Why you should read the rules

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  1. PrizeDeck says:

    From a promoter’s perspective we try to keep our T&Cs as simple as possible for each giveaway and pretty constant from one giveaway to the next. For example, with our Twitter giveaways it’s generally a case of following and retweeting our pinned tweet for that giveaway for entry. At the moment, our weekly giveaways end at 10PM on a Friday evening and then we launch the next one shortly after at the weekend. This consistency lets our members & followers know what to expect. We have read loads of T&Cs from other giveaways and must say even the big promoters don’t always get it right!

  2. rebecca beesley says:

    I’ve misread closing dates in the past and worked hard on an entry eg on 31st of the month when it actually closed on the 30th. Extended closing dates are a real annoyance and like you say they are sneaky enough to edit the T&C’s so it is not obvious that it’s changed.

  3. Vicky Online says:

    1. I know this is a family friendly blog, but are you familiar with the “Tinder d**k pic” principle? If a man see an attractive young lady on Tinder, but feels she will have a lot of approaches, all he has to do is NOT send her a photo of his boy bits and he is already ahead of 50% of the competition. I find this principle encouraging for creatives when there are a lot of prizes. I won’t be the best, but I might be good enough.

    2. I am constantly surprised at competitions where the blurb on the front page differs from the actual T & Cs and this for big professional companies. (I’m looking at you Visa UK). I am even more surprised that when you ask about this they don’t respond.

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