Win £10,000 in the Tropicana Summer promotion

You might have already picked up one of the promotional Tropicana cartons at your local supermarket – they’ve been on the shelves for at least a month, although the Tropicana Summer promotion didn’t actually open to entries until 1st May!

Five lucky winners – one a month until September – will receive a whopping £10,000 cash prize (or the Euro equivalent, for ROI winners).

How to enter the Tropicana Summer promotion

It’s super easy to enter – you’ll need to buy one of the promotional ‘Win £10k’ cartons of Tropicana, and then enter your details – plus the barcode number from your carton – at

The prize draws close to entries at the end of each month, until the final draw on 30 September 2020. You can enter a maximum of five times each month – but although the FAQs state you should use a different barcode for each of those five entries, the entry form does accept the same barcode if you enter it 5 times! Tropicana Customer Service Department have confirmed that multiple entries of the same code “are permitted as long as each code is accompanied by a separate purchase”.

The FAQs don’t mention keeping hold of your packaging or receipt for this promotion – as the barcodes aren’t unique, I would suggest it’s absolutely fine to throw away (or rather, recycle) the carton – but I do recommend you take a photo of all your receipts and keep them safe just in case PromoVeritas do ask the winner to show a proof of purchase!

Frustratingly, some entrants are having trouble submitting the form, and are getting an error message – you might want to try again the next day if this has happened to you.

Good luck – check out all the Terms and Conditions here.

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    I bought orange juice 1.4L – Simply Amazed but thing is there is no lid inside the box..

    Bought 2 – 950 ml orange juice.. inside lid is broken. Is this normal ??

  2. Binila says:

    Is the winner announced.
    Please let us know.


    Found this product at the best price at the local ASDA , but bar codes not unique . Can i enter the same bar more than once in the same month ? also can enter in different months as well >

    • Di says:

      You can enter the same code 5 times in a month, but I don’t know if a purchase in April would be valid as a proof of purchase for the June draw! T&Cs aren’t clear on this. I would get one receipt for one carton each month to be sure you have a valid receipt if required!

  4. Robert jack says:

    Was about to enter six purchased bar codes ( orange juice) and found the codes are exactly the same so what happens now

  5. Yvonne Campbell says:

    Very difficult ro enter competition. Only getting terms and conditions up

  6. Pascal says:

    Can I buy 5 different tropicana products and re-enter the same codes every month with 5 receipts for the first month only? Thank you

    • Di says:

      It’s not clear from the T&Cs. Personally I would buy one product each month and enter 5 times for that month, using the barcode. If you win the £10,000 I imagine they will only ask to see one receipt (if they even ask at all!).

  7. Emylia Economou says:

    Hi! Who won the May 2020 £10000 prize?

  8. George says:

    The site is working you have to accept the cookies on the top of the screen, then you can add your details, Fingers crossed i hear some good news soon

  9. Harley Erasmus says:

    I love the Orange with juicy bits I buy a carton each week.

  10. Annabel Griffin says:

    I always buy Tropicana but have been buying even more of it since lock down as it is very versatile – it can be added to cereals instead of milk, used in cooking and baking (where juice from ‘real’ oranges is required) as well as consuming it in drink form. I have entered every bar code (13 figures) that appears on each carton in the hopes of winning – obviously! But as far as I can tell, the bar codes I’ve been putting in, (though these have all been accepted by the website), they all seem to be the same numbers! I feel therefore I could just keep putting in the same code from a single carton and still be generating many separate entries!

  11. will says:

    I’ve already thrown away the receipt. Would it suffice to take a picture of the carton (and its barcode) as proof of purchase?

    • Di says:

      I don’t think they’ll be asking for a receipt for this one Will, as they’ve not mentioned it in the T&Cs. But if you buy another carton, make sure to photograph your receipt first! I have a folder on my iPhone called ‘Receipts’ and keep them all safe in there.

  12. mrs.h.s.thornton-bell says:

    luvely jubely orangey drinkey

  13. Noeleen McDaid says:

    I dont agree that there is less tropicana being bought, I certainly buy often and if I cant go out, I ask one of my sons to buy some for me.

  14. peter kessler says:

    Would assume that Tropicana have put a block on all competition entries due to lack of juice sales following Covid.

  15. Debbie wilson says:

    I’ve tried to enter as I bought the big Tropicana as I love it it’s the closest juice to real oranges but it won’t let me enter the competition

  16. OK!
    entering competition for the 10K prize money!
    I never won anything before now.
    Love drinking the Tropicana juice………!!

  17. Davina Mellon says:

    An amazing prize!! I will be entering and keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 thanks for sharing Di x

  18. Ivor Drew says:

    This is a pathetic Website as you are directed around in circles and always end up on general site . Cannot find page to enter . Help please

  19. Noeleen McDaid says:

    Why ask for the thirteen number on the carton when all three of my cartons have the same number?.

  20. Alex says:

    I’m going to try this again today – like others I’ve had “error” messages.

  21. Geoff says:

    Another scam by Pepsico company, did they noy get fined or asked to take down last promotion they did.

  22. Trevor Swistchew says:

    where is the competition?

  23. Dimitrios Theodorou says:

    no the error still there.

  24. peter kessler says:

    The error is still there.

  25. The juice has always been our favourite and we buy it every week

  26. nino lumongsod says:

    The 13 digit promotion code or the website says error.

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