Win £10,000 with Wotsits Giants!

Have you tried Walkers Wotsits Giants yet? My son Ry loves them – they’re a massive version of Wotsits in a big bag! And guess what? If you find a particularly huge Wotsit in your bag, you could win a whopping £10,000 – plus 52 packets of delicious cheesy Wotsits Giants!

How to enter the Wotsits Giants competition

  • Buy a 130g bag of Walkers Wotsits Giants (Cheese or Flamin’ Hot) 
  • Take a picture of the Wotsits Giant you have found and measure its length in millimetres
  • Share your photo as a comment on the Walkers competition tweet or their Facebook video post, stating the measurement of your Wotsits Giant (e.g. “My Giant Wotsit is 47mm!”) 
  • Keep your Wotsit Giant – and your till receipt – safe until at least 12 October 2020
  • You can enter once a day!

Win £10,000 with your Giant Wotsit!

The closing date is 6 October 2020, after which time the owners of the 40 largest Wotsits Giants will be contacted via a Twitter or Facebook comment. These shortlisted entrants will be asked to contact Walkers via Direct Message to confirm their address details. Walkers will then arrange to send out postage boxes for the entrants to send their Wotsits Giant in for verification, and these boxes will be collected by DHL on 19 October 2020. 

Umbrella Risk Management (on behalf of Walkers) will check the size of the Wotsits against the original size stated in the entries – most importantly, ALL Wotsits that pass verification will be entered into the £10,000 draw, so it’s not necessarily the biggest of the 40 that will win the prize!

The promotion is only open to GB residents, and you can read the full T&Cs here.

My tip would be to grab a bag (or three) as soon as possible, rummage for the biggest Wotsits before the kids eat them, and try to submit an entry every day until 6 October. Good luck!

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