Win 50,000 KitKat mugs

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  1. graham edmonds says:

    is this free post code lottery genuine

    • Di says:

      Hi Graham! Yes – Free Postcode Lottery is genuine! It sometimes gets confused with People’s Postcode Lottery which is also genuine (but costs money!). You just need to register and be sure to check daily to see if your postcode is the winning one. Thousands of people are registered, so chances of winning are quite small – but if you have time to check then it’s worth doing as it’s completely free.

  2. veronika says:


  3. Christine Smith says:

    Sorry, am completely disillusioned with Kitkat – after a fortnight I have still only seen one promotional pack and that was Peanut Butter variation which I do not eat. I do not live in a particularly small or rural area and I am surrounded by large supermarkets. I have seen people from other areas of the country mentioning the same thing. I know there is a long time before the closing date but we all know promotional packs soon disappear. If they take ages to appear in the first that significantly cuts down my chances of winning anything, given that people lucky enough to be able to get the packs are winning mugs to the maximum rate. I don’t use twitter, the FB page stops at Christmas and the only contact I can find is a phone number and I am certainly not prepared to waste any time/money on what appears to be a hopelessly Southern-centric competition

  4. Sarah H says:

    Won a mug on the first attempt, am loving this one ! Only by spotting a promo pack in my mum and dads fridge and quickly taking out the 12 bars of the multi pack to get to the code though!! Haha. My nearly eighty year old mum has been paying attention to my comping (she’s not a comper) and said does this comp have a prize draw for a bigger prize at the end. Bless. Superluckydi is famous in our household now after I’ve won quite a few things in the past year thanks Di to your fab book and LL’s. Keep up the good work…..

  5. Sue Smith says:

    I’ve just won twice, before 10am on a Sunday morning. I think it must be easy to win at the moment. Most of the mug designs were saying around 97% still available. I chose a standard one and a brainy Joe.

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi Di,
    Just started this wonderful hobby of comping and I love your blog so helpful for a newbie like me. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hints and tips and to let you know that I’ve followed your advise about when to enter ‘winning moments’ competitions and I’ve won three Joe the Mugs by entering my code late in the evening on three consecutive days. I was really chuffed to find kit kat chucky bars on offer in Tesco at 3 for 2 so its only cost me £1.20 for my entries. Thank you so much and keep the wonderful blog posts coming


    love these.

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