Win £1000 & Oreo prizes when you ‘Twin To Win’

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  1. George Williams says:

    Had a message just now to say I’ve won a pair of Oreo Denim Jackets 🙂
    I’d posted a photograph of us wearing matching clothes, as I couldn’t get the snap code to work on my Samsung Galaxy S9

  2. Faridah Brooker says:

    I have had a message to say I’ve won 2 bucket hats. The rules say you can only win one runner up prize. Can you still enter again to go in the draw for the top prize – does your entry carry over for the whole comp or is that it now that I’ve won a prize?

  3. Andrea says:

    Just found out I’m a lucky winner of a pair of sweatshirts! Must remember to have another go this week, too! At least I know I’m still in the draw for £1000!

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Di,

    I am new to comping and am finding your website invaluable! Thank you for all your tips and recommendations and for making them available to everyone free of charge!

    Re oreo snapcode, I am having the same issue as George above. Neither my android nor my iPhone recognises the code you provided above (keep getting an ‘oops something went wrong message’ ). Is this definitely the right image? Do you have any tips on how to resolve the issue?

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Di says:

      I had problems accessing the Maltesers Snapchat lens recently, in the end I deleted Snapchat from my iPhone and re-installed it, and then it worked, so you could try that. It’s definitely the correct snapcode, it was tweeted by Oreo.

      • Maria says:

        Thank you for the tips, but unfortunately it’s still not working on either of my phones (strange!). I guess I will have to put aa bit more effort into this comp and actually dress up into matching clothes?

  5. George Williams says:

    Hi Di
    This looks like a fun competition.

    Currently I am having an issue with the download of the special Oreo snapcode on my Samsung.
    Its downloaded to my Gallery, and I can see it there.

    But once I get to 4th step above, to find the new lens the Snapchat fails.
    Keeps saying “Nothing to see here!”

    I will persevere…

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