Win a Night Owl Nordic design duvet

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone you know who loves their bed and being snuggled up at home? Or maybe you fancy winning this fabulous festive printed duvet for yourself to warm up these cold winter nights. Well, I may have the perfect prize draw for you!

I have a gorgeous Night Owl printed duvet from The Fine Bedding Company to give away, in this festive Nordic design. It’s ideal because it doesn’t need a separate cover and can be popped straight into your washing machine when it needs freshening up. Use it on the bed, for sleepovers or instead of a throw for the ultimate cosy evening on the sofa. As you can see, my son is a big fan!

Each 10.5 Tog duvet is filled with The Fine Bedding Company’s luxurious, soft to the touch micro fine fibres. Its advance fibre technology makes it breathable but warm and comforting. Night Owl is available in a range of colours and comes in two  sizes, single (£45) and double (£50) available to buy at And while you’re there – why not check out their other gorgeous bedding products including a brand new ECO duvet made from silky soft fibres spun from recycled plastic bottles. Pretty clever eh?

Win! A Night Owl Nordic Design duvet

I have a fantastic Night Owl double duvet to give away to a SuperLucky reader!

How to enter

Log in to the Gleam widget below, then scroll down and leave a comment on this blog post to let me know who you’d like to snuggle up with under the duvet! Then leave your name in the Gleam widget. This is the only mandatory task.

Win a Nordic Night Owl Duvet

Earn bonus entries by signing up to the Fine Bedding Company mailing list, tweeting, visiting @FineBeddingCo on Instagram or following us both on Twitter – all of these are optional!

Closing date for entries is 9 December 2018 and it’s open to UK residents aged over 18 – check the widget for full T&Cs. Not sure how to use Gleam? Watch my guide to entering Gleam giveaways.

This is a sponsored post and we received a free Nordic duvet.

311 Responses

  1. Debbie Preston says:

    Gary Barlow

  2. zoe brown says:

    in pjs hot chocolate binge watch midsomer murders

  3. Julie Scattergood says:

    I’d snuggle with hubster and our son

  4. Emma Gough says:

    I’d snuggle up under with my hubby and our kiddies and watch nativity 😀

  5. Melanie says:

    Ideally Gerard Butler, but failing that I suppose it would be my hubby!

  6. if TOM HARDY is away filming ……then my gaggle of grandchildren would be my partners in crime !!

  7. Tracey S Anderson says:

    The munchkins plus my little Jack Russell Mr. Potter.

  8. Michelle Smith says:

    My hubby

  9. Rachael Obrien says:

    Will be happily shared with my three year old who sleeps with me every night xx

  10. Amy Dickson says:

    Id snuggle up with my boyfriend and his puppy watching Christmas movies

  11. paula cheadle says:

    my hubby

  12. Jessi says:

    MY husband:)

  13. Chris says:

    I would take it with me to Mozambique and give it to the kids on the orphanage and let them snuggle under it as they are sleeping 6 to a bed in winter.

  14. Laura Wheatley says:

    my dog casey is the best snuggle buddy 🙂

  15. SonnyL says:

    I’d snuggle up with my partner after a tasty supper.

  16. Emma Hussain says:

    My hubby and children

  17. Tammy Neal says:

    My partner x

  18. zoe somerfield says:

    Gary Oldman but failing that my husband will do

  19. betsy ferguson says:

    i like to snuggle up with my yorkshire terrier, benjy, as he doesnt take up much room or duvet cover x

  20. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) says:

    I’d snuggle with my husband and our dog – this looks so cosy!

  21. emma dormer says:

    My husband

  22. Karen Howden says:

    i would snuggle up with my new puppy

  23. Jo Hutchings says:

    I’d snuggle up with my son and husband.

  24. Deb Pettit says:

    I would love to snuggle under this most gorgeous duvet with my Hubby and our two baby kittens

  25. Carolyn Corrin says:

    With my hubby.

  26. Caroline says:

    I’d snuggle up with my children and the dog

  27. Julie Booth says:

    My lovely hubby

  28. Janine Phillips says:

    My dog Sid x

  29. Nicki Simpson says:

    My lovely hubby, that blanket is adorable! Just gorgeous

  30. Anneka Davies says:

    I love to snuggle up with my fiance Martin ❤❤

  31. Emily Clark says:

    My partner and our new little one!

  32. Sarah Cooper says:

    My husband

  33. astrid c says:

    my son if he will sit still long enough x

  34. gemma hendry says:

    id cuddle up with my daughter and fiance

  35. Victoria Easton says:

    My partner in life, Simon and my 2 dogs, not meant to get on the bed, normally are by the morning!!

  36. Lorna Ledger says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch whispering softly!

  37. Terri says:

    I would snuggle up with my children and watch a Xmas movie program ELF.
    Not forgetting the popcorn…..

  38. Declan says:

    My partner

  39. Evette Williams says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my Hubby.

  40. Lesley Bambridge says:

    I would snuggle down happily in this lovely duvet with my hubby.

  41. jules Eley says:

    I love to snuggle under a duvet with my two girls watching Christmas movies 🙂

  42. valerie cooper says:

    My cat and also my grandsons

  43. Alina says:

    With my 3 year old son

  44. Sarah Blackwell-Hughes says:

    This would have to join me on the sofa every evening whilst I eat snacks and watch telly!

  45. Alica says:

    I would snuggle with my hubby or maybe a cat or 2!

  46. Rebecca Mercer says:

    id love to snuggle with my partner and kids

  47. Sally Collingwood says:

    My 9 grandchildren, not sure if there would be enough room for me!

  48. Jasmin Best says:

    My 3 Boys 🙂 x

  49. Alice Colling says:

    My cat! she’s so cuddly.

  50. Valerie Seal says:

    I’m a wriggler, so I doubt if anyone would want to snuggle up with me, but for short spells it would have to be my hubby.

  51. Debbie Birchall says:

    I’d snuggle up on the sofa with the kids on the first day of Christmas break watching Home Alone, which is their favourite Christmas film :o)

  52. Nicola Dow says:

    I would get cosy on the couch with my son watching Christmas movies x

  53. rebecca courtney says:

    the kids..and inevitably the cat

  54. Michelle Ferguson says:

    My hubby and my two lovely labradors

  55. Karen Robinson says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with George Clooney.
    In reality though I’d much rather snuggle up with my adorable 15-month-old granddaughter Edith

  56. Alice Colling says:

    A cat.

  57. Lilian Gray says:

    I’d snuggle under the duvet on my own to binge watch some box sets

  58. Linda Ford says:

    With my husband but if Paul OGrady was free i would to chat with him! Xx

  59. Irene Hodgson says:

    My hubby

  60. Johanne Currie says:

    My husband

  61. Kellie says:

    My lovely little son and my hubby. Would be perfect for a Christmas movie marathon on a Sunday!

  62. john prendergast says:

    I would snuggle up with my wife

  63. Marie-Clare Gauthey says:

    My little niece!

  64. TRACY JAMES says:

    if i was lucky enough to win ,i would snuggle under the duvet with my cats mowdies and sweetie

  65. Carole Nott says:

    I would suggle up with my two cats

  66. Nigel Greaves says:

    My wife, chocolate & whisky

  67. Alice Dixon says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my two sons

  68. mandy coker says:

    my fella and a good film! perfect night

  69. Steven Wilmers says:

    I’d like to snuggle with my new girlfriend, we have discovered we share a love of Nordic design

  70. Audra bland says:

    My hubby 5 cats and children!! Looks SO cosy

  71. Lisa Sweeney says:

    What I would do if I won
    Is cuddles with my baby son
    It looks lovely and thick
    I like that it’s Nordic
    I’d really really love to have one!

  72. Tina Mansfield says:

    I would snuggle up with my hubby and son so we can watch Elf and feel festive

  73. Fiona Martin says:

    I’d snuggle up with my children for a cosy evening of Christmas films!

  74. Emma Leeworthy says:

    I would make a cocoon out of the duvet and it’s more than likely one of the cats will come and sit on my stomach, and I’ll have to let him stay as the other option is to take my arms from the warmth of the cocoon and out into the Arctic conditions that seem to linger in my bedroom, even when the heating is on.

  75. April Alder says:

    I’d snuggle up with my cheeky cocker spaniel Bertie who loves a snooze!

  76. Becky Pearson says:

    I would love to snuggle under the duvet with my fiancé and 11 week old baby boy

  77. Emma Hawes says:

    I shall snuggle up with my 3 year old son.

  78. Jo Godfray says:

    I would snuggle up with my three daughters!! We could have a Christmas film sesh cwtched up under the lovely duvet!! Shame my teens don’t want to do that anymore.

  79. Julie Daniels says:

    It’s a very bad habit, but I like to snuggle up in bed with my iPad

  80. Sue Cotton says:

    I’d snuggle up with my daughter when sh3 comes home from a University while we watched Christmas tv, miss her very much

  81. Charlotte Easton says:

    My partner, two cats and a really good, gothic thriller!

  82. Nicole says:

    I’d like to snuggle up with someone special I recently met in the summer. He user to work as a Sherpa and climbed mount everent a few times. Life is so random. I don’t think I would have imagined saying that back in spring.

  83. Kieran Walsh says:

    After 28 years of marriage, it has to be my wife Joan, Divorce is costly

  84. Lynn Pendlebury says:

    I would snuggle with my 2 toddler grandsons on nannies sleepovers nights.

  85. DEBRA ETCHELLS says:

    I would like to snuggle up with George Clooney, but seeing has he is taken I will snuggle up with my grandchildren .

  86. Patricia Avery says:

    With my grandchildren while watching a Christmas movie ………but more likely to be Lego, Transformers etc!

  87. Sarah S says:

    If I can’t have Ryan Gosling (and I imagine he’s probably busy snuggling with his lovely wife) then I would be happy to snuggle with my cat.


    My husband and two Siamese cats.

  89. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I would love to snuggle under the duvet with my 8 cats but, in reality, I’m more likely to snuggle up with my husband, four children and our two dogs

  90. Emma Hastings says:

    I’d snuggle with my husband, my boys and my dog x

  91. Sue C says:

    With my husband of 4 weeks – gives the best cuddles 🙂

  92. Gill chilton says:

    With my lovely new husband Gavin

  93. Yvonne McKillop says:

    Cuddling in with hubby first Christmas as married couple also new home xx

  94. Thelma Winyard says:

    A good book (Scandi Noir would seem appropriate) plus a perfect cup of tea is my favourite snuggle up. Husband can join me later, after he’s finished watching the football.

  95. debbi ruskin says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my little granddaughter 🙂

  96. Julie says:

    My children to watch a good film

  97. Jo Jones says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my little Griffon dog, Roly who has gone over rainbow bridge aged 14 and is missed every day.

  98. Carol Thomas says:

    There is only 1 person I want to snuggle up with and that is my husband. Unfortunately that cannot be as my husband unexpectedly passed away in March this year.

    So instead I shall continue to snuggle up with an item of his clothing, of his favourite tops, some of which I have kept, as I do each night

  99. Morag Allan says:

    With my family watching Xmas movies

  100. Elanor Rice says:

    I’d snuggle with my little lady Hannah and her collection of stuffed teddy’s that can’t be left out

  101. Kate Green says:

    I love it when my bambinos climb in with hubby and I on a lazy morning

  102. Ange White says:

    If Bradley Cooper isn’t available then my other half or the cat would do

  103. Melanie Walker says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my two Westies

  104. Rebecca Saunders says:

    love to snuggle up with Tom Hardy

  105. Samantha says:

    This looks super cosy

  106. Andrea Goodheart says:

    I’d snuggle up with my lovely hubby or gorgeous daughter! Whoever got there first! ❤️

  107. Linda Mcgrath says:

    I’d snuggle up with a good book and our minature pinscher Ruby

  108. Elaine Hollis says:

    I’d be sandwiched between my dog and my grandson

  109. Jen ayling says:

    I’d snuggle up with my puppy

  110. Megan Kinsey says:

    Michael Buble if he’s free 😀

  111. Judith H says:

    I’d snuggle with my pooch Maizie. She gets grumpy without her evening cuddles!!

  112. Jessica Barber says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my boyfriend and my two gorgeous pups! It looks so cosy!

  113. Chevaune Stanley says:

    My nose is redder than Rudolph in the Winter. My little cottage doesn’t have full double glazing, so gets a little chilly. A warm snuggle blanket would be ideal against the draughts.

  114. rebecca h says:

    I’d love to snuggle with my husband when we get home from work! so cosy!

  115. Joanne Atkinson says:

    I would snuggle up with my grandson, Jake, watch a Christmas movie and crack open the tin of Quality Streets

  116. Vicky R says:

    My 6 year old daughter, whilst watching a Christmas film!!

  117. Alex Cuckson says:

    My husband and my 4.5 year old (plus her toys!). Obviously this snuggle would also include watching The Muppets Christmas Carol!

  118. Zoe Warren says:

    I’d snuggle on the sofa with my husband and 2 kids if we can all fit!

  119. Leila Benhamida says:

    I will snuggle up with both my children.

  120. Hazel Lemar says:

    My little Cairn Terrier pup, Barney!

  121. Jayne Townson says:

    I’d like to like to snuggle up with my hubby, under a Nordic duvet. Thanks for the chance to win, I love the pattern on this.

  122. aimee says:


  123. Karen young says:

    I would cuddle up with my grandchildren watching Christmas movies.

  124. Donna Oakley says:

    I’d snuggle up with my fur baby Sparkle – I think we would both be purring under there x

  125. Hannah Wood says:

    Well yes my Hubby it would be 🙂

  126. Helen Humphries says:

    My cute baby nephew although he soon toddles off!

  127. @Rainbomino says:

    My snuggle buddies are the kids, the cats, the dog and a duvet nabbing husband! I’m usually the one with the frozen left arm!!

  128. Sheila Docherty says:

    Love the design!

  129. Corina Mann says:

    My children are my snuggle companions. Love this festive duvet, perfect for lots of Christmas snuggles.

  130. Jasmin andrews says:

    I would absolutely love to win this, I am OBSESSED with Christmas duvets thankyou for the competition

  131. Lauren Mason says:

    I’d snuggle up with my boyfriend, Our new house is absolutely freezing haha

  132. Tracy Higgs says:

    My 18 year old daughter has recently left home, but when she comes to visit we love to snuggle up and watch movies so the Nordic Night Owl duvet would be fantastic.

  133. Melody Morris says:

    I’d love a snuggle with my two children,

  134. Marion Hill says:

    I would snuggle up with my grand daughters

  135. Jim Radford says:

    My wife Diane, our daughter and Koshka the cat…and the pet fish (in the tank of course!)

  136. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I’d snuggle up with my dog keeping both of us nice and warm.

  137. Carol burgess says:

    My son is Autistic and always has a blankwt ovwr him. He would love this x

  138. keo nha cai says:

    It is common to obtain the ornamental painting and
    sculptures with shapes depicting a fascinating mix of different elements from the artist’s religious, physical and cultural background.
    in April 22, 1560, he explained:” Your Majesty, you’re invincible and support the world in awe. The art gallery also serves enormous events all aspects of the globe.

  139. Christine Reid says:

    That would be snuggles on the sofa with the grandchild Bella, Alice and Tyler.

  140. Dawn F says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my husband and/or dog. I mean, who else it there? 🙂

  141. Anouska says:

    I’d snuggle up with my 3 boys and watch a Christmas movie.

  142. Cassie Walsworth says:

    With my dogs, they love to snuggle up under a cover x

  143. maxine Kirk says:

    Id snuggle with Hubby on the sofa on cold winter evenings

  144. Emma Bradshaw says:

    My husband and 3 children – luckily we have a big bed!

  145. Emma Miller says:

    As a single mum, I always snuggle up with my 9yr old beautiful daughter, Georgia! Perfect prize for watching Xmas movies!

  146. I’d snuggle up with my daughter to watch Polar Express

  147. sam macaree says:

    my kittens

  148. Dawn Samples says:

    I would snuggle up with my children watching a Christmas film x

  149. Kelly Wiffin says:

    Love this! I would snuggle with my other half and if the kids could snuggle with us then that would be fantastic! Definitely great thing to have while watching a film.

  150. Karen Tranmer says:

    My husband and cats

  151. Jenny Shearman says:

    My hubby

  152. Chris Hunt says:

    My husband and my teddy bears.

  153. Siobhan Rowe says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my husbanf.

  154. Lisa Owen says:

    I will always choose my dog to snuggle up with. Sorry to my husband but doggie cuddles are the best

  155. Monica Gilbert says:

    I’d snuggle with my husband and my daughter (who wouldn’t give us a choice).

  156. Donna Oakley says:

    It would be great to snuggle under that fab duvet with my gorgeous daughter and our big fat gorgeous grey Bagpuss (aka Sparkle the cat).

  157. Karen hutchinson says:

    My 8 year old loves a snuggle – making the most of it whilst he is young !

  158. lesley renshaw says:

    I’d snuggle under the duvet on the sofa with my little girl, OH and our two furbabies x

  159. Debbie Hoare says:

    It would have to be Johnny Depp.

  160. Holly Thompson says:

    I’d like to snuggle up with my boyfriend, we got together at Christmas two years ago so it’s our favourite time to spend together!!

  161. Natalie Crossan says:

    My Bridie of course, she’s very snuggly indeed!

  162. Lisa Butterworth says:

    The whole family – kids, husband and Harry Potter (he’s a cuddly bear!)

  163. Tp says:

    Its for me and my 3 kids to watch movie!

  164. z webb says:

    love to snuggle up with my granddaughters

  165. z webb says:

    love to snuggle up with my granddaughters

  166. karen von says:

    I would snuggle up with my 3 kids – bliss.

  167. Dawn Fotheringham says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my little guy, Hamish to watch one of his favourite movies. Fabulous prize!

  168. Dawn Cox McBride says:

    My son and Daughter. Watching Christmas films with Hot chocolate and snacks.

  169. Simon Tinsley says:

    Winona Ryder, but she’s stopped returning my calls for some reason.

  170. Lauren Reed says:

    I’d cuddle up with my cat Harper on the sofa and leave the cold wintery weather outside!

  171. I’d like to snuggle up to topless Thor

  172. Kelly Chrascina says:

    I’d like to spend some time on the sofa snuggling with my 3 daughters

  173. helena denton says:

    with my teddy bear

  174. Jade nuttall says:

    On the sofa cuddled up with my son to watch a Christmas film

  175. Solange says:

    I’d love to snuggle up to my OH.

  176. Gill Saunders says:

    Love to snuggle up under the duvet with my teddy bear

  177. Faycal David says:

    Definitely my partner and my lovely little daughter

  178. Michelle Sykes says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my boyfriend

  179. Derek Wilson says:

    Would snuggle up with my cat Nutmeg – especially on these cold winter nights.

  180. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    My husband as we have been married a year! May let kids get in too.

  181. Melanie Daniels says:

    My partner and two children! Hope there’s plenty of room under there!

  182. Vicky Mill says:

    Lovely prize – would be cosy cosy for my gorgeous boyfriend and Davy the cat to snuggle up with altogether

  183. abi parveen says:

    I would snuggle up with my teddies!

  184. Ros Tumber says:

    Newt, my super snuggly English Toy Terrier

  185. Jo L says:

    My son and my husband

  186. Angela Linge says:

    Tom Hardy

  187. Helen Rodwell says:

    I’d snuggle up with my daughter and watch a good Christmas film.

  188. Joanne says:

    On the sofa with the kids watching a Christmas movie their fave home alone!

  189. Jo Marie says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with a four legged friend! Cat or dog – I’m not fussy!

  190. Tracy Hanley says:

    Perfect for snuggling up with my grandkids

  191. Victoria Polson says:

    My little boy. There’s quite a few celebs I can think of too, but I’m not sure they count!

  192. Sarah-Dawn Pope says:

    I’d like to snuggle with my lovely husband

  193. Karen Walder says:

    My hubby and the dog!

  194. Brenda says:

    My partner and son to watch some good ol Christmas movies

  195. Hayley Lynch says:

    My lovely husband but I reckon the cat would beat him to it !

  196. Rosalind Amison says:

    Anyone really as long as I don’t have to surface again until Spring!

  197. Lucy Anthony says:

    I love this, we always keep blankets in the living room for the colder evenings, me and the other half would love this butbthunk my daughters would do more snuggling under it!

  198. Sophie Carter says:

    I’d like to snuggle up with my three beautiful nieces <3

  199. Tina H says:

    I’d love to be under that duvet with my cat of course.

  200. Caroline King says:

    I’d snuggle with my kids and husband while watching a family film on a cold blustery Sunday afternoon after a morning of rugby training ❄️

  201. Vanessa alvis says:

    My kids

  202. Steph Gray says:

    My kiddies with A nice family film

  203. Sharon Lawrence says:

    I love to Snuggle up with my Son, Harvey, all grown up but still my little Egg.

  204. Cherryl Thomas says:

    I would snuggle up with hubby.

  205. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i wouldn’t have a choice, my little girl will probably in my bed before i get in there!

  206. Vanessa t says:

    This would be perfect to snuggle up with the husband during winter watching films

  207. Barbara Fisher says:

    I should say my hubby of 48 years BUT I wouldn’t mind a snuggle with Prince Harry (just don’t tell Meghan) 🙂

  208. Thea P says:

    I’d love to cuddle up with my partner, daughter and our lovely doggie Rosie ❤️

  209. Sandra Clarke says:

    I would snuggle up with my husband under this cosy duvet.

  210. Samantha McDonough says:

    Normally Rue (the cat) but when I look after my two nephews it would be them – whilst we watch a film.

  211. Lindsay Robson says:

    Would love to snuggle up with my hubby

  212. Mrs Clare Woodman says:

    I would love to snuggle with my husband

  213. PHILIP COLLINS says:

    The Cat

  214. Roisin says:

    I’d snuggle up with my partner Martin

  215. Louise Reeks says:

    I would like to say myself but every time i get a blanket out my dog has to come and try and get in

  216. Carol Aikin says:

    Hubbie and Ziggy the cat

  217. Laura K says:

    My daughter and I always snuggle up under the same dressing gown (with a lot of tugging back and forth arguing who has the most covers), so this would be so nice to share with her instead.

  218. Kate S says:

    My husband and the kids.

  219. Holly king says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with my son and my new born baby x

  220. Marion Payne says:

    My grandchildren would be cosy under this duvet catching up on Christmas favourite films

  221. Lisa Taylor says:

    This looks so snuggly. I would cuddle up on the couch with the kids and watch Christmas films all day

  222. Lynn Seymour says:

    Would I end up on the naughty list if I said a pizza, bag of Haribo and a bottle of lager. Maybe I should say the hubby to be on the safe side

  223. HEATHER CAIN says:

    My grandson Oliver – we can read books together whilst having a cuddle – its our fave thing

  224. Lisa Taylor says:

    This looks so snuggly. I would cuddle up on the couch with the kids and watch Christmas films all day

  225. Steph says:

    Oh teenage me wants to say Matt Willis from Busted!

  226. Emily Hutchinson says:

    The cats, they don’t take up too much room!

  227. Donna Niman says:

    Ryan Gosling

  228. Susan Kempson says:

    I would snuggle up with my hubby & the cat on the sofa

  229. Amanda davies says:

    Would love to cuddle up under this with my partner and little boy . Xx

  230. Amanda says:

    Would love to snuggle up under this with my partner and little boy

  231. Maranda Thomson says:

    I’d snuggle with Santa!

  232. Allison Sherwood says:

    Me and my little dog Honey would love snuggling under it.

  233. Oli Marshall says:

    Soooo STUNNING ! I’d LOVE to snuggle up with my lovely husband and our little ones .

  234. Rhian Dineen says:

    My delectable husband, so warm and cuddle.

  235. Gemma Johnson says:

    My lovely son Anthony

  236. Angela Walton says:

    Just me, I’d have this all to myself for extra snugglyness

  237. Monika Szabo says:

    My hubby 🙂

  238. Kim Neville says:

    My lovely son and OH

  239. Lucy robinson says:

    I’d LOVE to snuggle under this with my kiddies while watching a Christmas movie.

  240. Jackie Foster says:

    My lovely Hubby , but he’s be on his own at the moment because he has a nasty cold !

  241. Katrina Adams says:

    I’d snuggle with the hubby and our pooch as she hates to be left out!

  242. Alison Roome says:

    Would love to snuggle up with my new little puppy.

  243. Ellie Potter says:

    My gorgeous husband of course lol

  244. Marsha Richardson says:

    My cat would dive right in. I’d probably have an inch or 2 while the cat spreads out haha

  245. Melissa Day says:

    Would be lovely to win, looks very comfy lol

  246. J M Threlfall-Dayus says:

    I’d TRY to snuggle up with Poppy, my little Jack Russell, but I know that she would wriggle and lick until I played with her!!

  247. Jennifer Stevenson says:

    my girls

  248. Christine Lockley says:

    I’d love to snuggle up with Gerard Butler but in reality it will probably be a cuppa and a good book

  249. Juli Savage says:

    My husband and cats or Michael Buble

  250. Tess D says:

    should really say my hubby but as he’s not reading this George Clooney! x

  251. Hayley Cooper says:

    Tom Hardy!!

  252. Charlene Merrall says:

    with my little girl!

  253. Claire Long says:

    My cats and foster doggies, all very good snugglers!

  254. Jane Willis says:

    I’d like to have it on the sofa and snuggle up in front of a festive movie on the TV with my grandchildren

  255. Davina Mellon says:

    My husband and little girl Fern!

  256. Sally Henry says:

    The dog …and possibly my husband, if the dog budges up a bit!

  257. Beebee91 says:

    My Andrew Naylor my life my love my best friend my big personal teddy bear

  258. Trish Lewis says:

    I’d snuggle underneath it with my beautiful just turned 2 years old Grandson Jamie…… And we’d stay there until Spring! 😀

  259. Sarah Sims says:

    With my hubby and our cats Sophie and Susie

  260. Debbie Burfoot says:

    My son, he loves cuddles before bed

  261. Heather Haigh says:

    I’d snuggle up with my lovely hubby.

  262. Val Pownall says:

    How lovely! My little granddaughters, Tabitha and Matilda and their crazy whippet Jake would cuddle up with me on the sofa and watch Christmas movies.

  263. Sarah Prescott says:

    My husband

  264. hannah igoe says:

    I would snuggle up with my two boys

  265. Chris Andrews says:

    Scroll down, and leave a comment telling me who you’d like to snuggle up with under a Nordic duvet!
    aahh that would be telling!!! l’ll settle for hubby though

  266. Pauline Dring says:

    I’d like to snuggle up with my 2 grandchildren and a few good books under a Nordic Duvet

  267. Sue Ocock says:

    My partner- looks so cosy

  268. Linda C says:

    Hubby and the dog would jump in as well

  269. Angeline Gregory says:

    I’d snuggle under it with my kids and my dog.

  270. Amanda tanner says:

    Just me and a bottle of wine

  271. Jude D says:

    My 2 beautiful cuddly kids

  272. Gisela Barrington says:

    I would share this cosy blanket with my longstanding live in other half.

  273. Julia Linsley says:

    My lovely daughters for the Christmas movies

  274. Siobhan Scott says:

    I’d snuggle with with my grandchildren we love to watch films together

  275. Kassandra Geliher says:

    Would love to snuggle with my husband and baby under this. Love that it means no faffing with a duvet cover, absolutely beautiful

  276. my daughters and my 3 cats would be sharing

  277. Karen Weedon says:

    I have a new two week old grand daughter – I’d love to snuggle sup with her!

  278. Debi Newman says:

    My hubby

  279. Gemma Found says:

    My fiancé and my cat!

  280. Sarah Huddlestone says:

    Wow who would have thought of using plastic bottles like this! Clever. Looks so snuggly!

  281. Gail Oswald says:

    I would snuggle down with my grand daughters, Lucy and Ella, when they come to stay. There’s enough room in the bed for all of us!

  282. Ally Thackray says:

    A snuggle with hubby in the sofa whilst watching festive tv pickings

  283. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    I’d snuggle up with Max, my Springer Spaniel

  284. Sarah Lambert says:

    My 4 year old daughter Darcy. We love sunday afternoon films.

  285. Sara Davies says:

    My 4 babies for lots of snuggles!

  286. Beverley Cousins says:

    My partner and my first grandson, i could cuddle him all day! lol

  287. Diane Radford says:

    My hubby and daughter

  288. Jane Wilson says:

    My 3 sons

  289. Geoffrey Dagger says:

    My lovely wife – why? – because I risk serious injury if it was anyone else!

  290. Heather Reading says:

    I’d like to cuddle up with my two gorgeous girls xx

  291. Robyn Clarke says:

    My daughters, they love snuggling up and reading stories.


    Rachel Weisz (James Bond can stay away!)

  293. Kristyn Harris says:

    I would love to snuggle up with my husband under a cosy Nordic duvet!

  294. Chani Lewis says:

    It has to be my hubbie, the human radiator!

  295. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    My hubby & my 3 cats. They already join us in bed when it’s cold!

  296. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    The dog whether I like it or not, he hogs the heat too.

  297. Caroline G says:

    awww my son and daughter love snugglies!! they would love snuggling up with me under this 🙂 thank you

  298. Laura Pyper says:

    my little girl 🙂

  299. Lisa Cotton says:

    My daughters

  300. Sacha stacey says:

    Love to snuggle up with my boyfriend watching movies

  301. Michelle C says:

    Hugh Jackman

  302. Janine Learner says:

    Can I choose Tom Hardy? Pretty please? lol

  303. Vanessa F says:

    I’d like to snuggle up with my other half, we don’t see each other too often as we’re currently living in different countries.

  304. Lucy Rigley says:

    My husband and kids to watch some fun Christmas movies 🙂

  305. louise lumsden says:

    my husband and my dog!

  306. Val Pownall says:

    I would snuggle up with my two beautiful granddaughters, Tabitha and Matilda. We usually snuggle up in my big cardies, but they’re getting bigger so I either need bigger cardies or a lovely duvet like this one! Oh, and we now need room for their whippet Jake who doesn’t like to be left out of the snuggles.

  307. jade rice says:

    id like to snuggle up.with the kids watching films its so cold hehe x

  308. Naina says:

    I would snuggle up with my husband

  309. Kate Rushton says:

    I want to snuggle up next to Ralph Fiennes. He is slush.

  310. I love to snuggle up under the duvet with my kiddies to watch movies at night x

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