Win £10,000 in The Sweetstake with Mars

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  1. Paul Morris says:

    Used to work on mobile, only. Doesn’t know. Says 500 Internal Server Error

  2. Colin Snooks says:

    I entered my code to be told the code was invalid, re entered code in case i typed it in wrong first time, to be told that the code had already been used!! I expected something more organised from Mars!!

  3. Rennene Hartland says:

    Website still not working sent them a message yesterday but heard nothing.

  4. Jolanda Huizer says:

    How is it possible that I have a unique code and when I enter the code is already been used

  5. Pat O'Hare says:

    Site un available. Really? What a joke

  6. Rosemary phillips says:

    I have entered my cold and I had a comment that this number had already used,

  7. Gup Roberts says:

    Have been playing this for about two weeks entering a new code each. All I ever got was an offer of a free pack nothing else. But these last few days once I’ve entered my birthdate a message box pops with a CSRV or similar saying Token out of date. I’ve spent a lot of money on this promotion. I won’t in the future…

  8. Nick says:

    It doesn’t work! The website always says that there is a problem and to submit again. Then, I tried with my phone, and again nothing. Now when I try it says that the code has already used. I haven’t received any email. The website is too bad!

  9. D says:

    Website says codes already redeemed. Technical help form asks for date of birth wtf??? All sounds like a big con for data harvesting to me.


    Website not working, entered the, cannot retrieve Web page.

  11. Kate says:

    Entered my code & keeps telling me there’s a problem?

  12. Mel C says:

    I entered yesterday for the third time and this time I have the chance to win £20 🙂 fingers crossed!

  13. Paul Bowden says:

    Its a con entered the code then came up sorry you all. Ready done it which I haven’t

  14. Tom Leith says:

    This is my second message with no reply. When I try to enter my 10 digit code it only accepts the first 8 digits and then I cannot continue with my entry. Explain please!

    • Di says:

      Hi Tom! I’m not running this promotion – I’ve just blogged about it! The website has 10 individual boxes for characters/digits so I can’t see why it will only let you type in 8 of them? If you still have troubles the T&Cs say you can contact Mars via this form –

    • Chell'e says:

      It done the same to me, take your cursor to the beginning in the box you can then put your 10 digits in…

  15. mica says:

    I’ve entered 2 packets and both of them give me a chance to win a free pack of sweets. I did purchase them from Tesco so I have a chance to win the cash. Fingers crossed.

  16. Paul Morris says:

    Another one –
    Two or more penalties are awarded and not scored in an individual match during the Event
    I win a bag for this!

  17. Lauren says:

    Im having real problems with this website? Cant seem to get onto it and when i finally did and it asked my date of birth, it ended up as a ‘504 gateway time-out’ blank page! 🙁

  18. Aaron says:

    I have the real code Xd

  19. Maggie Hunt says:

    website not working

  20. Maggie Hunt says:

    The site is not working

  21. Dawn Weedon says:

    Can’t find the code in the pack. Any Ideas?

  22. Shaun turner says:

    It says web page not available for me when i try to go to

  23. Paul says:

    Sounds great

    • Paul Morris says:

      Already played two codes. Same sweetstake twice. “A Yellow card is not awarded in every match on the 26th of june.”
      There are THREE games that day and the prize is only a packet of M&Ms.

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