Win a Car competitions

Many compers dream of winning a car – and there are usually a few opportunities to win a new set of wheels in prize draws and competitions.

Keep in mind that you’ll regularly see car competitions on spam-generating sites like MyOffers, OfferX or Vaniki. I never share or recommend any prize draws promoted on websites such as these – see my list of UK competition websites to see which ones to avoid!

You can also pay to enter car prize draws at – and other ‘raffle’ style websites – but I don’t recommend it (see my post Pay to Enter competitions – are they gambling?)

The promotions I list here will usually be FREE win a car competitions – but there will also be some where you need to buy a product in order to enter. This could be something as cheap as a Cadbury chocolate bar, or as expensive as a new boiler! However, because a receipt is required it does mean that far less people will enter these prize draws so they’re definitely worth considering. When I won my VW Beetle in a slogan competition, I had to buy a Zanussi washing machine and send off the receipt!

Win a car worth £14,000 (free entry)

Motorpoint are giving away a car up to the value of £14,000, or £14,000 towards the purchase of a car of your choice.

Enter at – they will ask a new question every Sunday for 7 weeks, so you can enter seven times in total.

Week 4’s answer – You use a JACK to lift a car during a tyre change

The final closing date is 25 December 2021. Full T&Cs are at

Win a Vauxhall Corsa (free entry)

Over 16s can play the First Car Spin to Win game for a chance to win an instant prize – all entrants will also go into the grand prize draw to win a Vauxhall Corsa SE 1.2 75PS.

Instant prizes include tyres, dash cams, sat navs, experience days, and learner driving apps.

You can only enter once, and the closing date is 22 July 2022. Full T&Cs are at

Win an Electric Car every month (free entry)

Autotrader are giving away an electric car every month until March 2022! November’s giveaway is a Hyundai KONA Electric worth over £35,000.

Enter your details on the entry form at before 30 November 2021. Entrants must be a UK resident aged 18+ with a full driving licence.

Win an Audi for a year (free entry)

Gridserve are giving one lucky winner the chance to drive an Audi Q4 e-tron all-electric SUV – but just for 12 months!

Enter at before 30 November 2021. Five runners up get free charging for a year on the nationwide Gridserve Electric Highway.


Win a van every month (purchase necessary)

If you’re a TradePoint member, shop twice in any calendar month (swiping your card, or logging into your online account) and you’ll be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a van. There’s one to be won every month until the end of 2021!

Find out more at

ITV Comps

You’ll usually find a car or two to be won on the ITV Competitions website too. There are of course phone and text entry routes costing £2 each, but it’s cheaper to buy a stamp and enter by post – and YES, people do win big prizes using the free postal entry route! Find out more in my post How to enter ITV competitions for free.

Spotted any more good ‘win a car’ comps? Leave a link in the comments!

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70 Responses


    On the Motorpoint car competition , the car Mr Bean drove was a Mini . Noticed the suggested answer says Fiat 500.

  2. Alan Sanbrooke says:

    The RAC website is giving an electric BMW with home charger away on their website . No purchase necessary .
    Just seen it and got my entry in. Good luck .

  3. Alan sanbrooke says:

    B&Q are giving away a pick up van, looks great , but you have to be a trade -point member . Don’t know if you have to buy anything or not.
    So if your a tradesperson , this could be the one for you. Not me though.

  4. Sue Taylor says:

    Has anyone seen the win a Campervan with Amstel promotion in their local Co-Op?? Neither of my Co-Op’s in Essex have this promotion and I’d love to enter.

    • Di says:

      I’ve not seen it advertised – or seen Amstel in store – anywhere in Brighton yet!

      • sue taylor says:

        Thanks! Maybe it’s one of those elusive ones, only available in selected areas? Going to keep my eyes peeled when I get out and about!

    • Angela says:

      I’ve been into a few Co-op and a Nisa in my area in Worcestershire/West Midlands and no promotions or Amstel 🙁

      • sue taylor says:

        Thanks for letting me know, would be interested to hear where you can actually take part! Wish they would make these promotions country wide. My husband would drink the Amstel, no problem!

    • Alan Sanbrooke says:

      Bought 4 can pack of Amstel beer in Co-op in Tean , Staffordshire today. Never saw any promotional advertising about it though.
      In the terms and conditions , it says you can enter everyday . Does this mean that you would need a new receipt everyday or will
      one be sufficient, not quite sure. Would appreciate any feedback about it.

      • Di says:

        There’s nothing in T&Cs to suggest the winner would need to provide any more than a single receipt, so you can enter every day with one purchase. “Please retain purchase Co-op / Nisa receipt as it will be required to validate the qualifying purchase and that it was purchased during the Promotional Period”. See my blog post about this – if T&Cs don’t specifically state that you need to show a receipt and/or packaging corresponding to every entry you made, then it’s fine to buy once.

  5. Alan Sanbrooke says:

    I purchased a Hippo bag from B&Q without the extra pick up charge as suggested by Di and my entry was allowed.
    I received the e.mail back saying I am in the draw. Just thought I would let you know.

    • Bumble says:

      Thanks! I feel discriminated against!

    • Sarah says:

      I had a confirmation email but no validation. I emailed them and all the advisor said it was on the spreadsheet, but no one has confirmed this.

      • Sarah says:

        I have since entered again and want the amount verified. Do you think to keep emailing will annoy them? Just wondering if no news means good news lol. Ive followed everything to Ts and Cs but it sounds like other people have had different emails

  6. Bumble says:

    Be careful of the Hippobag comp. I entered by purchasing a hippobag from their website, gave the correct answer then waited for a confirmation email. When it didn’t come I queried and their email reply was that much entry was good because I hadn’t purchase a hippobag and package option!! Despite it being contrary to their rules. I’ve seen online others have been refused entry too! Don’t suppose you could query this SuperLuckyDi as because of your promotion link they must have had loads of extra sales! They’ve not replied to my query email!

    • Bumble says:

      Sorry, autocorrect! I meant they said my entry was void.

    • Di says:

      That’s very odd! Can you forward me the communications you had with them please – to

      • Bumble says:

        Thanks Di
        I’ve forwarded my email chain.
        They’ve not replied to me.

        • Di says:

          Just wanted to add here that I’ve emailed Hippo quoting point 4 of their T&CS : “Or from it can be a HIPPOBAG and Collection Package OR A BAG ONLY for either the MIDIBAG, MEGABAG or HIPPOSKIP.” – so all entries should be validated if it’s only a bag purchased. I’ll update here when I hear back!

          • Bumble says:

            Thanks Di, your intervention seems to have done the trick as they’ve just sent an email saying I’m now in the draw! Hopefully anyone else who was turned down is also back in the draw too. Many thanks!

  7. Rebecca Pawsey says:

    Is it better to send lots of postcards or just one? I normally send one but wondered if should do more.

    • Di says:

      This is a decision only you can make I’m afraid – obviously each one is a new entry in the draw, but it will cost you more money! I prefer to focus on free comps or standard rate text comps as stamps are a bit too pricey these days!


    Hi DI Have you heard of a cmping website called RAFFALL who offer a raffle to win various prizes and some of the entry fees go to charity ? are they legit ? and am i safe to enter them ? normall £5 per ticket

    • Di says:

      The website is OK – people pay Raffall to host their own pay-to-enter prize draws using their website. I’m not a fan of pay to enter prize draws though! If I’m paying to enter a competition I want a product in return….! And the percentage that goes to charity is usually very small.

  9. Ramon says:

    Got 2kids need a car

  10. Balu mahendra says:

    I want car…but I don’t have a money …so I’m participate this

    • Denise Matthews says:

      My knees are bursting with arthritis, and my back is as stiff as a board. To add insult to injury, my body operates considerably older than my years. So if anyone deserves a car I do.

  11. james says:

    Hi Di, i entered the swift motorhome comp, in the t and c’s it states that multiple entries will be disqualified, my wife usually enters the same competitions as me, it doesnt state that it is one per household, whats your thoughts on this?

    • Di says:

      That would be absolutely fine for different people to enter – the terms just suggest that multiple entries from the same person would be discounted (eg. suspicious variations on the same name, with different emails and phone numbers – this happens in quite a lot of competitions!)

  12. H says:

    Hi Di,

    The Auto Trader comp has now closed early. No details as to why.

  13. Sahraoui abdellah says:

    Thanks for chance to get dream car if we lucky .

  14. Paul says:

    Hi Di,

    Have always wondered, when it comes to entering a Text competition and it states (standard message rate applies), are these included in your mobile plan “unlimited texts”.
    I know ITV type competitions and other Premium Rate Shortcodes tend to be a lot more in cost, and therefore are not included in mobile plan minutes, but the 10p Standard Text, is that included or does it charge you at the end of the month for the text.
    I only ask as I know you have entered many of these competitions and would know from your own mobile bill if you have been charged or not for a standard rate text?

    Example: Simply text MAX plus your full name and postcode to 60110 (this is a standard rate message, so should cost less than 10p).

    • Lorraine Williams says:

      Hi Paul

      I am with EE and when I enter these type of text messages I get charged 13p per text and it is added to my bill at the end of the month. I have unlimited texts on my package and they are not included. However, last year the VISA text message comp didn’t cost anything!

    • Di says:

      All mine cost 8p on O2 Paul – I think its rare for a short code entry to be included in a free text allowance!

  15. Susan Clayton says:

    I won a MINI ONE with ITV. Sent a postcard, won a car!! So it absolutely can be done.

  16. UMAR SHAHBAZ says:

    Plz I am winner to giveaway prizes gifts for my family

    • Iain Morton says:

      Hi Di,

      RE: The Coral Island ‘Win a MINIMINI’ competition

      Section3.10 of the Terms & Conditions states there is a free postal entry route – you do need to have a Coral Island account first in order to enter by post, but you can sign up for an account online

  17. harry clements says:

    my dad just hit a kangaroo so his car might get written off so we need a new car

  18. David hughed5 says:

    Hello Di

    It may be naive of me but as we all know, present a promoter with a fraction of an inch to give cause for disqualification and they’ll drive the equivalent of a 20-ton truck through one’s error. So tell me please: when I enter a prize draw, my automatic form filler states my telephone number in the +44 format, omitting the zero: even though I receive an acknowledgement of entry DOES THE DECLARED PHONE FORMAT NONETHELESS MAKE MY APPLICATION VOID…? I’ve tried to alter the automated system to the UK phone format but without success. Yes, of course I can manually change it but that’s tiresome in that one then has to do it each and every time… so, repeat, leaving it to the automatic +44 format, does that go
    against me? Or am I being paranoid?


    • Di says:

      Hm, that’s quite annoying for your David – with my Chrome autofill, I have a few different versions of my address to choose from, could you try setting up an alternative? To be honest though, I don’t think the phone format would affect your entries at all. It’s still the same phone number, and if the form has submitted then it will be fine!

  19. Sasha says:

    I realy wanna win

  20. Alan Sanbrooke says:

    Hi Di , In the post today , I received a Screwfix leaflet which has a competition to win a VW camper van on it. It says you have to buy a ronseal product to enter it. It gives a website , for terms , but I cannot find any info anywhere on line . Just wondered if you could help .
    Thanks , Alan Sanbrooke.

  21. Stevey H says:

    Octopus Energy are doing a car comp (4 cars, and electric scooter and a bike, to be exact) – you get one free entry if you are a customer and another entry for everyone that you refer (plus the usual £50 referral credit each). Closes 7th Dec. See

    Sounds like a good challenge for you, Di?!

    • Di says:

      Now you’re talking Steve – I’m keen to get an electric car, and also to switch my energy supplier. I’ll get on it now – thankyou!

      • Stevey H says:

        Great to see you’ve taken up the challenge on this one, Di! I just looked at the leaderboard and the top person has 85 points. How on earth…?! I decided to give this one a miss. Although I’d love to win an electric car, I’ve only just switched suppliers… but if you win, I’d love to see your new motor!

  22. ALAN SANBROOKE says:

    Thanks for letting me know which comp it is . Got an entry in for that anyway.
    Didn’t want to miss out on any others though . Good Luck…

  23. Natalie says:

    Alan, It’s the win a mini comp on the bottles of cherry and pink Lambrini in Morrison’s.

  24. ALAN SANBROOKE says:

    Just come back from a weekend in Weston- Super- Mare . You can win a Fiat 500 with the Sovereign Shopping Centre , but according to the
    terms on the website you must live within 50 miles of it which puts me out . Best of luck to anyone else though….( , is the web address)
    P.S. Any more info on the comment about the Morrisons Cherry comp as I have googled but found nothing about it .

  25. Hazel Lemar says:

    Brilliant Lambrini car comp! Do we have to have the label of a promotional bottle do you think? Or is it any lambrini label 75cl in the flavours stated as long as our receipt is dated between the promotion dates?

    • Di says:

      T&Cs state : “Please retain the label and receipt as proof of purchase. You will be asked to show this to claim prize if successful.” – but funnily enough, nowhere does it mention that it should be a promotional label. However personally I wouldn’t risk buying a non-Mini bottle!

  26. Elaine Hollis says:

    Pink Lambrini is only £1.74 a bottle in Asda

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the tip Elaine! I got mine for £1.50 at Tesco but I have a feeling that promo has ended.

  27. Cora Harrison says:

    Thanks for this Di.

    We’re on the hunt for a new car so winning one would be a great result!

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