Win a Birds Eye Ocean Explorer Plate every 15 minutes!

If your family are fishfinger fans, this is a great comp for you – with over 4,000 ceramic Ocean Explorer Plates to be won, it’s almost a guaranteed win!

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of Birds Eye Fish Fingers or Coated Fish
  • Find the batch code printed on the pack (starting with L).
  • Enter your details plus the batch code and the product type at between 8am and 8pm
  • You’ll receive an email at the end of the 15 minute prize draw period to let you know if you’re a winner. 

There’s a prize draw every 15 minutes, and you can enter each draw once. Keep trying until you get lucky!


The promotion ends on 24th November 2019 (with a draw for late entries on 21 February 2020)  and you can win a maximum of two plates per household

Tip: If you’re struggling to get the code accepted, try switching zeros and Os. The format of the code is L followed by four numbers, two letters, and three numbers – eg. L9220BR043. Also, ensure you choose the correct product from the drop-down menu!

11 Responses

  1. i have 4 emails differant days saying ive won but only got 1 plate

  2. Fran says:

    Has anyone who’s won received their plate yet?

  3. Jackie parker says:


  4. Maz A says:

    Hi Di, do you know how long it roughly takes until you receive an email confirming if you have won or not? I have been waiting for over a week.
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Di says:

      Mine came immediately after the draws! Have you entered several times, and not received any emails at all? Perhaps try a different email address?

  5. Chris Gifford says:

    Hi I can’t enter the picture of map gets in way

  6. code for explorer plate :L9238CL066 from fish fingers CRISPY BATTER Thanks !

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