Win a Mini with Cadbury Mini Eggs!

I know, I know. The Christmas decorations are still up, and I’m already telling you about Easter promotions. But this is definitely one you don’t want to miss – the chance to win a brand new car in this easy text prize draw!

How to enter

  • Pop into your local Co-op store and buy a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • Text MINI plus the last 4 digits of the barcode on the pack to 66777* (cost is your standard network rate, usually between 8p and 10p)
  • Keep your receipt safe – you’ll need it if you win!

*although 66777 is the number advertised on the promotional stands in store, you can also text your entry to 85222 (advertised at the tills ) or 84222 (advertised in the Co-op magazine). You can only enter once though, so don’t text all three numbers. The reason promoters sometimes do this is to see how successful the different advertising methods are!

The prize

One winner will drive off in a Mini Cooper worth up to £18,000!

Closing date isn’t until the 12th April 2020, the prize draw is open to UK residents and there’s a no purchase necessary route for NI residents. You can only enter once!

Find full terms and conditions at – good luck!

While you’re in the Co-op….

…you might as well buy a Creme Egg too, because you could win £10,000! Keep your receipt, then text WIN then the last 4 digits of the Creme Egg barcode to 83222. Again, it’s one entry per person and it closes on 12th April 2020. Find the Creme Egg promotion terms at

23 Responses


    someone has to win so stop the moaning and just go for it i say ! not an expensive comp to enter !

  2. B says:

    Hi I want to enter a different way as I don’t have a phone.
    How do I do that?
    Also bar code the same on two packs I bought so feel it’s a scam

    • Paul says:

      Time you tried to move into the modern world methinks. But it can be done very cheaply.

      Purchase a Pay-As-You-Go mobile phone from Argos (current one in the link below is less than £1 + £10 Top-Up voucher):

      Use the phone on your chosen network (check signal coverage on the networks website) to enter SMS competitions, and use the phone number on competition application forms.

      Look to see how often you need to top up (some require £10 top up/year).

      Know that any phone calls you receive to the mobile phone are likely to be either Competition wins, or Spam marketing from entering competitions.

      For literally the price of £10.99, you can send and receive SMS/Calls to competitions, plus have a spare phone you can take with you in your pocket for emergencies when you are out and about and may need to contact emergency services or family members in time of crisis.

  3. Jane says:

    John im on plusnet have the same problem .

  4. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the info. Interestingly I think they made a mistake in their t&c’s as it states closing date is April 2019! I have entered anyway as I spotted the protional stand today with my own eyes in my local co-op so it’s obviously an error on their part. Good luck and thanks again. 🙂

  5. Dianne Leigh says:

    ‘mini’ 7622210882974

  6. Jane cunliffe says:

    Ahh bought my eggs forgot my receipt, normally there’s a automatic coupon receipt or if you use your co op card documentation shown, be easier if they printed you a raffle ticket when you buy the product, mind saying that used to get money at one point.

  7. Angie says:

    We bought four packets today and they all have the same barcode also

  8. John Ettery says:

    Is there any other entry format? I am on Plusnet and they do NOT support short text numbers

    • Di says:

      Afraid not John. Do you have an old phone handset? I recommend getting a free O2 SIM card and just topping it up with £10 for text comps. If it’s a smartphone you could also take advantage of offers and comps on O2 Priority too.

  9. Hola says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM – information above are false- different phone numbers to text to. Get Coop magazine there’s number 84222.

    • Di says:

      This isn’t a scam! Cadbury/Co-op are using different numbers to assess how successful the different ways of advertising are. All entries will go into the prize draw. Thank you for the information – I shall edit in this text number option too!

  10. Karen says:

    Have just texted bought eggs a couple of days ago, they didn’t give me a receipt ? Text said keep receipt as proof !

    • Di says:

      I’ve noticed at my Co-op and Londis stores you need to ask for a receipt, – they automatically take it out of the till and chuck it otherwise!

  11. Nuripa says:

    Can I only participate once? Thanks

  12. Debbie Garner says:

    I bought 2 packets of mini eggs but the last 4 digits are exactly the same!! Surely that’s not right?

    • Cheryl Lockett says:

      Same bar code in coop as in morrisons, must be generic to product

      • Di says:

        It’s a bar code, it’s the same on every product of the same size in all shops. It’s the receipt that’s the important thing to keep for this competition!

  13. Melanie says:

    Is this apply to any co-op store or certain ones?

    • Di says:

      Terms state “Visit a Co-op store during the Promotion Period” rather than “visit a participating Co-op store…” so any Co-op receipt will be fine!

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