Win £5,000 every day with Diet Coke

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  1. kalim uddin says:


  2. Andy Brogh says:

    You still have out of date stock in retail…I just bought one believing I could possibly win £5000 and now find from your site it is out of date???…is this legal?

    • Di says:

      I’m not running this promotion Andy – I just blogged about it! I’m surprised there’s still stock on the shelves as usually it’s a fast turnover for Coke. It’s unfortunately all too common to see old promotions on the shelves though – sometimes I buy bottles of wine with neck collars that are years out of date!

  3. abbas says:

    hi loin site isn’t work

  4. Tumbiliboo says:

    My son entered and he has just found an email in his spam folder to say he has won but not sure it’s legitimate?

    • Check the domain of the email address it’s come from (after the @) – does it exist/look genuine? Is he referred to by name in the email? If there’s a link to click in the email be suspicious (that’s usually spam!). I hope it is genuine!

      • Tumbiliboo says:

        Hi. Thanks for reply. It calls him by name. No link and the voicemail says promotional hotline and matches opening hours stated in email?

  5. Sarah J Mottram says:

    Where do you get a list of the winners

    • They’re not made public but in the T&Cs it states you can post off to ask for a list: ” A list of Winners’ full names and their counties, will be available by writing to Diet Coke Win £5,000 Every Day Promotion, Haygarth Group, 28-31 High Street, Wimbledon Village, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY, UK within 3 months of the promotion closing.”

  6. Chloe says:

    Any winners? A question for you Di, I won a PS4 from them last Christmas, do you think it affects the enties , my chance to win (something again)? Should I open an account for a member of my family? What do you think? Thanks…

  7. Hilda Lauchlan says:

    how do you enter code

  8. Hannah says:

    My code isn’t working
    Can you help

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