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Many compers dream of winning a car – and there are usually a few opportunities to win a new set of wheels in prize draws and competitions.

Keep in mind that you’ll regularly see competitions to win a car on spam-generating sites like MyOffers, OfferX or Vaniki. I never share or recommend any prize draws promoted on websites such as these – see my list of UK competition websites to see which ones to avoid! You can also pay to enter car prize draws on BOTB – but I don’t recommend it (see my post Pay to Enter competitions – are they gambling?)

Win a VW Campervan at Screwfix

Buy any Ronseal product at Screwfix and you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a VW Campervan. Screwfix keeps customer details on their system, so when you make your purchase it’s worth checking that the contact details they have for you are up to date! Enter before 29th September 2019.

T&Cs are on the Screwfix Community page

Win a Nissan at ASDA

Buy a multi-pack of Walkers crisps in store or online at ASDA before 9th October 2019 and you’ll go into a prize draw to win a Nissan X-Trail. 

Find out more:

Win a Fiat 500 at Matalan

Sign up for a free Matalan Rewards loyalty card and every time you swipe it in store before 30th September 2019, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a Fiat 500. You also have the chance to win a £5 or £10 voucher instantly in store when you shop.

Find out more: and sign up for a Rewards Card at

Win a Seat with Marmalade

Young drivers who sign up to receive email updates from Marmalade Car Insurance before 1 October 2019 will be entered into a prize draw to win a Seat Ibiza.

Enter at – you must be between 17 and 34 years old!

ITV Comps

You’ll usually find a car or two to be won on the ITV Competitions website too. There are of course phone and text entry routes costing £2 each, but it’s cheaper to buy a stamp and enter by post – and YES, people do win big prizes using the free postal entry route! Check the T&Cs for the relevant competition for the free route.

Spotted any more good ‘win a car’ comps? Leave a link in the comments!

17 Responses

  1. Sasha says:

    I realy wanna win

  2. Alan Sanbrooke says:

    Hi Di , In the post today , I received a Screwfix leaflet which has a competition to win a VW camper van on it. It says you have to buy a ronseal product to enter it. It gives a website , for terms , but I cannot find any info anywhere on line . Just wondered if you could help .
    Thanks , Alan Sanbrooke.

  3. Stevey H says:

    Octopus Energy are doing a car comp (4 cars, and electric scooter and a bike, to be exact) – you get one free entry if you are a customer and another entry for everyone that you refer (plus the usual £50 referral credit each). Closes 7th Dec. See

    Sounds like a good challenge for you, Di?!

    • Di says:

      Now you’re talking Steve – I’m keen to get an electric car, and also to switch my energy supplier. I’ll get on it now – thankyou!

      • Stevey H says:

        Great to see you’ve taken up the challenge on this one, Di! I just looked at the leaderboard and the top person has 85 points. How on earth…?! I decided to give this one a miss. Although I’d love to win an electric car, I’ve only just switched suppliers… but if you win, I’d love to see your new motor!


    Thanks for letting me know which comp it is . Got an entry in for that anyway.
    Didn’t want to miss out on any others though . Good Luck…

  5. Natalie says:

    Alan, It’s the win a mini comp on the bottles of cherry and pink Lambrini in Morrison’s.


    Just come back from a weekend in Weston- Super- Mare . You can win a Fiat 500 with the Sovereign Shopping Centre , but according to the
    terms on the website you must live within 50 miles of it which puts me out . Best of luck to anyone else though….( , is the web address)
    P.S. Any more info on the comment about the Morrisons Cherry comp as I have googled but found nothing about it .

  7. Hazel Lemar says:

    Brilliant Lambrini car comp! Do we have to have the label of a promotional bottle do you think? Or is it any lambrini label 75cl in the flavours stated as long as our receipt is dated between the promotion dates?

    • Di says:

      T&Cs state : “Please retain the label and receipt as proof of purchase. You will be asked to show this to claim prize if successful.” – but funnily enough, nowhere does it mention that it should be a promotional label. However personally I wouldn’t risk buying a non-Mini bottle!

  8. Elaine Hollis says:

    Pink Lambrini is only £1.74 a bottle in Asda

  9. Cora Harrison says:

    Thanks for this Di.

    We’re on the hunt for a new car so winning one would be a great result!

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