A chance to win £25,000 when you buy Celebrations!

If you’re planning to buy your usual tub of chocolates to share with the family this Christmas, then make sure it’s Celebrations! They are giving away loads of cash and voucher prizes to Tesco shoppers in their Bring Home the Bounty promotion, with a top prize of a gold Bounty bar (or the £25,000 cash equivalent!).

Half a million tubs have a winning ticket inside – if you find one, you’re a instant winner! Special tubs will be on sale from 27 November 2023 and you can claim your instant prize until 12 January 2024.

What are the instant win prizes?

If you find a winning ticket in your tub, enter the code online to find out which of these prizes you’ve won:

  • 1 x £10,000 cash prize
  • 5 x £1,000 cash prizes
  • 25 x £100 cash prizes
  • 100 x £50 Tesco e-gift cards
  • 250 x £10 Tesco e-gift cards
  • 1000 x £5 Tesco e-gift cards
  • 498,619 x £1 Tesco eVoucher

Win a solid gold Bounty bar – or £25,000 cash!

All winning ticket holders can also enter the grand prize draw to win a 9 carat sold gold Bounty bar (valued at £25,000) – or they can choose a cash equivalent of £25,000!

How to enter ‘Bring Home the Bounty’

  • Buy a Celebrations® 600g tub in any participating Tesco store between 27 November and 12 January. The tubs are NOT flashed with the competition, they are regular tubs – but they may be stacked on a promotional stand, so it’s recommended you buy one from the stand to ensure it’s a new delivery!
  • Keep your till receipt safe as you may need it to claim a prize!
  • If you find a winning blue ticket inside your tub (see photo below!), scan the QR on the ticket or visit celebrations.co.uk/bring-home-the-bounty
  • Complete your details, plus the unique code from the ticket – you’ll find out what prize you’ve won!
  • You’ll also have the chance to enter the grand prize draw to win either a solid gold Bounty bar, or a £25,000 cash alternative – choose Treasure (for the gold) or Trade (for the cash). Your choice has no effect on your chance of winning, and if you do happen to be the lucky winner you can change your mind later on!

Code not accepted?

If your code isn’t accepted, try replacing 5 with S and 0 with D – if that doesn’t work, contact Celebrations via the form at celebrations.co.uk/contact-help selecting Promotion from the drop down menu options.

How are winners contacted?

  • Winners of the £10,000, £1,000 and £100 cash prizes will be contacted by telephone within 14 days of the on-screen notification and will receive a BACS transfer within 28 days of confirming their bank details.
  • Winners of the £50, £10, £5 Tesco e-gift cards and £1 Tesco eVouchers will receive their prize via text message to their phone
  • The winner of the Golden Bounty Prize will be contacted by the Promoter on 19 January 2024 (it’s not specified if this is by email or telephone)

Wrap up draw

Don’t worry if you miss the main promotional period, as there’s a prize draw for all late entries received between 13 January and 29 March 2024, with one prize of £1,000 cash.

Check out all the T&Cs here. The promotion is open to UK residents aged 18 and over. Good luck – and let me know if you win a prize!

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18 Responses

  1. J Wason says:

    I can’t enter my date of birth correctly.Im unable to enter my year of birth, it only allows 2024 which is not the year I was born. Frustrating con. I’m not sure who I’m more annoyed with, Tesco or Celebrations.

  2. Gillian Tyrrell says:

    Won’t let me put my unique code in.

  3. lorna harvey says:

    why was it open open until the 12th of jan as you get lots of chocs at christmas and by the time you get round to opening them it tell you in the middle of Jan that the date is now closed.
    This is a Joke.

    • Di says:

      You can still win £1000 in the late draw, closing on 29 March 2024 – and your odds of winning the £1000 in this late draw are significantly higher than winning a cash prize in the original competition!

  4. Lucy says:

    From Kenya how can I claim my prize without a UK phone number

  5. Bea says:

    Hi Di, Can you enter this competition if someone has bought the celebrations tub for you as a gift and how do you claim the prize without a receipt?

    • Di says:

      Of course. I don’t think any of the winners will be asked for a till receipt unless there has been suspicious activity from their email or IP address! The unique code is enough to show the tub was purchased.

  6. Linda Harvey says:

    This is a con my code doesn’t work either

  7. Robert Stephen Palmer says:

    How do I claim my Prize.
    Robert Palmer

  8. B Bartman says:

    I can’t enter the winning code

  9. Linda Holyoak says:

    Hi, my code doesn’t work – why ?

  10. rhona brown says:

    Is this promotion flashed on the tub?

    • Di says:

      We’ve not seen the promotion advertised in stores yet, so I’m not certain!

      • Di says:

        Just to confirm, the tubs are not promotional – they’re regular tubs. I recommend you pick one from the promotional display stand!

  11. PAUL BROWNETT says:

    Does this include One Stop stores (owned by Tesco) ??

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