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The new Walkers Crisps Champions League promotion is here, with 8 cash prizes to be won every day for 70 days! There are 560 instant win prizes of £500 cash (or the Euro equivalent for ROI winners).

The No Walkers No Game promotion starts on 6 May 2024 at 9am and runs until 14 July 2024. It’s a similar format to other recent Walkers promotions, with multiple instant winners every day and restricted entry hours (enter between 9am and 9pm).

You’ll need a code from the outside of the promotional packaging to enter – special packs have been in the shops for a while, and it’s OK to enter with a pack you bought before 6 May.

Update: as with most Walkers competitions, this promotion has teething problems – and it doesn’t help that it started on a Bank Holiday! It requires registration on the PepsiCo JOY platform, and many entrants are getting error messages in a foreign language when they enter their code. Plus, valid codes are being rejected and entrants are getting ‘exceeded your entry limit’ ! Let’s hope everything is up and running properly soon – I suggest holding onto your codes until then.

What are the prizes in the Walkers cash promotion?

There are 560 prizes of £500 cash to be instantly won during this promotion, with 8 prizes every day – plus 10 more £500 prizes in the late entry draw.

How to enter the Walkers cash promotion

  • Buy a promotional ‘Win £500 Every 90 minutes’ packet of Walkers – keep hold of your packaging as this may be required to claim your prize!
  • Scan the QR Code on the pack, or go directly to www.walkers.co.uk/nowalkersnogame – you can only enter between 9am and 8.59pm (
  • If that link doesn’t work, go directly to the Pepsico JOY website where you’ll need to register an account.
  • Log in, then enter your details plus the long code (starting PD) from the Best before box.
  • You’ll play a football game and find out instantly if you’ve won £500, and winners will receive a confirmation email – follow the instructions in the email to claim your prize.

You can only enter once every 24 hours but need a new code each time – you can only win one £500 prize per household.

If your code doesn’t work or you have issues entering, contact Walkers at https://contact.pepsico.com/joyuk.

The promotion is open to UK and ROI residents aged 18 and over and the closing date for the instant win promotion is 14 July 2024.

But don’t worry if you miss the main promotion as there’s a draw for all late entries between 15 July 2024 and 14 October 2024 with ten prizes of £500.

What is a winning moments promotion?

The Walkers £500 cash giveaway is a winning moments promotion – if you’re the first person to enter after the random winning moment (usually a second, or fraction of a second) in each 90 minute period, you win a prize. If there are no entries between one winning moment and the next, then the first winning moment will ‘roll over’ and be assigned a new winning moment time. Find out more in my post What is a winning moment promotion?

Full T&Cs are here. You can join the chat about this Walkers promotion in the Lucky Learners Facebook group.

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try!

11 Responses

  1. Julia says:

    The Pepsico Platform terms and conditions are written in Polish.

  2. Tony Linssner says:

    Absolute crap

  3. david cox says:

    i have given up trying nothing seems to work is it just a thing to get you to buy their products?
    so frustrating .
    well if anyone succeeds in getting accepted good luck hope you win######

  4. I buy pack of 500 pound win walkers pack

  5. M.katsouris says:

    Why don’t you check your website.it says I am too early to enter.this is rnt the first time your website doesn’t work.

  6. PAT WILLIAMS says:


    • Di says:

      There’s so many problems with this promotion Pat – lots of people are having the same issue. Walkers are aware and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  7. Andy says:

    Must be something wrong with the website, keep getting different errors and also reached my limit?….do they not check these comps before going live?

  8. Sandra Oliver says:

    I have two codes from multi-packs of 12. Both codes have been rejected? Is anyone else having this problem?

  9. Steve Boyce says:

    I purchased several Walkers Grab bag packets for entering the code into the win £500 promotion and most codes were printed in a poor ink quality that fell off the bag if you touched it, the date ink is printed in permanent ink on the packet, the chance of winning is zero

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