Win £10,000 in the Tropicana Summer promotion

The big Tropicana summer promotion is back for 2021! You might have already picked up one of the promotional Tropicana cartons at your local supermarket, and just like last year’s promotion, five lucky winners – one a month until September – will receive a whopping £10,000 cash prize (or the Euro equivalent, for ROI winners). 

How to enter the Tropicana Summer promotion

It’s super easy to enter – you’ll need to buy one of the promotional ‘Win £10k’ cartons of Tropicana, and then enter your details – plus the barcode number from your carton – at between 1 May 2021 and 30 September 2021. You can enter five times per month.

Note that a barcode is exactly the same on a certain product, regardless of where you buy it – the reason a promoter asks for a barcode is because it’s much easier and cheaper to run a promotion like this, rather than a promotion with individual unique codes on products, or a format that requires a photo of a receipt to be uploaded.

The website was initially rejecting entries with an error message, but this has now been fixed!

The prize draws close to entries at the end of each month, from 31 May 2021 until the final closing date on 30 September 2021. You can enter a maximum of five times each month – it’s OK to use the same barcode multiple times. You can do your entries one after the other – when you’ve reached your five entries you’ll see a message to say you’ve reached the limit.

The promotion FAQs don’t mention keeping hold of your packaging or receipt – and as the barcodes aren’t unique, I would suggest it’s absolutely fine to take a photo of the carton barcode, and then recycle it. I do recommend you take a photo of your receipt(s) and keep them safe just in case PromoVeritas do ask the winners to show a proof of purchase!

There’s a no purchase necessary route for Northern Ireland residents – send a correctly stamped postcard or letter with their full name, email address, postal address and phone number to the following address: JS11601 Tropicana Summer, PO Box 704, Pinner, HA5 9PF. One entry per postcard or envelope.

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current instant win and daily entry promotions you can try!

54 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    No we are not complaining just expect these things not to happen when a competition goes live, I think Di has only just added this info to the above

    • Michelle McGuckian says:

      No Andy, Di has put all the info up including about the error code then everyone has commented that they tried to enter and received an error code. Obviously without reading first. That’s my take on it.

  2. Michelle McGuckian says:

    OMG!! Why is everyone complaining about it being a 500 error? Didn’t you read the above where Di has already explained this ??? And Sal, yes you can contact them to let them know as I did on 1st of May but as Di has already mentioned, they are aware of it!!

  3. Steve Clayton says:

    a 500 error is a catch all server error (web server in this case) – a problem at Tropicana’s end, I would guess that as this competition started on a Saturday Tropicana’s IT dept won’t fix this until they are all back in on Tuesday. Very frustrating I know, but hey ho, what can you do?

    • Di says:

      At least it’s just a prize draw, so as long as we can enter before 31 May it’s fine! It’s VERY annoying when this happens with an instant win comp though!

  4. Andy says:

    Getting 500 error code when entering…very frustrating!!

  5. Tracey Leese says:

    I keep getting error code 500 when I enter, the competition does not work. Also all of the bar codes are the same, is this a genuine competition?

    • Di says:

      Barcodes are always identical on the same product, regardless of where you purchase it. Using barcodes and batch codes is just an easier way for a brand to administer a promotion, rather than the expense of printing unique codes, or the extra admin of checking receipt uploads. Tropicana are aware of the technical issue but as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend I imagine they won’t fix it until Tuesday I’m afraid!

  6. attempted to enter the tropicana 10k today 1st of May 2021 (1st day of the new ‘comp’) but keep getting a 500-error code (on my PC, my laptop and my phone). Help.
    Thank you.

    • Steven Richard Creagh says:

      all the barcodes are identical there is no winner it is a SCAM

    • Steven Richard Creagh says:

      all the barcodes are identical there is no winner

      • Di says:

        Barcodes are always identical on the same product Steven, regardless of where you purchase it. Using barcodes and batch codes is just an easier way for a brand to administer a promotion, rather than the expense of printing unique codes, or the extra admin of checking receipt uploads.

    • Sal says:

      Same here, can’t contact them to inform them that it doesn’t even work.

      • Di says:

        They’re aware of it and their response is that the tech support team are looking into it, but as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend I have a feeling it might not be fixed until Tuesday 4th! Very frustrating.

  7. Andrew Pearce says:

    Win2gether appears not to work for the mate’s prize when i click on the link.

    • Di says:

      Not sure why this comment is on the Tropicana post! Is this the link in the email you’ve sent to your friend? Could they try to copy and paste it into a browser rather than clicking – what happens when they click?

  8. mac says:

    Does the website come up error for anyone else?


    Have you heard af any winning list yet ? Some commets have said this is a scam . Any thougts ? I have entered any way fingers crossed !

    • Di says:

      I meant to come back and reply to this last year and forgot! The 2020 winners list as supplied by the promoter was:
      Glishan, Hearn (Oxfordshire), Picioc – the other 2 winners refused publicity.

  10. Binila says:

    Is the winner announced.
    Please let us know.

  11. MALCOLM POYSER says:

    Found this product at the best price at the local ASDA , but bar codes not unique . Can i enter the same bar more than once in the same month ? also can enter in different months as well >

    • Di says:

      You can enter the same code 5 times in a month, but I don’t know if a purchase in April would be valid as a proof of purchase for the June draw! T&Cs aren’t clear on this. I would get one receipt for one carton each month to be sure you have a valid receipt if required!

  12. Robert jack says:

    Was about to enter six purchased bar codes ( orange juice) and found the codes are exactly the same so what happens now

  13. Pascal says:

    Can I buy 5 different tropicana products and re-enter the same codes every month with 5 receipts for the first month only? Thank you

    • Di says:

      It’s not clear from the T&Cs. Personally I would buy one product each month and enter 5 times for that month, using the barcode. If you win the £10,000 I imagine they will only ask to see one receipt (if they even ask at all!).

  14. Emylia Economou says:

    Hi! Who won the May 2020 £10000 prize?

  15. George says:

    The site is working you have to accept the cookies on the top of the screen, then you can add your details, Fingers crossed i hear some good news soon

  16. Harley Erasmus says:

    I love the Orange with juicy bits I buy a carton each week.

  17. will says:

    I’ve already thrown away the receipt. Would it suffice to take a picture of the carton (and its barcode) as proof of purchase?

    • Di says:

      I don’t think they’ll be asking for a receipt for this one Will, as they’ve not mentioned it in the T&Cs. But if you buy another carton, make sure to photograph your receipt first! I have a folder on my iPhone called ‘Receipts’ and keep them all safe in there.

  18. Debbie wilson says:

    I’ve tried to enter as I bought the big Tropicana as I love it it’s the closest juice to real oranges but it won’t let me enter the competition

  19. Davina Mellon says:

    An amazing prize!! I will be entering and keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 thanks for sharing Di x

  20. Ivor Drew says:

    This is a pathetic Website as you are directed around in circles and always end up on general site . Cannot find page to enter . Help please

  21. Noeleen McDaid says:

    Why ask for the thirteen number on the carton when all three of my cartons have the same number?.

  22. Alex says:

    I’m going to try this again today – like others I’ve had “error” messages.

  23. Geoff says:

    Another scam by Pepsico company, did they noy get fined or asked to take down last promotion they did.

  24. The juice has always been our favourite and we buy it every week

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