Win 500 bagel lunchbox tins every week

Here’s a super promotion where there are so many prizes you’re almost guaranteed to win! You will need to make a purchase though – a pack of New York Bakery Co Bagel Thins! Every week for 12 weeks they’re giving away 500 bagel tins – which works out at a winning moment approximately every 20 minutes.

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of New York Bakery Co Bagel Thins (£1 from Asda, Waitrose or Ocado)
  • Open the packet and look for the unique 10 digit code on the inside – it’s printed behind the yellow panel!
  • Head to and enter your code – you’ll find out instantly if you’ve won
  • If you’re a winner, complete your contact details – you’ll receive a confirmation email and the tin will arrive in 28 days

The promotion closes on 26 November 2018. It’s a winning moment promotion – so enter your code overnight for the best chance of winning. You can win one tin per week – if you get a second winning message in a week, you won’t be sent the prize, so save any extra codes for the following week. Each week’s entries close on a Sunday at midnight.

The prizes

  • There are 6,000 cute bagel lunchbox tins to be won

If you’re from ROI or NI no purchase is necessary – send an email to customer service at with your name, surname and address and you’ll receive a unique code within 3 working days.

Check out full T&Cs and FAQs at – good luck!

9 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    site says closed but my bag says closing on 17/09/19

  2. Annmarie O Donovan says:

    i want one

  3. Steve marritt says:

    I have been trying to find the competition for bagels but it does not find the site

  4. Catherine says:

    I won every time only on the 6 bagels though never the 4 packs. Just received my tins

  5. Keith says:

    Thanks for the tips – I won! I entered at 3am (didn’t mean to stay up so late but got carried away planning a new herbaceous border…)

  6. adam says:

    Thanks I won today chuffed!!

  7. Lilian says:

    The supermarkets in Stevenage do not have these packs sadly

  8. Ailsa says:

    Thank you. I won! Cheered me up after a dry patch!!

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