Win £5,000 cash with Walkers Regional Favourites

Walkers have launched a brand new promotion on their ‘Regional Favourites’ crisps today – with a £5,000 cash prize up for grabs every week until 14th October 2018. To ensure you’re entered into the draw, you’ll need to enter a code from each of the six Regional Favourites flavours of Walkers Crisps: Pickled Onion, Worcester Sauce, Beef and Onion, Marmite, Tomato Ketchup and Smoky Bacon.

Win £5000 every week when you buy Walkers Regional Favourites!

When you’ve entered unique codes from six different flavours, as well as being entered into that week’s £5000 prize draw, you’ll also be able to print off a voucher for a free bag of crisps! There are ten prize draws in total, with the first one closing on Sunday 12th August, and if you enter six codes per week you can enter all ten prize draws.

How to enter

  • Purchase a promotional Regional Favourites pack of Walkers – individual and Grab Bags, multipack or variety packs
  • Register your details at
  • Enter the unique code from your packet (10 characters, in the Best Before box) PLUS the last three digits of the barcode
  • Continue to enter a code from each of the flavours until you have a set of six codes for all flavours! As soon as you do, you can enter that week’s prize draw AND print off a coupon for a free packet of crisps

Closing date for each weekly draw is on a Sunday, with the first one closing on 12 August at 11.59pm and the final draw closing on 14 October 2018 at 11.59pmIf you’re a £5,000 winner you’ll receive an email!

All entries after 15 October 2018 and before 31 December 2018 go into a final wrap up prize draw to win £500.

Win £5000 every week when you buy Walkers Regional Favourites

You can enter once per week – to maximise your entries, you’ll need to buy 60 packets of crisps so you can enter all ten prize draws. Five x 12 pack variety packs (which contain all 6 flavours) is probably the best way to do this – or swap codes from different flavours with your friends!

If you do not collect unique codes for all 6 regional favourites by the end of the week, your uncompleted entry will carry over to the next week until you get all 6 codes.

The promotion is open to residents of the UK and ROI aged 18 or over. NI residents can enter for free by post by writing to JS9131 Walkers Regional Favourites, PO Box 704, Pinner HA5 9PF with their full name and email address – six codes will be emailed back.

The FAQs do say you should keep hold of your promotional packets just in case they are needed to claim a prize – but I’ve yet to hear of any Walkers winners being asked to provide them!

Need more info? Check out the T&Cs and FAQs on the Walkers website. Good luck!

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17 Responses

  1. Anne cross says:

    Hi I used to love tudors spring onion crisps can you please do them

  2. JenB says:

    Co op sell these multi-packs, I got one today 12 packs of crisps for £2

  3. Sally-ann Aplin says:

    Website won’t let me register. Keeps asking for a different email. I only have one email address and have checked it is correct

  4. Dee Brook says:

    I still can’t enter my last code for this week and customer service line is closed till Monday! Doh! My daughter is having the same problem so I tried to register my husband in his email and it’s not even accepting that!

  5. Jayne Thunder says:

    I’ve all the packets except Pickled Onion. It’s so frustrating.
    Would anyone like to swap codes to make up a full set.
    Hope this is ok Di. If not please delete from thread.

    • Di says:

      Jayne, are you in my Facebook group Lucky Learners? We have a thread there where people are helping each other out with spare code swaps!

  6. caroline says:

    Have all the flavours except one, travelled the county aswell to get them! Even a friend in Wales can’t get me a packet of their regional favourite :{

    • Paul Morris says:

      I feel your pain. I live in Edinburgh right next to a large 24hr Tesco, and they don’t sell Tomato or Pickled Onion. I’ve visited several Sainsburys and they don’t have any, and neither did a WestEnd Co-op.

  7. Legocollector says:

    Hi, can I use the ‘celebrating 70 years of the nations favourites 6 pack’ or is that not part of the promotion?…..thanks

  8. Natalie says:

    Hi Di where can the multipacks be purchased? Thanks x

    • Di says:

      It’s hard to say as it’s early days – all I’ve seen is the Marmite 6 pack in my local (large) Tesco! Nothing spotted anywhere else yet. I’ll keep you updated!

  9. Legocollector says:

    Hi, where can i get all the flavours, I can only find my area flavour and there are no 12 pack varieties, am i looking in the wrong place?

    • Di says:

      I think because it’s only just launched, not all shops have them in stock yet! I usually keep an eye on to see where they’re cheapest, but these new Regional Favourites Variety packs aren’t on there yet!

      • Legocollector says:

        Hi, I dont see the point in promoting a competition when you cant get all of the required flavours to enter by the 12th August without having to travel the length and breadth of the country to get them, have walkers dropped a clanger here?????

        • Di says:

          I don’t think so – it’s early days. I think they’re hoping people will share the comp with friends and family in the hope they can get the 6 flavours together! In a couple of weeks I’m sure the variety packs will be EVERYWHERE!

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