Win £10,000 in The Sweetstake with Mars

Mars have launched a fun on-pack promotion to celebrate the summer of football! Buy a promotional pack of chocolate, chewing gum or sweets and you’ll have the chance to win a cash prize of up to £10,000 – or millions of vouchers for free chocolates and sweets.

When you enter the unique code from your packaging at you’ll be shown a scenario that might happen at a football match – if this scenario occurs, then you’ll win a prize.

UPDATE 14 June 2018 – the website is regularly displaying errors, not allowing users to log in and not recognising codes. Mars have said it’s because the website is too popular, so I suggest you try entering your codes at a quieter time – try between 11pm and 6am.

Win £10,000 with The Sweetstake!

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of Mars, Revels, M&Ms, Minstrels, Maltesers, Twix, Ripple, Snickers, Starburst, Skittles or Wrigley’s Extra.
  • Go to, enter your date of birth then enter the unique ten digit code from inside the pack and your email address.
  • You will receive a ‘scenario’ on screen that might happen during England v Nigeria on 2 June (the “Friendly Game”) or during a World Cup match in Russia between 14 June and 15 July 2018 – you’ll also be shown the prize you’ll win if it happens (you will also receive this info by email).
  • If the scenario happens, you’ll find out by email within 5 days of the match.
  • You can only enter one code per day.
  • Keep hold of your promotional pack – you might need to post it off if you win a cash prize!

The prizes

  • 200 x £10,000
  • 1,000 x £1,000
  • 2,500 x £500
  • 100,000 x £20
  • 200,000 x £5
  • millions of free packs of Mars, M&Ms, Minstrels, Maltesers, Revels, Twix, Ripple, Snickers, Starburst, Skittles or Wrigley’s Extra (awarded as a printable coupon worth up to £1)
  • In addition, ALL entries go into a grand prize draw for a prize of £10,000

Example scenarios

As it’s early days in this promotion, we’ve not seen many of the 700+ possible scenarios yet – it will be interesting to see which scenarios accompany the cash prizes!

Tesco Exclusive £10,000 draw

If you buy your promotional pack at Tesco, you’ll be entered into an exclusive prize draw to win another £10,000! Simply choose Tesco on the entry screen.

The promotion is open to UK residents aged 18+ and there’s a no purchase necessary route for NI (see T&Cs for details). The main promotion ends on 15th July, but late entries will go into a prize draw with a single prize of £500 which closes on 16th January 2019.

Good luck with this one – we won’t know for a while if we’ve won a prize, but if you want to maximise your entries it’s worth entering a code every day if you can!

Unfortunately, not many of the prizes so far seem to be cash – let me know in the comments if your winning scenario involves any prizes other than a free packet of chocolate or sweets! 

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99 Responses

  1. Lessly says:

    Lucky code:D47SJZZW9Z

  2. Lucky code: TNXPZZNRRL

  3. Rehan shrestha says:

    The code is RFB34N9EN3


  5. R says:

    No one accepted the voucher in their stores? So not sure how to claim

  6. Sarah Mortimer says:

    I can’t find the code??

  7. simon says:

    this is only a way to get your data. they will either sell it on or use it as a way to send out advertising ?!!

  8. Mark says:

    Bought 3 family bags for grand kids hoping to watch the games with chance of winning a small prize, even a bag of Maltesers….have tried for two weeks to enter codes but only managed one, haven’t bought anymore and won’t till the site works, plenty of other chocolate on the market, is it a scam as a lot of people are suggesting? A big company like Mars….?

  9. Ella says:

    Awful service I keep on getting an error! Very disgraceful and what a waste of time.

    • Di says:

      Have you tried later at night/early morning Ella? I’ve managed to put my codes in at 9am for the past few days with no problems.

  10. Rik says:

    I have actually won a scenario and now it’s saying my email doesn’t exist when I try to log in and try to re-enter code to say it has already been used.

    • Matilda says:

      I also won a free pack. It emailed me a voucher to the email I used when I entered. Check your junk mail, that’s where mine ended up.

  11. StefannelUK says:

    The website is ALWAYS down. in UK
    It has been like this since the day 1.
    It’s a freaking SCAM

  12. Sylvia Robbins says:

    I found that Tesco sell the small packets at 3 for £1.20 so works out much cheaper.
    I’ve got a stack to enter and 11 possible free packs.
    I love Minstrels and Revels . Hope to enter them all by the closing date, lol.

  13. Paul Morris says:

    Complaints can be made at 0845 604 8495 and

  14. Daniel W says:

    So far I’ve entered 7 codes and every single one has been a free pack/bar of sweets/chocolate. As the prize is a downloadable voucher for the nominal value of £1 – i cant see them requiring proof for that.

    Still waiting for a cash prize event.

    • Barbara Fisher says:

      Same for me, 6 codes entered and each a free pack of sweets. It makes me wonder if there are any other prizes? Such a waste of time and effort and the website is awful it always takes me three attempts to enter the code. I am going to stop bothering.

  15. Kelly says:

    Can not access this comp : ( just says service unavailable

  16. i have entered codes and they are saying no such code, when i told them this, they apologized but did nothing, didnt know mars were scamming idiots

  17. J Smith says:

    Got in to enter code but says it has already been used. Comments please. I bought Mars 4 pack.

  18. Mike says:

    You can get straight to the entry page here

  19. Trying to get in but it’s showing an Error to that page, so how I could enter my code then?

    • Di says: has been having continuous problems for over a week now – but Mars haven’t responded to complaints, or managed to fix it! I don’t know what;s causing the problem but will update this blog post if I find out.

  20. D Kent says:

    Not working, is this another con to get you to buy their sweets?

  21. Pauline Bennison says:

    been trying to enter all week but all I get is error

  22. Stacey Caine says:

    The sweetstake site for the mars bar comp seems to not be working anymore, last two days it hasn’t anyway. Says bad gateway when trying to go on it. Not sure what’s going on with it. Tried on my phone and tablet, no luck site still down.

    • Di says:

      Although the first few weeks of the promotion seemed to be fine, has been having continuous problems for over a week now – but Mars haven’t responded to complaints, or managed to fix it! I will update this blog post if I find out. I would hope they would allow us to enter two or three codes a day to make up for the downtime.

  23. Allan Matthews says:

    Not working, “Service Unavailable”

  24. denny says:

    Hmmmm win something go to this website that doesnt work!!!!! Dodgy.

  25. Sam says:

    Still can’t get on to the site, such a shame and annoying

  26. Judith Bufton says:

    Still not working tried on mobile as well

  27. Sara says:

    Just says service unavailable and a blank white page.

  28. scott says:

    my solicitors said I am able to sue you in court for false advertising

  29. Jamie says:

    Still showing error 503 or error 502! Bit suspect how the site is down all the time!
    Win cash prizes, highly unlikely when you cant even enter the codes!

  30. Emma Chant says:

    Still showing error when trying to access the website to input code

  31. sandy ralph says:

    i can get the site open but i get a bad getaway error when i try to enter

  32. Nimesh Patel says:

    No working

  33. Denise Jones says:

    It’s working at the minute, just successfully entered my first code and created an account

  34. Jojo says:

    I was able to enter yesterday. Date of birth accepted, put code in and then got error message BUT received an email saying I had been entered, so hopefully if we all keep trying there will be some success.

  35. Beverley says:

    Still not working. Pretty disgusting for such a major company. I emailed and got a response saying basically they were aware of problems but that was because the website has been so busy and that I should keep trying!! 6 days I’ve been trying!

  36. Douglas says:

    We could get so many things

  37. Denise Jones says:

    No screen coming up to let me register, only the Login screen?

  38. Victoria says:

    Have tried for a couple of weeks now to enter the code. When the website finally decides to load and you click on enter it takes forever to get to a page that says error. What a scam

  39. Emma says:

    Tried to get on the site and it will not load, trued on my phone, iPad and laptop there is nothing happening at all just a blank screen. Don’t think I will bother again

  40. Chalky says:

    When I try to enter my details it Says 403 forbidden. What a scam!

  41. Christina Curtis says:

    Just wondered if this is working for anyone? I have been getting Service Unavailable for a few days.

  42. HCY says:

    They let you register, enter one code, thereafter the ‘service is unavailable’. Waste of time and money.

  43. David Wakeford says:

    seems to be a fix, shame on you Mars!!!! all the codes I’ve tried seem to be invalid.

  44. Jane Warburton says:

    Been trying to enter code but coming up error, what a joke!!!!!!!

  45. Barbara says:

    I’ve entered three times (website a nightmare takes at least four attempts to register each code). If by some miracle I win I will get a free bag of M&Ms, hardly worth all the effort so I won’t bother entering again. I know this is not your fault Di, but it is so frustrating I just wanted to share my pain 🙂

    • Di says:

      It’s ridiculous – it’s been like this for weeks and I can’t see why it;s not been fixed already! I’ve switched my attention to Maynard Bassetts sweets instead!

  46. james says:

    This is a Promotional con getting us to hurry up and buy the packs then the site is not letting us submit the codes. I was waiting for ages for the site to respond perhaps they want us to not bother waiting so they don’t have to pay up.

  47. StefannelUK says:

    You can’t input any code as it throws “The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.” error. When you try to use the contact form it throws “Error encountered. Please contact admin” …so you can’t even contact them.
    What a scam.

  48. Eveline Hewlett says:

    Keep getting error occurred CSRF token is invalid.what token??

  49. Paul Morris says:

    Used to work on mobile, only. Doesn’t know. Says 500 Internal Server Error

  50. Colin Snooks says:

    I entered my code to be told the code was invalid, re entered code in case i typed it in wrong first time, to be told that the code had already been used!! I expected something more organised from Mars!!

  51. Rennene Hartland says:

    Website still not working sent them a message yesterday but heard nothing.

  52. Jolanda Huizer says:

    How is it possible that I have a unique code and when I enter the code is already been used

  53. Pat O'Hare says:

    Site un available. Really? What a joke

  54. Rosemary phillips says:

    I have entered my cold and I had a comment that this number had already used,

  55. Gup Roberts says:

    Have been playing this for about two weeks entering a new code each. All I ever got was an offer of a free pack nothing else. But these last few days once I’ve entered my birthdate a message box pops with a CSRV or similar saying Token out of date. I’ve spent a lot of money on this promotion. I won’t in the future…

  56. Nick says:

    It doesn’t work! The website always says that there is a problem and to submit again. Then, I tried with my phone, and again nothing. Now when I try it says that the code has already used. I haven’t received any email. The website is too bad!

  57. D says:

    Website says codes already redeemed. Technical help form asks for date of birth wtf??? All sounds like a big con for data harvesting to me.


    Website not working, entered the, cannot retrieve Web page.

  59. Kate says:

    Entered my code & keeps telling me there’s a problem?

  60. Disappointed Geek says:

    I’m receiving a 504 Gateway Timeout Error when I attempt (on multiple occasions) to access This would suggest a possible issue with the server hosting the sweetstake website. Furthermore, this website is very slow suggesting it cannot cope with the number of connections or maybe it’s being DDos’d or a combination of both 🙁 This is very unsatisfactory & has the effect of stealing away the ‘feel-good factor’ of entering this competition. Let’s hope this issue gets fixed soon! You can read more about the 504 Gateway Timeout Error here: & more about denial of service attacks here:

  61. Mel C says:

    I entered yesterday for the third time and this time I have the chance to win £20 🙂 fingers crossed!

  62. Paul Bowden says:

    Its a con entered the code then came up sorry you all. Ready done it which I haven’t

  63. Tom Leith says:

    This is my second message with no reply. When I try to enter my 10 digit code it only accepts the first 8 digits and then I cannot continue with my entry. Explain please!

  64. mica says:

    I’ve entered 2 packets and both of them give me a chance to win a free pack of sweets. I did purchase them from Tesco so I have a chance to win the cash. Fingers crossed.

  65. Paul Morris says:

    Another one –
    Two or more penalties are awarded and not scored in an individual match during the Event
    I win a bag for this!

  66. Lauren says:

    Im having real problems with this website? Cant seem to get onto it and when i finally did and it asked my date of birth, it ended up as a ‘504 gateway time-out’ blank page! 🙁

  67. Aaron says:

    I have the real code Xd

  68. Maggie Hunt says:

    website not working

  69. Maggie Hunt says:

    The site is not working

  70. Dawn Weedon says:

    Can’t find the code in the pack. Any Ideas?

  71. Shaun turner says:

    It says web page not available for me when i try to go to

  72. Paul says:

    Sounds great

    • Paul Morris says:

      Already played two codes. Same sweetstake twice. “A Yellow card is not awarded in every match on the 26th of june.”
      There are THREE games that day and the prize is only a packet of M&Ms.

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