Walkers ‘They Score You Win’

So what do Walkers have in store for this year’s Champions League promotion? It’s an interesting one – predict the minute in a UCL game when a goal will be scored, and if you match it, you’re guaranteed to win a tenner!

In addition, every entry goes into a prize draw to win a £5000 trip to the Champions League Final in Madrid on 1 June 2019, or a £5000 cash prize.

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional bag of Walkers Crisps (the promo is featured on Walkers 150g Sharing Bags, Walkers Max Strong 50g/75g/90g/150g bags and Walkers Max Core Sharing Paprika 150g Bag)
  • Go to www.walkers.co.uk/score
  • Select your game from the options (not all games are shown – just the next few), and then use the slider to select the minute when you think a goal will be scored.
  • Register or log in, then enter your 10-character unique code (printed under the Best Before date, starting with WA)
  • Submit your details

If you match the time of a goal in your chosen match, you will receive a confirmation email, with a link to confirm your PayPal account details for payment of the £10 prize.

The Prizes

  • Enter before 25th April 2019 and you’ll go into a prize draw to win tickets to the Champions League Final in Madrid with travel and accommodation.
  • Enter between 26th April and 1 June 2019 you’ll go into a prize draw to win £5000 cash.
  • Entries after 1 June and before 1 August go into a late entry draw for another cash prize, although the amount isn’t stated in T&Cs!

The promotion is open to UK and ROI residents (see T&Cs for the NI no purchase entry route) and ends on 1 June 2019.

You can enter a maximum of 8 codes per person per week and a maximum of 2 predictions per game.

If you don’t expect to buy many packets, save your codes and enter them for the games you think will have the most goals! You can check the Group stage results and upcoming fixtures on the UEFA website.

Read the full T&Cs on the Walkers website – good luck and let me know if you win!

4 Responses

  1. paul baker says:

    walkers code waly3x1gnf

  2. Jonathon Price says:

    Very very tricky to guess the time of goals so walkers are not taking too many chances: he shoots….he misses!

  3. Guy Nash says:

    Quite tough to get the exact minute of the goal. Betting sites usually give you a 10 minute period of when the first goal will be scored eg; 1-10, 11-20. I note this is for ANY goal so although it’s very tough you don’t lose out if a goal is scored before yours. However, as every entry goes into the draw to win CL Final tickets and/or a cash prize, in my opinion if you’re buying crisps anyway, it’s worth a go.

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