Win a car with your Naked selfie!

The Naked selfie competition is back! But don’t panic, it’s not what you think….

For the third year running, Naked Juice are running an easy photo competition with a fabulous prize. In 2016 and 2017 they partnered with Budgens to give away a Peugeot Django Scooter. For 2018, the promotion is at SPAR and the prize is a Fiat 500 car!

The prize

  • Fiat 500 POP Engine 1.2 69HP in Bossa Nova White

How to enter

  • buy a Naked product from this list: Green Machine 450ml, Blue Machine  450ml, Red Machine 450ml, Mango Machine 450ml, or Coconut Water 500ml (the idea is that you buy it at a SPAR, although there is no proof of purchase or receipt required)
  • take a selfie with the bottle
  • upload your entry to either the UK competition page or the NI competition page on the SPAR website
  • Complete your details and answer the question ‘Where’s the first place you would go with your #SPARcar?’ –  use either #NakedSelfie or #SPARcar in your answer (you have the chance to share your entry afterwards, but it’s optional – there’s no public gallery)
  • UK residents can also enter by leaving their photo as a comment on the SPAR Facebook page

It’s open to UK and NI residents aged 18 and over with a driving licence, you can only enter once and the winner will be drawn at random, after the closing date of 20th June 2018. T&Cs are here.

Previous winners

The winning entries from the last two years have been a bit controversial. In 2016 the prize of a scooter was awarded to the photo below, coincidentally someone who appears to be ‘Naked’ – so it was debated whether the draw had indeed been done at random, or was it judged? There were also complaints that the winner was announced publicly on Twitter nine days earlier than the date of the independently supervised prize draw stated in the T&Cs!

There was also an issue in 2017. Tweets and Facebook posts about the competition stated a photo of a Naked bottle was required, but the full terms and conditions clearly stated to ‘take a selfie with the purchased Naked bottle’. The winning entry (below) was of two children – so, not a selfie. When this was queried, the promoter stated there had been a mix up and some of the marketing material had only stated to take a ‘picture’ with the Naked bottle, not a ‘selfie’, so all photos were entered into the draw to ensure fairness!

So, have Naked got it right in 2018?

This year they’re using the Woobox platform to collect entries – which is great, as all entries will be tracked and entrants will submit an email address, making it easier to contact the winner. But why are they asking a question in the Woobox entry form, if it’s a random prize draw? And why isn’t that question asked on the Facebook post too?

T&Cs state there should be a Woobox portal on the SPAR and SPAR NI Facebook pages – but all I see is an option to leave a comment on the competition post (oddly enough, the equivalent post on the Spar NI page directs you to enter on the website). I recommend you enter via the website to ensure your entry is recorded by Woobox, and avoid the Facebook post – just in case!

For a high value prize it’s essential to get everything correct – and it’s disappointing to see that the post on Spar’s Facebook page (below) has no T&Cs at all, and the link to view them that’s on the accompanying graphic – – doesn’t work!

Let’s hope this year they employ a decent independent judging panel who check the validity of all entries and pick the winner fairly and at random, according to the dates in the terms. And because this year’s main hashtag on the marketing is #NakedSelfie, I’d like to see a proper selfie win it this year too! How about this one, for example?

Ah, I’m joking of course! But this is a fabulous opportunity to win a car and it probably won’t have an enormous number of entries, so it’s definitely worth a go!

Good luck – and make sure you buy the correct product and size (450ml for smoothie, 500ml for coconut water) – it must be one of the five products featured below. Note that Naked have had a rebrand, but most entries on Facebook feature the old bottles. I would suggest using a new bottle if you can, although it shouldn’t make any difference with it being a random draw! I managed to find a new Green Machine bottle at my local SPAR.


5 Responses

  1. It’s good to see that you’re studying promotional terms and conditions and highlighting these discrepancies! It’s amazing how many big brands (especially on Facebook) have, in our opinion, terms & conditions which don’t always match up to the promotional material.

  2. Heather Jenkinson says:

    I’ll give this one a go, it sounds like you’d need a blimmin degree in law to work out all the ins and outs! Thanks for the comp, it’s worth a try! 🙂

  3. Vicky Louise Varley says:

    Thanks Di, ive got my entry in, much like yours just a simple selfie of me and the juice outside the spar i bought it in 🙂

  4. Tracey Gwynne says:

    I shall watch this comp with interest…I worked really hard to get a great entry to last year’s Naked Jango comp and follow all the rules (and seeing as in the terms & Cons, it stated you needed a valid motorbike licence to be awarded the prize, I’d love to know if the little ones pictured above had got this??) hmmmm Worth a go if it’s random 😉

    • Di says:

      I hadn’t realised about the licence in the T&Cs last year too – so not really appropriate to choose a photo of children as winners!

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