Win £5,000 every day with Diet Coke

To celebrate their new packaging, Diet Coke are giving away a whopping £5,000 every day until 22 October 2017! For your chance to win, enter a unique code from a promotional Diet Coke can, bottle or multipack at

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional bottle, can or multipack of Diet Coke or No Caffeine Diet Coke.
  • Find your unique code – it’s under the bottle cap or ringpull on singles, on a card insert in a 6/8 can multipack and on the reverse of the larger multipacks
  • Register (or sign in), and accept the Terms and Conditions at
  • Enter your code, state where you found out about the promotion (mention SuperLucky if it was via me!)
  • You can enter a maximum of five different codes a day
  • Daily draws end on 22nd October, with one final prize in a late-entry draw that closes on 30th November 2017

Watch my YouTube guide to entering…

The prizes

  • 43 x £5,000 pre paid Mastercards

All entries received before midnight go into the daily draw – the winner will be chosen at random the next working day, and contacted by email within 24 hours of the draw.

The promotion is open to residents of England, Wales, Scotland, IOM or the Channel Islands, aged 18 or older. There is a similar promotion running in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland too – so keep an eye out! 

Although there will be thousands of entries, you’ll have a better chance of winning than in the ‘win a dream holiday’ promo from earlier this year – because it’s only on Diet Coke, it’s not been as widely advertised, plus the WIN flash on the packaging is easy to miss for those of us who aren’t regular compers!

My tips

Get a Diet Coke for your meal deal at lunch time, or look for cheap offers on the 500ml bottles in High Street stores like Boots and Superdrug. I also love the comparison site, which shows that Poundstretcher is selling 500ml bottles for just 69p and cans for 45p!

Keep an eye out for unwanted codes – empty cans and bottles in your office perhaps? – as you might be able to womble a few extra entries. Want to know more about wombling? Read my blog post about ‘Wombling for wins‘!

Will you be entering – and what will you spend your £5,000 on if you win?

Enjoyed this blog post? My SuperLucky Secrets book is full of tips for winning competitions – buy it here! And for details of all the latest purchase-necessary comps, I recommend Compers News Magazine – read all about it here.  

17 Responses

  1. kalim uddin says:


  2. Andy Brogh says:

    You still have out of date stock in retail…I just bought one believing I could possibly win £5000 and now find from your site it is out of date???…is this legal?

    • Di says:

      I’m not running this promotion Andy – I just blogged about it! I’m surprised there’s still stock on the shelves as usually it’s a fast turnover for Coke. It’s unfortunately all too common to see old promotions on the shelves though – sometimes I buy bottles of wine with neck collars that are years out of date!

  3. abbas says:

    hi loin site isn’t work

  4. Tumbiliboo says:

    My son entered and he has just found an email in his spam folder to say he has won but not sure it’s legitimate?

    • Check the domain of the email address it’s come from (after the @) – does it exist/look genuine? Is he referred to by name in the email? If there’s a link to click in the email be suspicious (that’s usually spam!). I hope it is genuine!

  5. Sarah J Mottram says:

    Where do you get a list of the winners

    • They’re not made public but in the T&Cs it states you can post off to ask for a list: ” A list of Winners’ full names and their counties, will be available by writing to Diet Coke Win £5,000 Every Day Promotion, Haygarth Group, 28-31 High Street, Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY, UK within 3 months of the promotion closing.”

  6. Chloe says:

    Any winners? A question for you Di, I won a PS4 from them last Christmas, do you think it affects the enties , my chance to win (something again)? Should I open an account for a member of my family? What do you think? Thanks…

  7. Hilda Lauchlan says:

    how do you enter code

  8. Hannah says:

    My code isn’t working
    Can you help

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