Win 300 Smart TVs in the Pepsi & Doritos Perfect Match promotion

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  1. david says:

    I ENTRED MY CODES AND WON TWICE but didn’t tell me what I had won . won the glasses and shareing bowl took about 6 weeks to come
    the glasses are very nice

  2. Hi 2 days ago I won the bowl and glasses bundle. I was told ido get emailed next day for my details. I’ve had no emails 2 days later and ive checked my spam. Natalie sontag

    • Masud Ahmed says:

      Hi are you sure it said next day, I’m pretty sure it said within 5 days as it did say for me. The email you get is just saying you won it and it’s on the way in the post. It also gives you ability to edit dispatch address.

  3. Paul Searle says:

    I’m having problems with the pepsi codes – they seem to be the same? can someone please explain whether i need to put aspace in or not and EXACTLY what i should be entering as i keep getting error message Code 1 is incorrect

    • Damien says:

      No space starts with the month and ends with the L

    • Di says:

      Pepsi codes aren’t unique – if you get the error message, pop to the shop and see if you can find a different batch code to try from another bottle! My initial codes worked for a while but then I started getting error messages so I switched to new ones. You don’t include a space and you can put the same one in twice. My codes are: DEC18**L
      and FEB19**L (the ** is a letter then a number)

  4. Mr Sukhbir Sekhon says:

    So just to ckarify you do have to make a separate purchase for every dorito entry but you can use same codes twice a day from bottles? Why is there a difference? Little bit disconcerted at the number of people who have not received tv’s. Are PepsiCo monitored by some official body that ensures that their competition /lottery is fair?

    • Di says:

      A lot of winners have safely received their TVs, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about there. I’m not sure why the promoter chose to go with batch codes instead of unique codes on the Pepsi bottles – the reason for not doing it is usually that the cost of printing unique codes under caps or labels is too much. But it’s not great that the promotion is a different code format on two products!

  5. Darren Rogers says:

    Got my glasses and bowls, glasses are really nice!

  6. Damien says:

    Has anyone received any prizes yet,did anyone win a tv by just using pepsi codes alone.

  7. Corrine says:

    I can’t read my codes properly as they are right on a ridge on the bottle and its saying not found

    • Di says:

      Any chance you can pop into a shop to try and read other codes Corrine? The promoter isn’t asking for a proof of purchase on this promotion – and the Pepsi codes aren’t unique, they’re batch codes, so they will be printed on several bottles.

  8. Antikhab Hussain says:

    ERROR 404 is still happening dose anyone what happening

  9. Mary Holgate says:

    It keeps telling me my code is already used, thats 4 i have tried now

  10. Andy says:

    Di, do i need to keep the packaging with the pac code if i win

  11. Jo says:

    Problem with Pepsi codes – keeps saying pack code 1 has not been found. Tried all different combinations. 🙁

  12. chloe sutton says:

    Currently sat waiting for my delivery of my 49″ LG TV that’s being delivered today!!!! I have never won anything and it was so easy and quick! I thought I’d need to send off the bottles etc as proof of purchase but I’ve not been asked for anything!

    • Ayyaz Nawaz says:

      did it arrive and i think i have won one too? how do you know if you’ve won.

      • David says:

        I won a tv on Monday three matching tv symbols came up and said I won a tv so had too enter my details still waiting for my confirmation email

        • lee says:

          I Won the share bowl and pepsi glasses a week or two ago and i still have no confirmation e-mail either. It’s not been filtered and not in my spam. I think they may send out the e-mails at the end of the competition

  13. John Robson says:


  14. Fiona Pursall says:

    Well ive just purchased a bottle of pepsi max and its saying code already been used not happy

    • Di says:

      Pepsi codes are batch codes and not unique, so can be used multiple times. Were you pairing it with a Doritos code? Try using the same Pepsi code twice.

  15. Kelly Wynne says:

    Hi I am entering the batch code but it keeps coming up in correct it’s say 8 or 9 characters well I keep doing it maybe if I could be sent an example thank you

  16. Has says:

    I’ve noticed that the codes are on the back of the Doritos bags. Could you not just take a picture of the code and enter without buying ?

    • Di says:

      You could! But there’s a risk… if you win a TV with a code from a packet you didn’t buy, then someone buys that packet and enters the code – they will see a ‘code has already been entered’ message, complain and Walkers/Doritos will know that you didn’t actually buy the packet. They could ask you for a proof of purchase before they send your TV – and of course you won’t have any proof, so could lose the prize! Not worth the risk! However – Pepsi codes aren’t unique, so you can use the same batch code multiple times.

  17. Al carter says:

    Won the glasses and bowl set, had an email on the 15th saying if they hadn’t heard from me by the 20th, then the prize will be shipped, Now the 25th and haven’t received anything yet??

  18. Michael says:

    Just wondering can multiple people per household enter (provided that each person has a different email), or is the competition limited to one person per household.


  19. S Ellis-dale says:

    Keeps saying error

  20. Rick says:

    I keep getting Error 404

  21. Kayla says:

    Website is coming up with the “404” error, page not found

  22. How to I win the prize of money £1000 let me know went I will win the prize can’t wait to know when that will be on the 31 stjuly 2018

  23. mica says:

    Hi Di, I cannot find the code on my pepsi bottle. Where is the code located please?

  24. Andrew Williams says:

    I won tv 6days ago and no conifirmation.

  25. Lorna Roberts says:

    I won the glasses and bowl last night but there’s been no confirmation email. I won a free bag of crisps straight after and I did get an email. So I’ve used the customer enquiry form online to find out more.

  26. Chanel Walker says:

    I entered my codes on the very first day, won a share bowl and two glasses but still haven’t received my email (I’ve also been checking my spam/junk folder too) I have contacted Doritos so they’re aware of the problem and they’re hopefully (fingers crossed) going to sort it as the T’s&C’s do state that if you don’t reply to the email within 5 or so days (can’t quite remember) then the price gets passed on.
    But hopefully, as I have proof that I’ve been speaking to someone about the problem, it won’t come to that! 🙂 good luck all!

  27. Helen Rosbotham says:

    I had a problem with Pepsi codes day 1 but they worked fine last night.

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