Weetabix instant win – win epic football prizes!

It’s another summer of sport this year, with the Women’s Euro 2022 tournament in England! Like last year, Weetabix have a football-themed promotion on pack – the ‘Epic Football Prizes’ flashed boxes are already on the shelves, but you won’t be able to enter the instant win until 2 June 2022.

Like the new Get Match Ready promotion on Doritos and Pepsi, the Weetabix promotion is an amalgamation of two instant win formats: winning moments (all advertised prizes will be won) and an algorithm (prizes are not guaranteed to be won).

The epic football prizes

90 national team prizes:

  • pair of tickets to a women’s team match for your chosen national team (9 pairs available for each of England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
  • women’s shirt signed by members of your national team (9 available per team)

These prizes are awarded on a ‘winning moments‘ basis – if you’re the first person to enter after a random winning moment, you’ll win a prize.

109,000 Weetabix prizes:

  • 100,000 Weetabix vouchers
  • 5,000 Weetabix water bottles
  • 2,500 Weetabix footballs
  • 1,500 Weetabix garden goals

The Weetabix prizes are awarded according to an algorithm – your odds of winning are the number of promotional packs  divided by the number of prizes – in this case, 3,000,000 packs divided by 109,000 prizes = around a 1 in 27 chance of a win each time you enter.

Wrap up draw

If you miss the main instant win period (which ends on 30 September 2022) you’ll be entered into the late entry ‘wrap up draw’ with the chance of winning a pair of match tickets or a shirt signed by your chosen national women’s team. This late draw closes on 31 March 2023.

How to enter the Weetabix instant win

You can buy your promotional pack now – but you won’t be able to enter until 2 June!

  • Purchase any promotional Weetabix product
  • Scan the QR code on pack or go directly to www.winwithweetabix.co.uk
  • Choose your favourite national team (ENG, WAL, SCO, NI or ROI)
  • Upload a photo of your pack, showing your on-pack code
  • Enter your personal details
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize!

It’s one entry per pack code, and you can win a maximum of 1 national team prize and 1 Weetabix voucher or Weetabix branded football prize per person.

I’m rather disappointed that Weetabix have gone down the algorithm route for this promotion – we can expect less than 5% of the Weetabix branded prizes to be won which is a real shame. Vouchers are an easy prize to give away, and help to keep consumers loyal to the brand so I would expect these to be guaranteed prizes rather than simply ‘available’ to be won.

You’ll be able to find full terms and conditions for the Weetabix competition at www.winwithweetabix.co.uk soon. Residents of Ireland do not need to make a purchase in order to enter.

If you’re in the cereal aisle do check out the Nestlé Jurassic World instant win promotion too – and of course, all the other on-pack promotions listed on the compers shopping list!

6 Responses

  1. Christine Cooper says:

    Would rather not jump through so many hoops just for a rather measly selection of prizes.

  2. Adam Kelly says:

    The code wouldn’t scan despite trying 3 other scan apps. took a photo and entered and was NOT surprised to see I won ” sod All”

  3. Zeezoo says:

    Did over 30 of these and didn’t even get 50p off weetabix, that’s about an hour of my life I won’t get back!

  4. m.otton says:

    Just tried to enter the Weetabix competition but I am unable to post a photo of the Batch code . Surley if you entered the code and had proof of purchase as in the past ,this should be adequate ? The other competitions were entered this way, why change it ?We older generation are not always tec savvy.

    • Di says:

      It does seem that more and more comps are excluding older generations by having all these barriers to entry.
      It might be worth you getting a cheap (maybe second hand) phone with a camera just for this type of comp – you wouldn’t need to use a SIM in it, just join a wifi network and use it for online comps, QR code comps and apps? Perhaps a family member or neighbour might have one they no longer use?

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