Why Coca-Cola won’t be giving away 5,000 Unforgettable Experiences this summer

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  1. Alan S says:

    I collect any with competitions on but am on the look out for the latest ones that are on the Lucazade bottles and Carabao cans.
    Not seen any Carabao cans yet but found some of the latest Lucazade bottles . I will let you know if i have any success with them.

  2. Alan S says:

    I am a litter picker at a major theme park and pick up far more than the five codes per day that you can enter. Entered 5 codes
    most days without any wins , so this proves there is little chance of winning.

    • Di says:

      Do you also look out for Lucozade Sport bottles (to enter on the Made to Move app), the new Larazade bottles, and Carabao cans Alan? You’ll have a better chance of winning with those! Cadbury Match & Win, and the Walkers Regional Favourites packets are worth looking out for this summer too!

  3. Ian Thompson says:

    The old Coke Zone site actually paid dividends. Wombling bore plenty of codes and a few prizes & redemptions too.

  4. Sue Bennett says:

    Definitely prefer the older format. I managed a Vegas trip using the points for entries system many years ago but don’t hold out much hope for this competition.

  5. I’ve been wombling a few for this one just in case. Do you know if the odds would be any better if entering at night/early hours of the morning or not if it is a predetermined moment?

    • Di says:

      It’s not a ‘winning moments’ promotion so it wouldn’t affect your chance of winning – every entry has exactly the same chance of winning as any other!

  6. Andy K says:

    Agreed, what a rubbish contest. Not really worth wobbling either. If it was a guaranteed prize everyday then I would.

    Bring back that old Coke Zone points system.

    • Di says:

      Oddly enough though, if it WAS one guaranteed prize a day your chance of winning would probably be similar to this format, or even worse! But a daily prize draw would be a more honest way to do it – and indeed, that’s what they’re doing for the Irish version.

  7. Lon says:

    I love the way you have worked out the chance/probability of winning and have had a proper butchers at the terms and conditions! As for wombling, I don’t think I’ll be rummaging around the festival bins looking for codes!

  8. Paul says:

    When I go to that website I get “Summer prep in progress
    We’re planning to make summer 2018 an unforgettable one, but we’re not quite ready yet. Keep hold of your code and come back on 02/07/2018 for the chance to win an unforgettable experience that will make your summer. “

  9. Paul says:

    It’s now the 11th of July and the comp is still not open for Ireland/Northern Irelanddespite supposed to be starting on the 2nd!

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