think that’s what comping does to you!

  8. I’ve won a PS4 and a football but still hoping for some football tickets

  9. JudeVFR400 says:

    First day of entering, only just found promotional packet. Still, at least I’ve got one before the competition ends.

  10. Scott Fallon says:

    Won a football on Facebook. Now I’m holding out for a ps4

  11. Claire says:

    Thanks for the guide di (Di’s Prize Guides?!) – you have made a pretty complicated comp clear and I’ve won headphones and a football so far!

  12. Fiona Wilson says:

    Went to my nearest large Tesco today for the ‘sofa promotion.’ The promotion people were really poor -they were trying to persuade people to have their picture taken on the sofa and in return they go a free bag of crisps -no mention of the prize. in the space of 10 mins apart from myself and hubbie they had two other participants!! I’ve only won a football so far but this has been a very generous competition. Fingers crossed for a biggie xx

  13. Ka Houghton says:

    I have won a Football on Twitter , only my second everTwitter win so really pleased. I will keep tying for PS4.

  14. Charlotte says:

    I am still trying to find the promotion packets, hopefully will soon, congratulations to every winner so far 🙂

  15. israrbaig says:

    Well done on the PS4, was that on Twitter or FB

    • Twitter. I’m doing all entries on Twitter now, I don’t want to risk turning down a duplicate PS4 if I’m also entering on Instagram or Facebook!

  16. Chloe Bingham says:

    Thanks for sharing Di, so far I’ve won a football but I’m going to stick at it and try and win the PS4.

  17. Kim Webster-Marsh says:

    Hi Di,
    Just asking for your thoughts. I’ve been entering the Walkers promo everyday, one entry on each platform per day (FB, Instagram & Twitter). I won a ball on Twitter, replied via email & just waiting for delivery YAY. I have since won a ball on FB too, I obvs can’t accept as you are only eligible to win one of each prize. Do you think it’s worth posting any more entries on FB or Twitter as they can see that I’ve already been a winner, or Put my 3 daily entries on to Instagram! I really want to win a PS4 lol

    • I had to turn down a football too – but I heard some people had to turn down a second PS4, which is when I decided to do all three daily entries on Twitter instead, so I wouldn’t have to turn down a duplicate PS4 or even UCL tickets (that would be awful!) I’ve not entered once on Instagram because it looks so spammy, and I find Twitter quicker to do than Facebook so if I were you, I would just send 3 tweets every day. I’ve won a football in the main promotion, and a football/PS4/headphones in the Tesco one – all from Twitter entries. Be patient and I’m sure you’ll get your PS4!

  18. Tom J Morrison says:

    What time does the daily competition run between ie 00:01 to 23:59 or some other time?

  19. Sean Meixner says:

    Yeah Right.

  20. Laura Mugomezi says:

    Thanks for having his fab blog and your top tips! Can’t wait to get your book. I have won a PS4 & football so far… Just waiting on those tickets 😉

  21. Jordan Jarmain says:

    So far I’ve won a football and a PS4. That’s actually the best prize I’ve won since I started comping so thanks for all the help Di xx

  22. Susan Peart says:

    Won a PS4 and a football, over the moon, thanks for all the information 🙂

  23. Jojo says:

    I am really pleased I have won a football and Semi Final tickets ! I have entered via twitter using same photo 3 times a day.

  24. h_igoe says:

    Is there a minimum age you need to be I can’t seem to see anything about that?

  25. Sharon Arnott says:

    My husband isn’t a comper but I persuaded him to do this one. On Thursday he won a Football from his Facebook entries, on Friday he got a message informing him he is one of the Champions league ticket winners from his entries on Twitter. Needless to say he is well chuffed and I am hoping he’ll take a bit more interest in comping now!

  26. Clara Cort says:

    Btw, it’s very difficult to find these promo packs, I’ve tried in so many Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s so far to no avail

  27. Ron Goodwin says:

    Thanks Di, won a PS4 this week, to go with the football I won a while ago.

  28. NikolaNiki says:

    I need to buy Walkers on my way back from work 😉

  29. Ann Jefferson says:

    Yahoo I won a football, thanks Di.

  30. Jen O'Rourke says:

    Thanks Di! 3 footballs so far! Cheers for vids as per! X

  31. Vicky Online says:

    The T&Cs says that accounts should be set to public so that they can contact you. Do they mean “public” for twitter. My facebook page is locked to “friends” but am I right to think that since I commented on their page Walkers could message me? Is there somewhere special I should be looking for messages? Thanks team.

  32. Emma Ellams says:

    Thank you for sharing Di. I’ve won today, just a football but I’m happy with that! My first instagram win too 🙂 Thanks again!

  33. Leanne Perrett says:

    thanks di first day of entering after seeing your post and my husband and i won a ball each 🙂 now for the ps4 wich is a wishlist item of mine

  34. v miller says:

    Thanks Di – my boyfriend now thinks his xmas present of your book was the best investment ever – and because you signed it for me it really has been a “superlucky year of 2017” so far – I won the PS4 and a football today after entering for the first time yesterday – chuffed to bits. Thanks for all your tip and videos :o)

  35. Emma Fox says:

    Won a football today – my son will be happy. Will try to remember to keep entering to see if I am lucky enough to win the double or treble of prizes 🙂

  36. Rebecca Phillips says:

    Thanks for sharing Di! Will be sure to pick a few packs up and get entering 🙂

  37. Gemma Thompson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Di.. I was lucky enough to win a Ps4 and football on the first day! Wouldn’t have known about this competition if you didn’t post about it so thank you! 🙂

  38. Andrea Goodheart says:

    Won a football on Twitter so thanks for the heads-up, Di! I wouldn’t have known about the comp unless you’d flagged it up so I went into Tesco and got prepared by buying the Walkers Snap & Share crisps as soon as I saw them! 😉

  39. Trenton1984 says:

    Been sent a DM on Twitter today to say I have won a football. 1 prize down, 2 to go 🙂

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