Hunt the White Creme Egg!

White Creme Eggs are back for 2019! This year, there will be over 700 white eggs being distributed to shops around the UK, and if you find one you’re guaranteed a cash prize of up to £10,000.

But if you don’t fancy rummaging around in the shops, this year you also have the chance to win one of a thousand tasty white creme eggs online – and if you do, you’ll also go into a prize draw to win a £10,000 cash prize. And even if you don’t win a white egg, there are 30,000 vouchers for a regular Creme Egg to be won too.  Read on for more details on how to Hunt the White Creme Egg…

Photo: Cadbury

Cadbury White Creme Eggs in-store promotion

So where exactly are the eggs hiding in the shops? Rather than being sent out from the factory tucked in amongst the regular Creme Eggs, Cadbury have enlisted the help of PromoVeritas to place single white Creme Eggs directly onto the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores around the UK. The benefit of this is that it’s very likely the eggs will be discovered, and if you find one, you can claim a cash prize of up to £10,000!

The winning eggs will only be found at shops that are advertising the promotion – so don’t buy from elsewhere! If you find a white creme egg, there’s a voucher under the wrapper and you’ll need to call a number to validate your win. You will have to answer a series of questions including the unique code on the wrapper, the shop and the location.

The eggs will be distributed weekly until 21st April to a selection of UK stores, with 111 overall per retailer chain (7 eggs per week per retailer chain) – apart from One Stop, who will just have six eggs in total. The prize distribution is as follows:

  • INDEPENDENT RETAILERS: 1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 5 x £100 and 104 x £50 eggs
  • SAINSBURY’S: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 eggs
  • TESCO: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 eggs
  • CO-OP: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 eggs
  • MORRISONS: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 eggs
  • ASDA: 1 x £10,000, 4 x £1,000, 11 x £100 and 95 x £50 eggs
  • MARKS & SPENCER: 1 x £10,000, 1 x £1,000, 1 x £100 and 108 x £50 eggs
  • ONE STOP: 1 x £10,000 and 5 x £100 eggs

To be honest though, there’s a tiny chance of winning this promotion as hundreds of thousands of Creme Eggs are bought each year in the UK. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. But if you do happen to be in a shop and see someone suspiciously putting a Creme Egg ONTO a shelf instead of taking one off, then you should definitely buy it…

The winning eggs have a prize voucher tucked under the wrapper – and of course, the Creme Egg foil is very thin so I would imagine this would feel slightly different to a regular egg – so you might want to discreetly pick up a few before choosing the egg you buy… in addition, legally the winning eggs must have ‘White Chocolate’ printed as an ingredient on the wrapper – so you’ll be able to tell if you have one just by checking the ingredients list.

This promotion is open to UK residents aged 16 and over and you must claim your prize before 21st May 2019 – you can find all the details and the T&Cs on the Cadbury website.

Cadbury White Creme Eggs online promotion

Until 14 April 2019, you can also enter the online Egg Hunt to win prizes – with much better odds. There are 1,000 White Creme Eggs to be won, plus 30,000 vouchers for regular Creme Eggs. And if you win a white creme egg you’ll also be in the draw to win a £10,000 cash prize!

At you’ll find clues to the location of hidden Creme Eggs – they could be on websites, social media feeds or in newspapers and magazines but the twist is that it’s NOT Cadbury advertising.

The first clue is Benefit Cosmetics, and you need to look out for the hidden egg in their storefronts, on their Instagram feed and on their website (you could start by Brow-zing at or on their Instagram here and here!)

Next, check the Heinz Facebook page and watch the Mayo advert!

And there’s one at 24 seconds in this Persil advert too. And one at 5 seconds in this Kenco Facebook ad.

There’s also a Creme Egg in the Oreo advert that will appear on some YouTube videos – but nobody has spotted the advert yet!

When you find an egg, save a screenshot or take a photo – then enter your details and upload the photo at If you get an error message, try the screenshot again but don’t zoom in (I couldn’t get it to work on my Mac, it only worked on my iPhone).

It’s a winning moments promotion, so you’ll find out immediately if you’ve won.

You can enter once per day – each person can win five Creme Eggs and one white Creme Egg in this promotion, and once you’ve won with the same screenshot or photo you won’t be able to upload it again.

If you win a regular Creme Egg, you’ll be emailed a voucher to print within 5 days – check your junk folder (note that this voucher initially wouldn’t scan in stores – but this issue seems to have been fixed!)

White Creme Egg winners will need to give their postal address and will receive it by Signed For post, and the promotion ends on 21st April 2019.

Good luck with your egg hunt!

42 Responses

  1. Laurel says:

    Which stores accept the voucher? I have only tried M&S and they said no.

  2. Sam says:

    I’ve won a white cream egg on the online game, I know I will get entered into a prize draw but will I still get a code in wrapper to get an instant prize?

  3. Andy says:

    Hi, I was lucky enough to get a white egg on the website but it’s been ages since I won it, will I get one in the post.?

  4. Liz says:

    Just found another egg about 12 seconds in on the Heinz UK FB page in a mayonnaise advert,

    • Neil Firth says:

      Thanks Liz – I’ll try to follow Di’s advice on the Youtube Oreo clue, and let you know how I get on.
      Not won on my first try, but persistence wins the day 🙂

  5. Liz says:

    According to the latest clue, it looks like they can now be found on the Heinz Facebook page and, like Oreo, on Heinz YouTube ads. Good luck all with the search.

    • Neil Firth says:

      Hi Liz – been following Di’s advice and watching Youtube videos to try to get the adverts. Been doing that for the last day and a half, and still haven’t seen either an Oreo or a Heinz advert (seen loads of others). If you do get the advert, you need to be quick, as the video can’t easily (or at all) be replayed, or even move with the pause button. I’ll let you know if I do find them.

  6. liz says:

    I have searched YouTube for the Oreo advert containing a hidden egg now mentioned as a source of further clues on the Cadbury’s Egg Hunt site but I haven’t had any luck. Has anybody managed to find it?

  7. Bex Bush says:

    The next clue is Oreo YouTube ads…

  8. Rocky says:

    Was the 1 night stay search only for 1st Feb?

  9. Rocky says:

    I FOUND IT haha! I feel silly it took me so long haha! I have also spotted the insta one no win on either… can i use these eggs to enter tomorrow as well? Thanks for your help

    • Di says:

      You can use the same photo until you win with it! Then you can use a different one. Good luck!

  10. ROCky says:

    Om goodnessi cannot for the lofe of me find this egg! Have i missed the bandwagon on this one?

  11. Elaine Oliver says:

    Thank you for the tip. Found it and entered, but didn’t win this time

  12. Matthew Sibley says:

    Is it still on that page? Can’t see the photo on the Brow-Zings page.

    • Di says:

      Yes, it’s the main product photo on the page I’ve linked above. Look on the Brow-zings palette!

  13. Ada says:

    You can only upload and enter once per person per day . I think I have read something like that in the Ts&Cs

  14. Elaine Hollis says:

    Thanks,Di. Had to google how to scrrnshot on iphone but got there in the end and didn’t win an egg!

  15. Kirsty Shears says:

    Anyone found any elsewhere – it won’t let me upload the same photo again (the Benefit one as per Dis clue) and I’ve spent ages looking elsewhere with no luck!

    • Di says:

      No news on any more yet I’m afraid! I’m keeping my eye on the Benefit Instagram feed…

  16. joe says:

    what section on the webpage did you find the egg on

  17. Andrea Horner says:

    That’s great David, well done!

  18. Andrea Horner says:

    Di, have you seen that Cadbury’s are doing a virtual white egg hunt too? You check their website for clues, they could be on the TV hidden in adverts, websites or social media, even shop windows. Started yesterday, you find the egg, screenshot/photograph it, upload it and unwrap to see if it’s white. You win Creme Eggs (regular and white) and go into a draw for £10K.

    • Di says:

      Oh no I didn’t know about this one – that gives everyone the chance to win! 30,000 creme egg vouchers – and 1,000 white creme eggs (yum). And everyone who claims a white egg goes into a draw for £10,000. Looks like it started yesterday, and the clue directs to Benefit website, shop windows and Insta – but I don’t see anything there yet!

      • Di says:

        Oh… just spotted one and uploaded a screenshot to win a Creme Egg voucher! Thanks for the info Andrea, I’ll edit it into this blog post!

        • Andrea Horner says:

          Your welcome, got myself a creme egg voucher too!

          • David Graham says:

            Thanks Andrea & Di! I just got a white cream egg first time and in the middle of the day! Always fancied trying one as I love the normal ones. And I guess that’s now a 1 in 1000 chance of the 10k prize too. Good luck to you both getting white ones too.

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