Win £10,000 every week with Quaker Oats

Show Us Your Oats! You might have spotted promotional Quaker Oats packaging in the supermarkets – starting on the 1st January, they’re launching a brilliant creative competition and giving away a whopping £100,000 over ten weeks to the entrants who submit the most inspirational porridge bowl or overnights oats photos!

How to enter

Remember – get your photos ready, but don’t enter until 1st January! 

  • Purchase a promotional Quaker product (and keep the packaging – it may be required if you win!)
  • Create your unique bowl of porridge or jar of overnight oats and take a photo
  • Complete your name, address, recipe title and ingredients at  and upload your photo
  • OR you can enter by sharing your photo on the Quaker Facebook page, or on Instagram with #ShowUsYourOats

There are ten prizes of £10,000 – the first weekly competition starts on 1st January 2018 and ends on Sunday 7th January 2018, then each week’s competition closes on a Sunday until the final one closing on 11th March 2018. Late entries will go into a final prize draw to win £1000 cash, which closes on 12th June 2018.

Judging criteria

Each of these criteria counts for 25% of the judge’s score. Your entry should:

  • Be practical to make
  • Display a balanced range of toppings
  • Display a balanced range of flavours
  • Be visually appealing


  • Get inspiration for your creations by searching Pinterest – or tapping the #Porridge hashtag on Instagram!
  • Terms state you can enter up to five times every day – so take advantage of this and create as many different entries as you can!
  • Terms also state that you cannot enter a photo that’s been entered into another competition or ever been published – so make sure you’re creating something new.
  • Take a few different photos from different angles – can you accessorise with a backdrop. plate, napkin, spoon etc? Again, look at what Instagram influencers do for inspiration.
  • You can use Instagram or Facebook standard filters – but no further editing (eg. Photoshop) is allowed according to the terms
  • Even though this one doesn’t start for a while, it’s worth getting organised and preparing a few photos for the first few weeks!

Note that if you win, you retain copyright of the photo but Quaker may use it in marketing for up to a year, crediting you.

You can find full competition details at and it’s open to UK, ROI and Channel Islands residents – good luck!

Update – here’s a gallery of the £10,000 winners!


22 Responses

  1. Mahnaz.B. Sadati says:

    Hi, I don’t have gave book or tweeter do, how do i send my recipe and photo to you. Can i e-mail them to you. i hope yo hear grom you soon, thank you for your time.

  2. Christine Skidmore says:

    Hi I submitted my photo on my husbands facebook page, with title but forgot to put what ingredients I’d used, should I submit it again?

    • Christine Skidmore says:

      I’ve managed to redo it, via my husbands facebook, fingers crossed. if you wouldn’t mind just comfirming that it is on the competition page.
      Thank you.

      • Di says:

        Hi Christine! I’m not running the competition so I wouldn’t be checking entries. But if you can see it on the Quaker Oats page then that’s fine. Good luck!

  3. Brenda Byrne says:

    Hi, I only saw your ad on TV today. Do I still have time to enter? I’d hate for your customers to miss out and I know it’s an idea worth £10,000 of anyone’s money

    Yours sincerely

    Brenda E Byrne

  4. Mrs A Briggs says:

    we mix Quakertown with white of an egg flatten then fry with the bacon scruptous

  5. Jackie prosser says:

    I have put the ingredients as requested, then i thought i had better put the actual “recipie” as how to make my entry. No cooking was required but I confess that the “ingredients” seems rather vague…..just my dilemma…..ingredients and recipie are two completely different meanings

  6. Carol says:

    Quaker were supposed to have the first week’s winner up on the website “no later than” the 17th Jan. Now the website says “no later than” 18th Jan, but it is now the 19th, and still no winner is listed. Any idea what the hold up is?????
    The Quaker competition is how I found your website. I eat porridge anyway, and the box I bought had this promotion on it. I googled it in January, and your website came up. Now I have entered a bunch of contests. I have won a “BB8 breakfast unit” so far, but I have twin boys, so I need to enter that one a few more times to try and get another! Thank you for all of the tips!

    • Andrea Horner says:

      Hi Carol, in the rules it says judging day is 17th January but will inform winner within 5 days and they have 7 days to respond so think it’s a mistake by them to post this date on the competition page as they have no idea when they will announce it, could be anything upto 12 days or even longer if a new winner has to be contacted. Just keep practising your porridge making skills!! Read the T&C’s carefully though there are some things which will disqualify some entries. Well done on your other win, fingers crossed for more xx

    • Di says:

      Welcome to the wonderful world of comping Carol! Yes – we’re still waiting to find out about the first £10K winner. Looking forward to seeing what they go for!

  7. Galina V says:

    Thank you for heads up, Di! Finally got a pack today. Let’s hope they’ll make sure all the winning entries are genuine, and not “borrowed” from the other websites. Good luck to us all! This is a kind of competition I enjoy taking part in, even if the prize were much smaller.

  8. Julia P says:

    Di – do you think each photo must be unique, or each entry (ie recipe)? I’m really not sure after reading the terms. Thank you.

  9. Mary H says:

    Just as well I love porridge. Better get My creative hat on. Thanks Di!

  10. Lyndsey Shingler says:

    This one has really piqued my interest – think I’ll be eating a lot of porridge for the next month or so! Would be an awesome win to start the year with!

  11. rebecca Beesley says:

    I never know with these things whether it’s best to upload via their website or do on instagram / facebook – any advice?

  12. Emma says:

    Could you use the same 5 photos each week? It’s not very clear in the terms and conditions.

    • Di says:

      No- it says in terms “Although multiple entries are permitted, each entry must be unique”

      • ALISON BARLOW says:

        Di do you think this means each photo must be a different recipe, or can they be the same recipe but a different photo of it, eg a different angle, with or without a spoon etc?

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