Win a PS5 with Doritos

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  1. Gareth Lloyd says:

    The amount of packets I’ve been buying, I should have just bought a bloody PS5. Feel it’s a con. After entering the code on the page and telling you what a fool you are and not winning. You click the link to enter prize draw, enter your phone number to receive a pin. You enter this pin correctly I must add and the page goes into a error code

    • Matthew says:

      Your right
      I won the code
      And the web page closes on me within seconds
      And I got no notifications in email
      Bloody scam to get you to eat there crisps I think!

  2. I have been playing this game for ages now & can not find a triangle anywhere…..? do theu even exist as I have over 5+ each of the other shapes..

    • Di says:

      Only 12 people will find a triangle, and thousands will be playing I’m afraid – so it;s only a very tiny chance of winning…

      • Christopher Mcilhone says:

        Well how do I know if 12 triangles have already been found and Im playing the quest for no reason..?

        Been trying for weeks to find a triangle. Sucks never win nothing me..

      • Sam says:

        There’s something very “miney” about the AR game. Mentions of Etherium (cryptocurrency) and Wallets, so theres something much more going on in the background of this service, which Im totally against.

      • Robin says:

        Hi, we won a ps5 on 21st of December! It’s only just arrived. Was beginning to worry. It was a real competition. We only entered 3 times

  3. Stacey says:

    Won a ps4 a couple of weeks ago, had my email confirmation Thursday last week saying my prize will be with me within 28 days!

  4. Ozzy green says:

    Hi I have got 3 of the 4 PlayStation symbols when I win do i need to put my credit card in or any other verification like that ?

  5. Todd says:

    Still won nothing! I just wanna give up now

  6. I played the Vatom game last week and won a wireless PlayStation controller. I clicked on the claim button and haven’t received an email yet. I checked a few times on my vatom wallet and nothings there. I played again a few days ago and an error link came up.

  7. Stacey ahmed says:

    I won a ps4 but have had no email follow up, is there anyway of contacting them?

  8. Todd says:

    I’ve tried so many times and won nothing! Me and my kids are trying our best to get one and buy packs daily and do the quest and get nowhere! Maybe I’ll never win!

  9. Vicky says:

    Me too. 20 days later still waiting

    • Kris says:

      Did you receive the prize or do you have any info about it from them? I just won and trying to find out what’s going on. Thanks

  10. Chriscilla says:

    I won a game and got told that they’d give me the details and stuff within 7 days, but it’s been way more than 7 days and I’ve gotten nothing.

  11. ChrizK says:

    What a ridiculous way to print the code. I tried to follow instructions on packet, and phoned customer service, who insisted I should use a finger nail to pry the seem open from the outside. All I managed to do was to take the printed layer off, and pick tiny pieces of foil. I was told I would get a video link sent to me by email, but nothing received. I can only assume Walkers staff have no idea (they don’t bother trying as they can’t enter …not really an excuse for a support rep). After reading this article, I have used a camera inside the packet but it is still incredibly difficult to read …will try and find a pencil!
    I assume I must provide my email for verification. Please do not use it for any other purpose, and ensure it is protected.

    • Di says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble Chris. Hope you manage to get it sorted. I’ve found that I have to hold the bag at exactly the right angle next to a window to see it clearly! As for your email, it’s collected via the comment form but I’m compliant with GDPR, registered with the ICO and will not use it to contact you.

  12. Graham Proud says:

    I have a pack of promotional Doritos with no code, Does every promotional pack supposed to have a code?

    • Di says:

      Have you looked really hard Graham? People are finding the codes very hard to see! Try under a bright light.

  13. Kelvin says:

    My code keep saying its “We could not process your entry. Please try again later.”

    I don’t know why so can someone help please

  14. Amanda Steel says:

    Even with glasses and a torch I couldn’t see a code.

  15. Barbara Young says:

    Thanks Di
    I think they are anti geriatrics. I had to get my magnifying glass out! Good luck everyone.

  16. Francesca Jones says:

    Thank you
    My family love Doritos… Off to the shops I go!

  17. teresa mcgee says:

    i would love to win playstation 5 it would be amazing

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