What’s it like on Tipping Point?

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  1. ANGELA Crompton says:

    I applied in 2019.Had audition in Oxford, then a phone call giving me a date in March 2020 in the studio in Bristol. Lockdown meant it was cancelled.
    I expected further communication, but nothing. I have reapplied, but again, apart from a registration number, nothing.Now what do I do? Disappointing

    • Di says:

      From the messages I’ve had it sounds like their communication with prospective contestants is terrible. Sorry you’ve not had any updates.

  2. Jord says:

    I have my written general knowledge quiz and group talk next week for tipping point and was wondering if there’s any advice/prompts you can give me for the bit about me part.. I want to stand out but kind of nervous.

  3. Kelly davies says:

    Great read! I had my phone call two weeks ago now, at the end they said They’ll be passing into production team. I’ve not heard since do you think I should give up hope?

  4. Zoe Kiziltan says:

    Hi Di,
    Great read! I really enjoyed it.
    Just wondering what choice of dates did you get for the recording of the show? I want to book a holiday but don’t want it to clash with any recording dates so did they span over a couple of weeks or in the same week? Cheers!!

    • Di says:

      I received the shortlist email on 16th March and then the three filming dates were emailed to me on 25th April – they were Tues 3, Weds 4 & Thurs 5 May so all the same week. Good luck!

  5. Maria Rushton says:

    Do the production company let you know when your episode is aired? Waiting to see mine on series 9 and can’t always be watching at 4pm every afternoon to see if I’m on!

  6. TP Hopeful says:

    Really enjoyed hearing your story, thanks for sharing. I’ve recently been to the face to face group audition so am anxiously waiting to see if I get through 🙂 after your face to face audition when were you told? Is that your “shortlist email” after 1 week or the “date selection” email? Thank you 🙂

    • Di says:

      I auditioned on 10 March and got a shortlist email on the 16 March – then a choice of dates on 25th April.

  7. Peter Jones says:

    Hi there, what can I expect from the auditions?

    • Di says:

      There were about 20-30 people in mine, we did a written quiz and then each had to talk for a minute or so about ourselves! This was over two years ago though so the format may be a bit different now.

  8. Luke says:

    Hey just curious do you guys have a day out before the game just because every contestant says thanks I’ve had a lovely day

    • Di says:

      No! You’re literally sitting in a room with a couple of staff for a couple of hours before the show is recorded – I have no idea why people say they’ve had a lovely/nice/great/wonderful day, ha ha!

  9. Alex Chen says:

    I turned 18 last week and appplied for tipping point on my 18th birthday. It has nearly been a week and have not heard anything back from them. Do you get a phone call or an email asking to audition you and how long does it take? Thanks, Alex xx

  10. Tony Madden says:

    Hi Di,
    You did better than me, I was knocked out in the first round. Still, it was a fun day.
    I am just applying for Who Wants to be a Millionaire as they are resurrecting it.
    I’ll actually win something on one of these shows one day but I will still keep having fun. The only one I have won anything from was Smarter Than a 10 Year Old. I met you there and on 1 v 100.
    Keep playing, enjoying and winning.

    • Di says:

      Ah Tony – good to hear from you! Are you still applying for other shows? Would be good to meet up again on something!!

      • Tony Madden says:

        I haven’t done a show for a few years but I have started looking around now to see if anything grabs me. I’ve just applied to Millionaire to start the ball rolling. How about you?

  11. Ian Richardson says:

    Hi Di,
    Your episode of tipping point has just been on TVNZ 1 here in New Zealand! Even with your limited clothing choice you looked very pretty. Good luck with future game shows.

    • Di says:

      Oh no! Worldwide embarrassment. Thanks Ian – I just got a call from a new UK show today actually!

      • Ian says:

        Awesome a new game show you will have to keep us informed. I imagine it will eventually get on the tv down here. Good luck and hope you win.

    • Simon Jefferson says:

      So when you’re auditioning what sort of stuff do they ask you in the written quiz?

  12. Ha! You should give it a go Laura! It’s always fun to see friends on telly!

  13. Emma says:

    I wonder if the woman who appeared on two shows in a day got to keep her winnings for both? I’ve been to auditions before where a lot of the people there have said that they’ve also been shortlisted for lots of others shows so I’m sure it must happen all the time.

    • I think so too – particularly with the delay after recording – and also they repeat some shows too! The winning money usually arrives a few weeks after filming and ages before transmission. I think she might be on a couple of ‘blacklists’ for the production companies for both shows though!

  14. Neill Johnstone says:

    If there’s one thing I will always remember about this post, it’s the sweat pads! I’ve always made excuses for not why I’ve not applied for a quiz show, but I guess I’ll have to cross off sweating from that list now!

    • The first gameshow I was on was the Price is Right and I was soooo nervous, I knew I couldn’t lift my arms up to spin any kind of wheel because of sweat patches (turned out I didn’t even make it off contestant’s row!!!). The ‘wardrobe’ lady at Tipping Point says actresses use the pads all the time!

  15. Liam Bishop says:

    We watched it yesterday, thought you did really well! I say that from experience as I read your post about applying for TV shows years ago and filmed a show a few weeks ago (I won’t say which one). So thank you!

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