Walkers Spell & Go

With most of us still recovering from the Game Ready promotion, Walkers have launched an onslaught of media coverage for ‘Spell & Go’. But what’s it all about, and will they really be giving away the 20,000 holidays that the promo packets suggest? I investigate….

The basics

  • There’s a unique code printed on the back of every promotional Walkers packet (single bags and individual bags from multipacks)
  • Input this code at www.walkers.co.uk/spellandgo and it’s instantly converted into a letter
  • Each letter is added to a dashboard where it will be used to spell out holiday destinations
  • Collect every letter in a destination to win a 7 night holiday there for 4 people
  • Bonus letters will be released in TV adverts, in the press and on social media – screenshot or photograph these and upload to the website to add them to your dashboard (start with this advert on Facebook for a letter A, and watch carefully when the Jeep door opens!)
  • Enter a maximum of five codes each day
  • Swap up to five letters during the promotion (random swap, or a specific letter swap with a friend)
  • In addition, 250,000 promo packets contain a winning sachet (sachets are only distributed among the individual packets, NOT multipacks)


The prizes

Holiday prizes:

7 day holidays for 4 people, with flights and accommodation, to these locations:

  • Group A (3,000 long haul holidays available to be won): Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kerala, Koh Samui, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur, Kuta (Bali), Marrakech, New York, Osaka, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Tokyo – or you can have a £4000 voucher
  • Group B (17,000 short haul holidays available to be won): Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Budapest, Corfu, Crete, Cyprus, Florence, Funchal, Gran Canaria, Majorca, Munich, Nice – or you can have a £1500 voucher

Instant win sachet prizes:

  • 150 x Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
  • 150 x Sony Bluetooth speakers
  • 150 x Sony Camera
  • 150 x Kobo eReader
  • 400 x Veho Pebble Smartstick portable charger
  • 85,000 x eBooks
  • 15,000 x holiday reads from WHSmith
  • 150,000 packets of crisps

The rare letters

We’re just two weeks into the promotion, but from chat on Facebook and Twitter it’s clear that there are three rare letters, and most players need just a K, C or D to complete a destination name and win a holiday (K for long haul, C/D for short haul). I’ve only input 15 codes and my dashboard is just a K away from my dream trip to Tokyo!


The T&Cs

T&Cs for this promotion state that the holiday prizes are ‘available to be won’ rather than ‘will be won’ – so no ‘winning moments’ this time! This is quite a common way for an instant win to be run, although it can be rather misleading. A couple of years ago, Compers News Editor Steve and I had an interesting meeting with Jeremy from PromoVeritas, who explained various instant win formats and terminology.

Although the Spell & Go terms and conditions don’t explain the exact mechanism PromoVeritas are using to award prizes, it may well be a format where they start by calculating how many flashed packets they expect to be produced during the lifetime of the promotion. Googling tells us about 10 million packets are produced each day by Walkers, and the promotion lasts over 100 days, so there may well be over 1 billion promotional packets! And usually with this kind of promotion, the total prize fund of 20,000 holidays is what will be won if every one of those 1 billion unique codes is input on the Walkers website – which of course will never happen (if every holiday was won, that would cost Walkers around £37.5 million!)

Let’s look at those available prizes again – 3,000 long haul trips, and 17,000 short haul. A letter K will win you a long haul trip, but the chance of you getting that letter K to win a trip may be as small as 1 billion divided by 3,000, or 1 in 333,000. The chance of getting a C or D for your short haul trip is better at approximately 1 in 59,000. Or to put it another way, we could estimate that every 50,000th unique pack code entered on the website will reward its owner with the letter they need to win a holiday. Of course, I’m just making presumptions about how this type of promotion works, and guessing at the numbers, but it certainly looks like there’s a rather tiny chance of a win compared to their generous Game Ready winning moment promotion, where the prizes were guaranteed rather than available to be won.

It’s also been noticed that Walkers have splashed a lot of cash on the accompanying promotional activity – TV ads, camels in London, daily holiday giveaways for Sun Perks members, and Gary Lineker popping up here there and everywhere! There’s going to be a special event in Manchester (9 May and 19-22 May 2016) where people can make a letter shape with their body to win a letter for their dashboard – but what are the chances of that letter being a C, K or D, I wonder?

Yesterday @Walkers_Crisps also tweeted about a Tesco exclusive ‘Unexpected Item in Bagging Area’ promotion, where 84 lucky shoppers at Tesco stores (find the list of 84 here to see if there’s one near you – you might well be disappointed!) will each be surprised by a Walkers representative when they buy their crisps, and win a holiday there and then.

All this extra fuss seems like a way to distract from the lack of prizes in the main promotion if you ask me… but what do you think?

Finally, I would suggest keeping hold of your packets too – on Twitter, Walkers initially told people they didn’t have to keep hold of them, but then changed their mind when someone pointed out that the T&Cs stated we should. And if there is an error in the system (which happens rather too frequently with instant wins!) and it suddenly gives out 10,000 letter Ks, Walkers might possibly be looking for a way to reduce the number of holiday claims – and asking for the packets would be the easiest way to ensure that!


Is your dashboard just missing a K, like everyone else? Are you going to continue buying the crisps? Have you heard of any winners? Leave a comment to let me know!

If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy my guide to purchase necessary promotions,  tips for winning on-pack promotions – and check out ‘Di’s Prize Buys’ on YouTube for more current purchase competitions!

UPDATE 3rd June 2016 – I’ve heard of three people who have got a letter (C, D or K) to win a holiday. Be wary of anyone claiming to be swapping or selling the winning letters though – it’s likely they’re bluffing!

UPDATE 11th July 2016 – Spell & Go is now in the news as the Advertising Standards Agency are investigating the promotion as a result of five complaints. Screenshots apparently showing the source code for the ‘random swap’ part of the website (code which excludes C, K and D from being generated) have been circulated on Twitter:


I’ve now heard of about 10 winners, including a good friend of mine, who won a trip to Cyprus! That’s still nowhere near the 20,000 advertised though…. it will be interesting to see what Walkers tell the ASA!

UPDATE 17th August 2016 – the ASA have ruled that the ‘Random Swap’ aspect of the promotion ‘was misleading and likely to cause unnecessary disappointment to consumers’ because Walkers did not state in the T&Cs that the swap mechanic was designed never return a C,K or D. See the ASA ruling here.

Want to know how many holidays Walkers actually gave away? Read “The Truth About Walkers Spell and Go” 

592 Responses

  1. Andrew J. Coyne says:

    So I asked Walkers how many won, this was the reply –


    Thanks for your patience whilst we finalised the winning entries to our Spell & Go promotion. The Spell & Go promotion has been really popular and we’re delighted to have given 796 families, 4 star, 7 night holidays worth over £1.35million.

    Kind regards

    The Walkers Promotion Team”

    So after promising 20,000 holidays, less than 1000 actually were given away!

  2. Tom J Morrison says:

    This comp also ends on a sour note with the website going down on the last day

  3. Docomo says:

    I will never buy Walkers crisps again, after the scheming way the spell and Go competition. was programmed Yes there are no promotional packets around I tried in Ireland and UK, but eventually found a few mulitpacks pushed to back shelves. of Tesco and odd packets in a village shop….
    This is what happened. I only needed a K for two destionations … well it came up !!! i …. and guess what when I went to check THERE WAS NO K on my dashboard.
    You can imagine how mad that made me ! i carried on with the rest of packets over next few days. I did a swap and the next packet I entered I got back the letter I swapped.throughout the game getting 5 and six of the same letters. One pack did not register And as stated by others on here Seems we have Rare letters A C D K … .My emailcomplaint to them was ignored
    Who ever programmed this competion has a sleazy mentality and deserves to be sacked … the public are not stupid.
    Just found this by another disappointed child on You Tube Check this by a


  4. Lessbigal says:

    Most shops around me have no promotional packs left. Can only buy expensive meal deal ones. Its turning into a really bad rip off.

  5. Mum says:

    Ugh I’m so fed up of searching for these promotional crisp packets now for my son who is convinced he’s going to win our family a holiday. I’ve kept all the packets and it’s evidence that I have now (im ashamed to admit it) fallen under the media and marketing spell to let my child eat more junk/snack food than is necessary in order to please him in aid of getting the codes on the back! Talk about dont believe the hype!!! Fortunately my little boy doesn’t sit still so he hasn’t piled on the pounds.. way to go walkers for promoting unhealthy snacks why weren’t the baked crisps included in this promo???

  6. Vytherium says:

    The calculation within the code would by the kind to occur before a decision being made however it is possible there was a previous calculation before this exclusion phase, however this is a random calculation as it is requesting an array of 13 letters which would mean that walkers outright lied about the letters being tied to the packet codes without change.

  7. Afsana Bi says:

    im serious i was gona go on my own but the offers there x

  8. Afsana Bi says:


  9. Kym smiler says:

    I won the letter k for my dream come true holiday in new york. I jumped for joy cheered on top of my lungs showed my children partner and mam went to my dashboard to claim my prize and the (k) had gone .. I phoned walkers immediately to ask what had happened to my (k) to be told that it’s like a slot machine and it hadnt finished spinning which I know at that point was untrue as my (k) was high lighted and was there ages before I clicked on my dashboard infact long enough to run upstairs and show my children and partner and out the garden to show my mam. I’m now really starting to believe it’s a con and when you win they make excuses like the ones I received. I’m dissapointed in walkers :'(

  10. Fran Correia says:

    waiting for CKD also but if anyone has a spare P or E that would do me nicely too 🙂 have a bag full of crisps if anyone fancies some lol

    • Toyah Collins says:


      • Fran Correia says:

        Hi thank you that would be so kind, although as I am reading the posts I am thinking this thing is beyond our hope of winning 🙂 is there a letter you need that I can check if I have spare?

        • laura says:

          I have a P and E if you need them. Hope you win a holiday. Good luck

          • Fran Correia says:

            Hi Laura still need C K D P & E no more packs in the shop and I think the promotion finishes in a few days, thank you for the offer but it would appear that all the winning ones need a C K or D. Hate the sight of crisps now lol so think I admit defeat. Hope you get one of the elusive letters 🙂

          • laura says:

            Have none of the elusive C K Ds was hoping you only needed a P and an E to win a holiday, had some to give away.

  11. Tom Benicio says:

    Like everybody I need CKD, and they are not print anymore promotional pack, I think now will be hard find CKD I’m very disappointed :/

  12. vince says:

    I Still need C K D Getting fatter by the day needs this holiday

  13. V Low says:

    Still need C,K and D. Put in nearly 350 codes and have noticed that for the last 2 weeks or so the C,K and Ds do not even show up any longer as random letters so thinking very little point in bothering as complete CON! Have over 10 of every other letter but useless!

  14. Martin Brennan says:

    20,000 free holidays my arse…

  15. Martin Brennan says:

    No more promo packs in Ireland, still waiting for a K,C or D for one of 17 holidays!!!!!. Didn’t realise that I had to keep the empty packages though. Seems to me to be a scam and I wont be buying Walkers any more…

  16. Sam Keaney says:

    I need a K and am willing to swap any letter apart from O and W

  17. Glyn Thomas says:

    Still a few weeks to go but can’t find any promotion packs in shops. Emailed Walkers Crisps about it and have been ignored, so sent another email, maybe they’ll respond sooner or later.

  18. Barbara Helen Bell says:

    I have won a holiday to Bordeaux, never won anything in my life….pleased:-)

  19. Matt says:

    The random swap feature is some real nonsense, it’s not random at all, it’s at best weighted against K, C’s and D’s or excludes them altogether. Otherwise 5 attempts per person at a random letter of the alphabet being one of those would yield a lot of winners.

  20. Sweetsinger9 says:

    lucky. Hope you have an awesome time at Cyprus. I’m hoping to get a holiday but havent had any luck. 🙁

  21. sumi fonny says:

    Anyone got a C or K they can swap???

  22. Sharon Burke says:

    I have in total 304 letters but still no C K or D!!!!

  23. stephanie says:

    hi everyone, i have double of many letters, I am after a K! i know many people need a C, i dont have a C – i have many other letters though!! contact me if you are interested!

  24. Vulcanproject says:

    I just won! I don’t have all the packets though. I got a C, and can choose from 8 destinations!

    Keep at it people, you may get lucky!

    • Lucy Clarke says:

      Wow massive congrats vulcanproject. Enjoy yr holiday. I’ll keep the faith that there’s a chance still. 1 month to go!!! Come on K or CD! I’m not choosey!

  25. Alyson says:

    Come on K and C – I have seven destinations waiting for me. Alyson

  26. niamh says:

    im in need of a c d or a k. im willing to swap xx

  27. Rob Govan says:

    I still need a T as well as a K for TOKYO….figure if i manage to get a different location before then will trade it in for the voucher!!! 😀

  28. Gem says:

    Same as everyone else, K or C 🙂

  29. Gabi says:

    I have won I got a k and I spelt Koh samui X

  30. Rock says:

    i am in need of a D willing to swap any letter

  31. Colin Mccard says:

    I notice that none of the lucky Tesco Random Winners will be from Northern Ireland.

  32. Keith says:

    And yes, some people win, however, the majority who should be able to at random don’t, and in my view, thats wrong. #Cheated

  33. Keith says:

    Walkers spell and go, what a con. They decide when the letters will be generated, thats as random as the national lottery tax, oops, I mean draw. Once a competition begins, it should not be able to be manipulated by the promoter or its agents. The codes on the packs should only be able to give you ONE particular letter, and not a random letter generated to ensure you don’t win controlled by the promoter.

  34. Mr Patel says:

    I’m willing to pay for a letter D, C or K, if any one has one spare. Please contact me on komal0078@yahoo.com. Thanks

  35. Alison says:

    Hi, I’ve added tons of letters as well and am needing either a C K or D as with everyone else.

    I find it ironic really as the letters CKD (chronic kidney failure) have been ruling my life for the past 2 years as my hubby needed a kidney transplant desperately. We have just, in the past few weeks had this completed, by me donating to someone else (the fantastic sharing scheme -as we weren’t a match) so I thought I would collect these tokens for our first “proper” holiday in ages as we weren’t able to go before with hubby being ill.

    I’m happy to exchange letters with someone if they have any of these for one they need as I have some duplicates.

    • Angela Dixon says:

      Hi Alison, don’t have the letters but I totally get you. I have my one year kidney transplant anniversary in a few days. I wish you and your hubby the best and good luck with the comp x

  36. Kevin Reid says:

    I’m willing to pay £50 for a letter C, if anyone has one spare.

  37. Hassan says:

    It’s all just one big money game with Walkers. Do people actually think they’re going to give out free holidays willy nilly to everyone who collects these crisp packets? I have already entered a tonne of codes and I still haven’t got a single K, C or D which are the only letters I need. What total and utter tosh

  38. James Yates says:

    I won today I can’t believe it really. I needed D C and K and I got a C. Was torn which to choose but went for nice as I’ve already been to most of the ones which have a C and I wasn’t fussed about Spain!

  39. Sweetsinger9 says:

    If anyone has a C, K or D, I’ll be willing to swap for just about any letter!

  40. Katie says:

    I have a k, n, c and p

  41. Natalie King says:


  42. mark vaughan says:

    over 200 codes entered and need same C,D, K as seems everyone needs, first 60 codes gave me all but these Letters everyone needs, so thats 140 codes with letters i already have. how to, how to get just one letter “C” would do????? ;-(

  43. Colleen Field says:

    CDK needed got every other one loads infact

  44. isobel says:

    Looking for a k or c have lots off letters to swop
    Thanks in advance. X

  45. Lara Okan says:

    Hey guys Does anyone have a K? I can swap for H I L P S U Y Thanks xx

  46. shekha says:

    Anyone have a C or a K please ?

  47. Gill says:

    I initially got 2 K letters but since then have been unable to access that login as it was same email but .com – restarted with .co.uk but unable to re-enter the packet codes or now access as website says it does not recognise my original email…..

    • Vida Mont says:

      That is awful… Maybe call them by phone..?

    • shekha says:

      Hi guys anyone have a C or a K please

    • Jay Louise Dix says:

      Have you spoke to customer services they might be able to help? I have letters to swap for a K if you can get it working?


    • Sweetsinger9 says:

      Can’t you press forgotten password incase you just forgot the password? Or you should contact Walkers for help. K is really rare and you should complain if the cause wasn’t your fault. If you could, could you swap a K with just about any letter? I have many. XD

  48. monika T says:

    Hey – does anyone have any D’s they can swap – I’ve got lots of doubles which i’m happy to swap! thanks =)

    • David Sloan says:

      are you having a laugh i have over 100 letters but no D K or C and i don’t think i will ever get any of them so i am just going to pay for my own holiday

      • monika T says:

        Each to their own David 😉 some people are more giving than others you enjoy that holiday though.

  49. Mark Smith says:

    I’ve just got a C in the sachet and won an E reader, just uploaded the photo n waiting to see if it adds it to my letters

    • monika T says:

      care to swap the C with another letter Mark

    • Sweetsinger9 says:

      Really? Congrats! You’re so lucky, hehe, if you win any of the rare letters (KCD) then please swap with me. Haha but u wouldn’t anyway.

  50. Adam Miles says:

    hi everyone I really need a K for osaka or krabi i have A b j o r s t u w swap for swap???

  51. linda w says:

    I put a letter in to friend swap wish to put it back on my board now, but can’t cancel or share it any advice. Really annoyed have Facebook messaged and e mailed walkers no reply so frustratimg

    • Alan says:

      True. I also contacted them several times in twitter, but they do not respond. Very strange. I know they have got lots of fans of their crisp, but at least some robot message that they received our email, and will contact us as soon as possible.

  52. Rapier Won says:

    Never heard of any winners at all…all Walkers do is scam people with their promotions! Saying that I did win £50 with Doritos a short while back with ‘Stick or Kick’.

  53. Alan says:

    If anyone is looking for S, i can swap for K or D

  54. Wotman says:

    If the codes on the packet are what decide the letters then walkers should have made this clear. It is THE most important part to know as you have to spend money yet are being misled. I don’t think more than 1 or 2 holidays will be won because 95 percent of packets will be thrown away.

  55. Waqar says:

    culd i have ur k pls waqar.a.shah@googlemail.com


  56. Waqar says:

    hi i need letters c d k

  57. Natasha Louise Smith says:

    Has any body else received the “Sorry, this code has already been used. Please try again” message when inputting a code from a multipack packet? Definitely hasn’t been used by me and I opened the packet!

  58. Tomasz says:

    Hi I need letters: C, K and D. I have many other, I can swap

  59. Lisa says:

    I have quiet a few letters I can swop if anyone has a K, C or a D

  60. Stephen says:

    K needed for 8 holidays on my dashboard!!!

  61. Lauren Jackson says:

    Can all be won on Facebook and the walkers page it’s a simple as watching the ad and then answering the question.
    You then get put into a hat the the name pulled out wins the letter in question

  62. Karen r says:

    Actually just been thinking seen as I don’t like flying, I’m going to go to Amsterdam with my D and my K is going to go on a holiday of choice to a charity…

  63. Karen r says:

    Amsrerdam and maybe New York not sure coz I don’t really like flying can only do short flights

  64. Karen r says:

    Oh my god I got a k and a d today woop woop

  65. Waqar says:


  66. Waqar says:

    also never get sachets from tesco because thats where i got MINE

  67. Waqar says:

    hey guss what i got a sachet and nothing was in the packet.I dont even think anyway i have littrally something to swap

  68. Stephen says:

    C K D don’t exist me thinks!!

  69. jessica birks says:

    I have every letter apart from o, c, k , d
    so if anyone has any of these and will be willing to swap for another letter

  70. Graham C says:

    Does anyone have a letter N they want to swap ?
    I have a lot of other letters i am willing to swap.

  71. Kirsty C says:

    i need a K,C or D and am willing to swap any other letter for it or pay to a certain extent.

  72. Jateesh Valand says:

    Hi folks, please help I need a letter C. I have a few letters I am willing to swap, get in touch!

  73. Lauren Jackson says:

    Swap mine please I need a c or k

  74. Su Jonesy says:

    Be cheaper to buy a holiday in late deals,than win one with walkers. You can fly from your local airport. Just to get to London by train costs more than the holiday is worth. Also if you ate all those crisps your beach body would suffer. Put your money aside buy a cheap holiday then upgrade to a better hotel with the money you have saved.

  75. Calvin Fuss says:

    The sob stories in these comments… my god.

  76. Lauren Jackson says:

    Need a c pretty please wanna take my daughter on her first holiday I’ll even pay for the letter xxxx

  77. Karen r says:

    Thought so, I actually believed in all the comments, then realised the ones that said they have the letters don’t reply

  78. Karen r says:

    Do people just pretend they have D’s K’s and C’s on here

  79. Karen r says:

    Would love a D as I want to take my boyfriend to Amsterdam for his birthday, both on a budget (not a scrounger) we actually both work but cost of living etc can’t afford a holiday, any help would be fantasti

  80. Matthew says:

    I need a D for holiday . Anyone can help me.
    My girlfriend never been on holiday

  81. Sarah Frost says:

    email me if you want to swap ill tell you what letters i have chickiegirl@frosty.co.uk

  82. Waqar says:

    pls i cant do any ore swaps and it is soo anoying i hate coms like these ones

    so even if u dont ill be happy and you cant get satchets codes online .im exellent at hacking and stuff so it would really help and my dads got one k and 3 d.iv got 4c and 2d and none k.pls help.

  83. Leyton says:

    If anyone has a C or K I have every single letter apart from C, D, K twice. Some Evan 5 times. I would be happy to swap, but I know no one in the right minds would do that, so I’m offering upto £500 cash for a C and £1000 for a K. Thanks.

  84. Karen r says:

    Would love a D as I want to take my boyfriend to Amsterdam for his birthday, both on a budget (not a scrounger) we actually both work but cost of living etc can’t afford a holiday, any help would be fantastic

  85. Karen r says:

    Does anyone have a letter d,

  86. Waqar says:

    bye for today

  87. Waqar says:

    Hi guys do any of u have 2 k because we rally need them.It would be a pleasure as i am betting my dad 300 pounds if i get 2 k.as Stephen said good luck to all.

  88. Stephen says:

    C & K would give me 14 holidays.No doubt I won’t be seeing any!!Anyone got a D as I think there will be more chance of that letter.Good Luck to all.

  89. Steve Chambers says:

    £50 reward for letter K

  90. kevin says:

    £5 reward for a letter c??

  91. kevin says:

    i need a c if anyone has one??

  92. Adam Bird says:

    I have the d if anybody wants it…seems like lots of people want it on here…

  93. Donna Tully says:

    I have just got a K today 😀

  94. Chloe says:

    I really need a K and a W I have some letters to offer

  95. Chris says:

    I have got a D and won a trip to Bordeaux but LastMinute don’t call within 2 days as stated to confirm the holiday, I’m now 8 days from winning with no communication from LastMinute, it’s disgusting, you cannot call them and they don’t respond to emails.

  96. kevin says:

    i need a C

  97. Kiara Loughran says:

    I know a lot of people who are in need of a ‘K’ for New York, whereas I would prefer a ‘K’ for another place, however I would be okay with a ‘D’. I do not know of anyone who has managed to actually acquire a ‘D’, ‘K’, or ‘C’. I believe that Walkers are doing anything they can not to let any of these letters get out and that is why the Spell and Go part of the website has been ‘under maintenance’ for 4 days in a row. They will be making sure no codes come up with one of those letters.

    • Waqar says:

      yes true. but im soo close to bang kok heres what i got b ng o .spaces for missing letters and im only a kid

  98. Laura says:

    I need letter ‘D’ please. I will swap you any 3 of the following letters…F,G,H,I,J,L,M,U,O,W,X,R,N,B. Pretty please….

  99. vapour trail recs says:

    I have a major amount of letters to swap for either C, D, K, Q or V.

  100. Mark Adrian says:

    I uploaded five codes a day since the start.I’m in need of a k c d n l.i have over 20 of all other letters. Recently married n couldn’t afford to give my beautiful wife the honeymoon she deserves.so I was convinced I could win a holiday on walkers.I truly wonder if them letters even exist. Please contact if you know of any.markadrianfox@gmail.com

  101. Matthew Haycock says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed a few letters not showing up at the moment.
    Family has gone trough a little under 50 packs since the competition started, and most destinations have 1 or 2 letters missing.
    For the most part, its C, K and U.

    Cant help but wonder if some letters are being intentionally help back until a later date

  102. Kirsty gavin says:

    Does anyone one have a C or a K please.

  103. Carole Russell says:

    Anybody have a c pretty please?

  104. Laura says:

    I need a ‘D’ please. I will swap you any of the following letters…F,G,H,I,J,L,M,O,R,B. Pretty please….

  105. Simon says:

    Same as Chris if someone can help us me and my boy are looking for a C and a K
    Please if anyone can help email us print-it@hotmail.com xxxxxx

  106. Chris Turvey says:

    If anyone has a C or K I’d be very grateful to swap….christurvey@tiscali.co.uk

  107. Kate Durrant says:

    Its encouraging obesity, Gary still looks fine to me!

  108. Kate Durrant says:

    Or can anyone offer an A, D and E? We are really trying! We have lots of letters we can offer …….

  109. Kate Durrant says:

    We have B,F,G,H,I,J,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T,U,W,Y if anyone can please give us a C or a K????

  110. Donna Shannon says:

    Anyone have a c or a k please xx

  111. courzz says:

    I have a c who wants it first come first serve and tip for getting rare letters is try at midnight 🙂

  112. Simon says:

    Like everyone my family need a c and a k 🙁 I’m trying daily

  113. Rameshbabu says:

    I need a k and I got b

  114. Ben Long says:

    I need a c and k got all other letters.willing to swap any other letter

  115. Imran M NETWORK ADMIN says:

    hi billy Smith am willing to swap the C Thanks

  116. Billy Smith says:

    don,t do the comp but just got a winning ticket, c & t in it.If it is any good c seems popular

  117. Colin Johnson says:

    Hi I need a C and happy to swap. http://bit.ly/1TY8CCT

  118. Elle Finn says:

    Desperate for a C or a K if anyone has one spare? Abundance of other letters to swap! ellefinn@hotmail.co.uk

  119. mill says:

    i need a K if anyone can help me please x x x

  120. Jay says:

    Thanks for the congratulations. However we won’t be swapping for a letter. The c is too rare for that. We are open to other offers though!

  121. Cat says:

    Would like a C or K, willing to swap 🙂

  122. FIZA says:


  123. Colly says:

    Is the walkers crisp site down for maintenance tried to get on it all day but cant any one elles having same issue?

  124. Louise Maddison says:

    Is it possible to find hidden letters on winning sachets in single packs x

  125. Louise Maddison says:

    Are there hidden letters on sachets won in single packets?

  126. Alan Petitt says:

    Does anyone have a C K or a D please to swap? I have numerous duplicates of all the other letters. Cheers, Alan.
    Send to kingsalmon20@hotmail.co.uk

  127. Tammy Louise Cookson says:

    Does anyone have a d to swap please?

  128. Jay says:

    I have won and I’m very unhappy with last-minute so far as they seem hell bent on not giving me the holiday. Are there any winners who have also had issues?

    • Cara says:

      Why? What have they said- are they asking for crisp packets?

      • Jay says:

        I actually have 2 Cs, one redeemed and one waiting (I know we have been crazy lucky) they have all been from multi pack myself or girlfriend have bought.

        The issue with our redeemed one is a poor customer rep at the moment. I’ll make a detailed post if things aren’t sorted soon

        • Cara says:

          Yes please do, most companies post these competitions and then will do everything they can and bend the T&C’s In every way they can!

          What’s the customer rep saying? What do you mean one waiting? And yes you’ve probably been too lucky for walkers liking! Haha and sorry about this, it must be really annoying to have won and then go through all of this. Really hope you get your holiday that you deserve!

        • Tiff says:

          Oh my god you really have been so lucky!! Would it be possible for me to swap your spare C? I’d be very grateful 🙂

  129. Louise says:

    I have won a holiday to Bordeux by collecting the letters. I got an email confirming everything. It’s worth £1500. I had been waiting ages for a D. I would love to get the K or C I need too. That wold be the icing on the cake

    • Cara says:

      That’s so cool!how many codes did you enter before you got the D?

      • Louise says:

        About 60. Didn’t expect it at all as I never win anything

        • Cara says:

          Ah well done, if you don’t mind me asking was it a mulitpack or a single and I know this sounds silly but what flavour was it haha?

          • Louise says:

            It was a multi pack and the d was from cheese and onion flavour

          • Sweetsinger9 says:

            congrats! ure so lucky! Im hoping to win a c, d or k! if you have any spare please swap with me if possible!

  130. Emma Griffin says:

    Just curious but has anyone else noticed that the letters people need appear in all of the destinations. Just another marketing ploy to line the big wigs at walkers pockets. Food for thought.

  131. Jo B says:

    ??? in the car ???

  132. Jo B says:

    i think ive found a D in the new advert hes just flimed i could be wrong but can deinatly see a D in it !!!

  133. Colly says:

    Well done

  134. Colly says:

    Dont think any one has even recived a K D or C yet to swap it even if they could ..most people are waiting on the 3 main letter s may be they will be found in other places

  135. tricia15 says:

    Has anybody got a k to swop for a c?

  136. Gareth Rees says:

    I have a p or a y to swap for a b or a d

  137. Alice Wood says:

    same as everyone else just need C or K. have every other letter if anyone would swap – alicewood55@yahoo.co.uk

  138. Mark Davis says:


  139. tricia15 says:

    Colly apparently there are no instant wins in the multi packs which is what I buy mostly

  140. Colly says:

    Every one needs a K C also has any one won any instant sachet wins yet ..i have not had a one and niether has any one i know ??

  141. tricia15 says:

    Hi does anyone have a c,d,k,a,y to swop I have many other letters to swop thanks

  142. Ceri Thomas-Davies says:

    Does anyone have a K or a C? I’ll be happy to swap with anyone!

  143. Jessica Kate Gowdy says:

    Anyone looking to swap for a C or K or both? I have quite a few duplicate letters as I buy multipacks on a regular basis. Let me know if there is a letter you need and want to swap 🙂

  144. Mr Patel says:

    I’m Missing D for Europe holiday. Any of these gives me a
    holiday. If anyone if willing to swap i am willing to swap with
    Please contact on email komal0078@hotmail.com

  145. Stuart Duncan says:

    Have literally dozens of most of the letters (3 A’s and 2 S’s are my other rarest) but no sign of C,D / K. Like everyone else EVERY destination just needs a single letter…. except Bangkok…. I wonder if ANYONE will ever win a Bangkok one (other than in the Tesco store instant win promo…….)

  146. Inesa says:

    Anyone got a C or K? can swap for any other letter email please inesele2@gmail.com

  147. Alistair Blake says:

    R or a D needed please guys lillywhite2011@gmail.com

  148. Shamsia Shah says:

    Hi any one got a spare K, C (obviously) or A. Willing to swap for other letters. s.shah89@hotmail.com

  149. Hannah Williams says:

    Hi, i need a C, my email is malibu19x@aol.com woukd love to take my kids away on holiday xxxx

  150. Rachel Feeny-Williams says:

    I’m trying to win to send my mum and her partner on holiday for his 60th birthday but (as with everyone else lol) the C and K alude me. I don’t even eat crisps so my housemates just end up with a constant supply 🙂

  151. Tim Curtis says:

    There’s the hidden A

  152. Rburn says:

    Don’t random swap the H, ive wasted two swaps, its a rip off it just gave me H back both times. How is that random?

  153. Adam says:

    I have an A B E F G H I J L M N O P R S T U W X Y
    and i’ll trade any for a C D or K

  154. cassie keight says:

    D or K if anyone can help please?

  155. lmckune says:

    I need a C.
    I have A,B,E,F,H,I,J,L,M,N,O,P,R,U,X,Y.

  156. Elle Finn says:

    Need a C or K – have an abundance of other letters to swap – would be eternally grateful !! ellefinn@hotmail.co.uk

  157. John Crawley says:

    hi there its not much of prize if you lived in Thurso or the town in Wales with the big long name it would probably be easier and cheaper to to fly from the local airport than drag your family to Gatwick if you don’t live within drop off bus or taxi distance I can see this being no prize at all even if you can jump through all the hoops to “win a holiday “

  158. Kadez says:

    Can anyone help I only need k willing to swap anything else I have 5xA 4xB 2xE 2xF 3xg 5xh 4xI 6xj 2xL 3xm 3xn 5xP 4xr 3xs 5xu 5xw
    3xX 2xy and more added daily email me please kadielea27@outlook.com

  159. Jaine Shevels says:

    Only got 1 swap left just need one of the infamous c d or k don’t mind which one. Got loads of the other letters just email jshevels@yahoo.co.uk if you can help

  160. cassie keight says:

    can anyone help me, I need a U and D?

  161. Olivia says:

    Anyone got a K O or C that they can swap please?

  162. Jake says:

    Any one with a letter C, D or K?

  163. Amandip says:

    Does anybody have a K or C? I am willing to swap for A, B, E, G, H, I, L, M, O, P, R, T, W, Y

    Email me on: amandipbhamra@googlemail.com

  164. Richard Wren says:

    I need either a K or C

    I’ve got pretty much every other letter if anyone can swap

    Email richard-wren@hotmail.co.uk


  165. Abigail says:

    I won a holiday to Budapest today so they can be won 😀

  166. Cathy21 says:

    I need C or K, I have 13 Es and 4 or 5 of many others.

  167. Haider says:

    Hi I’m looking for a C or a D anyone out there?! Let me me know what letter you require?

  168. Craig Winning says:

    I need a C or K, willing to swap any letter for them. Email me craigmerbelle@gmail.com. Thank you

  169. Muir says:

    Walkers Ireland Facebook page are posting that the letters are pre-linked to the codes on the back of the packs.

    • Interesting! They’ve been very cagey about the mechanism behind the promotion. If this is the case, it would be good for Walkers to have included it in the T&Cs, making it clear that it’s more of a McDonald’s Monopoly style promotion where the physical sticker/packet is the winning item!

  170. Jana Au says:

    I need letter K

  171. Reece Brewsell says:

    Anyone got a ‘C’ that they would kindly swap for abother letter please?

  172. Christopher Christifox Stott says:

    looking for a r ,b and d if anyone has these plz.

  173. Christopher Christifox Stott says:

    i need a k and a c for most of the holidays i am willing to give two tickets to whoever swaps these letters

  174. tez says:

    need letter c for holiday to cyprus, corfu, majorca, nice, crete and more and need letter k for new york, tokyo and krabi. doubt im gunna get them and got no swaps left boo hoo!

  175. Dominque Domaingue says:

    I have every letter other than the d and c, if someone would be interested in swapping a k for a d or c then let me know. domdomaingue@hotmail.co.uk

  176. Shamsa Ahmad says:

    Anyone with K will swap for something

  177. Kelly Peacock says:

    ive got every single letter except from C,D,K
    anyone got those letters?

  178. Mr Patel says:

    I’m Missing D & E for Europe holiday. Any of these gives me a holiday. If anyone if willing to swap i am willing to swap with anyone!!
    Please contact on email komal0078@hotmail.com

  179. Chris Denney says:

    I’m Missing C, D & K.
    Any of these gives me a holiday

  180. Paul Walden says:

    I have got a C but I didn’t keep the packet! Do you think they’ll honour it, it IS in my dashboard

  181. Ellie may says:

    I need a K!! If anyone if willing to swap i have A, B, G, I, J, O, P, R, T and Y which im willing to swap with anyone!!

  182. Alexandra Andreea Vasilache says:


  183. Shane says:

    I need a C, K or a D – these seem to be rare. Don’t understand as they say the letters are selected randomly but soooo obviously NOT. Walkers are being cunning & waiting for sales to go up before releasing these letters. Not on if you ask me 🙁

    • Chris Denney says:

      K, C & D are the winning letters. All the holidays need one of these 3 so if you get one you’re gonna win a holiday

    • Diane Wood says:

      Obviously they have to limit the amount of winners somehow and have chosen to do it by limiting certain letters – you’ll still get a random letter but of a limited pot

  184. vix says:

    I need a C has anyone had one? Xx

  185. Jay says:

    Hey everyone. I have been lucky enough and gotten a c 🙂 does anyone know if there is a cash alternative?

  186. Hannah O'Sullivan says:

    Any1 Have a C, Y, R or S Need Them DESPERATLY

  187. Rhiannon says:

    Would you like to swap your K or C for another letter? We could do the swap with friends option?

  188. Mr. Johnson says:

    this is a scam! all I get when i enter the codes are K’s and bloody C’s ! are there no other letters out there ? 😛

    • Nathan says:

      I need a K and W to go to New York

    • Tom Hardy says:

      Can I have your K please?

      • Mr. Johnson says:

        if anyone gets a K you have instantly won a 4k holiday !
        why would anyone swap the letter K or C when that is all you need to win ? the other letters are easy to get. people are not winning because walkers are holding back the K letter .. its a deception by walkers.
        imagine if i really did get only K’s and C’s hahahaha id be rich !!

        • Paulo says:

          You is a mean man Mr Johnson, teasing the folk like that.

          • Mr. Johnson says:

            ha ha … surely no one really thought i was getting only K’s and C’s when thats the letters being held back by walkers ? wasn’t it obvious that i was being sarcastic ? imagine getting all K’s and C’s though!
            all we need is a computer malfunction and we all get holidays ! 😛

    • Romi Price says:

      Please can I swap one of my letters for a K please? PLEASE!!! 🙂

    • Sweet Simple says:

      Just got ur joke loll

    • Lauren Millward says:

      I need a k desperately

  189. Paulo says:

    16 holidays waiting on one letter. Still doing it though, someone has to win……don’t they?

    • Mr. Johnson says:

      with a one in 300,000 chance .. good luck 😛

    • Mr. Johnson says:

      a corporation did an instore promotion to win a free electronic handheld. you had to scan a barcode given on a card by the promoter. the promoter gave me a card and said this is a winning barcode, and it was. they know !

  190. barry kendall says:

    hi what do you do if the codes dont match when you put them into computer had several packs that wont let you get a letter are these the rare ones i wonder ?

  191. Paul Wells says:

    We were lucky enough to win the Tokyo holiday with The Sun Perks promotion. Still collecting the packet though for a second holiday!! Only a K, C or D to win!!!!
    However I will say the whole claiming process is very easy and stress free. Good luck every one!!!

  192. ninian says:

    You say above that the player is given a random letter. Not true. And Walkers say that Swapping a letter will give the player a random letter. Again Not true. There is nothing random about this game. Random would mean that Ks, Cs and Ds would coming up all the time, which they’re not. So you’re quite wrong to use the term “random” and Walkers are quite frankly immoral liars for using the word “random” also.

    • Good point! I’ll delete the word ‘random’ in that line.

    • Lee Mccluskey says:

      I doesn’t mean they have to be random letters from all the alphabet random letters can mean exactly that random letters. they don’t say random letters out of the 26 letters of the alphabet they just say random letters that could be random out of ten letters or 23 letters hence no k c d. As they don’t stipulate how many letters are included in random letters then they are doing nothing wrong and you may get a K C or D as a random letter when they add them letters to the random letters available. To be calling them immoral liars is a bit harsh its only a competition and you should lighten up. Just to point out they don’t say you will receive a specific letter like a P they say random because it could be a random letter out of the 23 they put in the randomiser.

    • Diane Wood says:

      If you get one of 26 letters from a pot of say, 20 million of each of the other 23 letters but only 3000 K’s, 3000 C’s and 14,000 D’s would you not say it’s still random? I would

  193. Daniel Sherritt says:

    Anyone want to see what I need it’s driving me nuts

  194. Sharon Burke says:

    I have entered 5 codes a day for 4 weeks now and need a c k or d. But today I cannot longer log in using Facebook as it says not supported. That’s how I’ve logged in every day. Can’t log in using email as message says not how account was set up. What do I do?

  195. Karen Shaw says:

    I am nine different holidays/destinations away – only a single letter needed either a C – K will do me

    Walkers are clearly being cunning and its a ploy to sell more crisps and increase sales .. I have not seen one single winner yet, they are clearly holding onto these certain letters so no one wins the holidays. I also saw a post on social media about them being reported to the ASA.

    Di also retweeted someones tweet which was very interesting as this person is clearly challenging them so it will be interesting to see if a response is received i think this same post should get retweet by more users in order for some action to happen, I would recommend Di followers retweet this also to get traction going – the tweet post was posted by user @ttony_starkk

    • Mr. Johnson says:

      hopefully walkers will know the public have rumbled them and release 20,000 K’s and C’s … it could happen .. but then it would cost them so much they’d probably go out of business hahah … now I’m off for a P

  196. rebecca beesley says:

    I liked their last promotion but am not bothering with this one. I phoned them about whether i needed to keep the packets beore (ants had found their way in and i was trying to reduce old food packaging that i was keeping) – i was dissapointed when on the helpline they didn’t have a clue about whether i needed to keep the packs. I would have thought they would be clued up about things like that.

  197. nicola taylor says:

    well what can I say …I have to buy crisps for work Im a chef in a canteen,the students leave their empty bags around so I now have every letter except c,k,d they keep eating the crisps I keep entering the codes I will win!! Any of the tree letters would give me a holiday!! I can dream and prove it can be won!! Happy Monday

  198. Fred Fredson says:

    I guess the terms and conditions are careful not to state that the letter received from each code is actually random (they just say ‘enter the unique code and you will be provided with a letter’), but it just sucks that its so obvious and the chances of winning are completely at their discretion/highly unlikely – seems like the odds are much better until you realize how it works 15 or so packs in and it’s obviously withholding certain letters.

    You can see why people are disappointed with it, they should’ve made it clearer as to how the letter selection works at the start.

  199. priscillastubbs says:

    Our family like Walkers crisps so it isn’t too much of a problem buying the packs. I have managed to enter all the codes I have but seem to have several fs and ps. The swapping thing is a bit mean too, you can only do it five times. I am quite close on the short haul holidays but not going to stress too much about it as the odds seem very remote, as do the instant win packets. Like others I did well with the previous promotion and managed to give 8 balls to a local youth football team.

  200. Muir says:

    I’ve seen (and screenshot) Walkers state on Social Media “Over the next 90 days Walkers will be giving away 20,000 holidays!” – would that be considered exaggerating chances of winning (if they don’t give away the 20,000) since it says ‘will be giving away’ rather than ‘available to be won’?

  201. Maggie Lee-Roberts says:

    I think I’m going to give up on this. I’ve had codes from bags in multipacks that say they’ve already been used, codes that are not recognised and my swaps gave out at four, so I lost one. My photo of the car door with the A had also already been used. I’ve had so many doubled up letters that, although I’ve bought loads of crisps, I’m still miles away from missing just the three rare letters. I only won one sharing bowl in the last Walker’s promotion when my daughter won lots of times. I’ve emailed, but no response, giving them the codes.

  202. We buy Walkers as our normal crisps, so any promotion is only an extra or bonus, we don’t go mad and buy more to participate. During the Football one that just finished we won I should say about 40+ prizes, I know I got 7 footballs left to give away and 8 t-shirts at least. That was a great promotion. With this Spell and Go thing, just seems to good to be true so doesn’t really excite us. The best ever was that rain one they did a few years back, if it rains you get £10, won £100 or so on that, wish they would bring that back and that one we did go crazy and buy more bags.

  203. Saylem61 says:

    Has anyone seen the screenshot of the Corporate Partners Event invite? Posted on Facebook & Twitter: “For the final & exclusive distribution of the remaining letters…”


  204. WWone says:

    I think what is most interesting is that muiltipack codes are coming up as already used. Meaning someone is using brute force/random generator to get codes / letters.
    If they manage to get the rare letters, will walkers ask for the packets? What will happen to those people who actually really had those codes? If the fakers are found out (eg cannot produce the packets) what will happen to those holidays?
    Not to be negative nancy, but it really seems like walkers are not going to give anything away except in the other tesco/sun etc. promos?
    Its a shame because the overall idea of the promo is great. There were other ways they could’ve run this promo and still kept the buzz of collecting letters. Even giving away one rare letter a day plus spot prizes etc.
    I’ll continue playing, but only in the constraints of what I normally eat.

  205. Mark Mascall says:

    There was one on Branston beans last year which had up to 1,000 main prizes, it ended with less than 90 on the winners list – but the T&C’s were clear “Prizes are based on a mathematic calculation, each entrant has the same chance of winning but all the prizes will only be allocated if there is a single entry for every promotional pack entered in to the market” – presumably less than 1 in 10 codes were actually entered.

  206. Sylvia Robbins says:

    I think I’d take the alternative cash option if I was lucky.
    Shall buy a packet tomorrow from our Tesco which is on the list and see if anything happens, lol.

  207. Rachel Morgan says:

    All I can say is good luck to anyone hoping to win a trip to Bangkok!

  208. Rachel Morgan says:

    Mmmmmm dont like the odds here. Same as others worked out very quickly there were held back letters, just feel a bit silly now its pointed out hols only ‘available’. Kind of lost interest but what to do with all the crisps!!

  209. Amanda Letch says:

    Well I can’t even log into the game after buying 2 x packs of 24 crisps. Saying I have already registered and then I put in my email and password it says not recognized! I have reset my password several times and still get the same message!Won’t let me enter through Facebook or twitter!!!

    • Carol Baker says:

      it didnt me either i registered with email instead

    • Alan Smith says:

      I had that problem and I noticed that if you put in a number followed by a symbol ie. 2@ the number was deleted and replaced by the symbol so password2@ would become password@. Hope this helps ☺

  210. Blimey, I’m exhausted just reading about that. I need a holiday now! It’s kind of put me off Walkers a bit though, it sounds like a lot of promotional noise and not much pay off.

  211. Jessica Steele says:

    I started off thinking that I’d be in wih a very good chance of winning. But I now have every single letter except the K, C or D that I need to win, and I don’t feel like I’m ever going to get one. And I have about 50 packets of crisps in the cupboard, and we are not a big crisp-eating family! But of course I can’t give them away as I am keeping the packets, just incase. To be honest I think I’ll slow down on how many I’m buying and just buy the odd one here and then. I also didn’t realise the instant wins were only in the single packs, so that takes the appeal away a little bit too.
    But it’s still a good comp, IF you find a lucky letter!

  212. Lorraine Gallon says:

    I have not been keeping my packets. I am not enjoying this competition at all, I realised it was going to be very hard at the start especially since I do not live anywhere near Manchester but thought it was worth a try, but now they are adding new elements that excludes most entrants, I am not a member of Sun Perks and there are no participating Tesco’s in Cornwall either. I have also had missing codes, and invalid codes, email from Walkers to send a photo, done that and then no reply, and I know quite a few people have also had this too. Sounds to me like its just a big Walkers advert more than a competition. One look at their Face Book page and it appears a lot of people are not happy with it either. Thank you for the info Di.

  213. Debbie creasey says:

    I am also waiting for a C & a K, I buy them anyway for Hubby’s Lunch and the students so i will still buy them.

  214. Good luck Caroline!

  1. 12/07/2016

    […] find lots of unhappy crisp eating people who are waiting on getting a C, D or K! Mind you given the estimated odds of locating these letters it’s perhaps not a […]

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