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Celebrating ten years of SuperLucky - win a Ring Video Door Bell

Win! A Ring Video Doorbell

For your chance to win a clever Ring video doorbell worth £89, scroll down and leave a comment on this blog post answering this question:

What’s the strangest item you’ve ever received in the post?

The closing date is 10 February 2019, and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments. Good luck!

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. There is one prize of a Ring video doorbell (model 8VR1S5-VEU0)
  2. Open to UK residents aged 18 and over, excluding employees and relatives of SuperLucky and Pick My Postcode.
  3. Closing date for entries is 10.00pm GMT on 10.2.19.
  4. One comment per person
  5. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email.
  6. The winner will be informed by email within 7 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen.
  7. The winner’s name will be available on request and published on SuperLucky social media accounts.
  8. The prize will be despatched within 28 days of the winner confirming their address. 
  9. The promoter is SuperLucky, Brighton.
  10. By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

532 Responses

  1. A ‘Poppit’ model hearing aid! As a child I sent off for one in the post from a Sunday paper ad, thinking it was a magic gadget that made everyone hear better. I was disappointed when it arrived, but not as red faced as my mother when a salesman turned up at the door a week or two later!

  2. Monika Bascombe says:

    Moth killer

  3. Tracy Barber says:

    I’ve had a few odd things come through the post, epty jiffy bags adressed to me, a solitary teabag, incontinence pants, single sanitary towel (unused but also unwrapped), a pack of 3 cat biscuits, a tiny little chocolate bar and but the strangest has to be a sock just one sock, don’t know who sent it, it was in a jiffy bag with no indication of where it had come from, it was actually a very nice sock but about as much use as a chocolate teapot to me. I kept it for a little while in case the other sock arrived but it never did, shame really!

  4. Claire Golinsky says:

    A newborn baby pack……. My babies are definitely not babies anymore lol

  5. Phillip James Davies says:

    A box of plant seeds to grow my own Xmas dinner!

  6. Andy Ellams says:

    a key to a new car.. in cardboard


    A dog poop disposal bag free sample

  8. Gillian McClelland says:

    I received cat food, I don’t have a cat

  9. Christine O'Prey says:

    A lifesize cardboard model of Britney Spears

  10. Adrian Bold says:

    A life size Superman statue that I’d won in a competition.

  11. Nichola Legge says:

    I once received a voucher for a day out at a local attraction unfortunately it was expired

  12. Victoria Prince says:

    A Beavers sweatshirt – I have no children, no involvement in any scouting movement (I wasn’t ever even a brownie/guide..etc myself!) and there was absolutely nothing to give any clue as to where it had come from.

    It still bothers me to this day!

  13. LP Mulligan says:

    A cricket bat received and I don’t even play the game …a complete mystery to me!

  14. Jess says:

    Random pack of tena lady’s

  15. Keith Hunt says:

    A plastic manitey from a florida comp

  16. Lyndsey Bruce says:

    2 litres of milk! Not a voucher for 2 litres of milk but actual milk in the post!!

  17. Paula Tarling says:

    A pack of Tena lady from my sister on my 30th birthday x

  18. Sharon Bell says:

    A pack of condoms x

  19. Angela Kelly says:

    A pair of oven mitts for a doll’s house.

  20. Angela Linge says:

    A packet of Moth Killer Sachets.

  21. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    I got a save the world tree. I watered it and looked after it for ages but no tree ever appeared.

  22. Ian Campbell says:

    One football boot, nice..but totally useless!

  23. Eilean Fraoch says:

    A packet of bubblegum

  24. Matthew Warman says:

    A sachet of cat food

  25. Claire Swindlehurst says:

    A cup and saucer ……nothing else no explanation

  26. Chris Knowles says:

    A tea bag!

  27. Claire Nelson says:

    Tena lady sample!

  28. Erica Hughes says:

    A lolly in the shape of a dog

  29. Abby may says:

    Some men’s incontinents pants!!

  30. Richard Eldred Hawes says:

    An empty envelope, it looked as though it might have been a card for my birthday, but I had no idea who it was from

  31. Chris starr says:

    The strangest thing I ever received in the post was a packet of fajita mix. It was very nice

  32. Steven Grummett says:

    A giant plastic fly

  33. Ray E says:

    A pair of black silk boxer shorts with red hearts on. Not a clue who sent them.

  34. Phil Boyle says:

    A femidom and a sachet of lube. Erindoors was not impressed. Still thinks I’m playing away.

  35. fiona drinkell says:

    A long torch, poorly packaged which I’m sure the postman thought was something naughty 🙂 He winked at me as he handed it over.

  36. Francesca H says:

    A pair of REALLY large pants!

  37. Karen Wells says:

    a pack of 5 fuschia pink toilet rolls from a competition win.

  38. Michelle Ptak says:

    A straw hat with holes in … for a donkey!! Very strange!

  39. David Greenhalgh says:

    a tube of christmas baubles – in July!!!

  40. Kerrie-ann Fitzpatrick says:

    An ice scraper

  41. Felicity Williams says:

    A pair of skis and poles, which were actually for my brother – not me. He had given my name and address because he knew I would be at home during the day to receive them – he just forgot to let me know about it. I was completely mystified 😀

  42. Kate Sutton says:

    Pack of 54 pencils with no details of who from

  43. greig spencer says:

    a box of condoms in assortment of flavours and different shapes and sizes!

  44. Lorna Lyons says:

    A 3mth supply of water which was delivered in the biggest box possible by UPS

  45. Herman Lai says:

    A full set of Le Creuset saucepans. Addressed to me, but no letter or notification from whom they came from. As it turns out, I’d entered a competition on the side of the cat food box (and won!!).

  46. Alison Latham says:

    An empty jiffy bag. Who know what delights existed inside earlier in its journey!

  47. kathrine krogulec says:

    A week’s supply of knickers (there were only 5 pairs)

  48. Joanne Elms says:

    A packet of dried crickets – apparently a new novelty snack!

  49. Anthea Holloway says:

    I received a very very romantic Valentine’s Day card from a mystery person, definitely not from my husband (!!) but from the wording the person knew me quite well. It caused a bit of a stir in our household as you can imagine.

  50. Claire Reeves says:

    My dad once got a postcard in the shape of a donkey’s hind legs. The chap who sent it met him at his work’s meeting and it read “Just returning your donkey’s hind legs which you talked off….” He took it in good jest and we all had a laugh!

  51. Toby says:

    Well its going back a few years now, but the most unexpected and strangest thing in the post was a letter that arrived before 12pm!

  52. April Alder says:

    Some cat food pouches. I do not own a cat ‍♀️ They didn’t go to waste though – I put them out in the garden and made a few feline friends for life!

  53. janh says:

    Many years ago, a stick about 10 inches long, probably from a competition that I entered. Can’t remember what comp that might have been, though.

  54. Stuart Cooper says:

    Not long after I met my partner she received a parcel on her birthday. She eagerly opened the parcel and what did she find inside? A dead white rat!! She thinks it came from her last partner who she finished with a few months earlier. She said he wasn’t very happy when she finished with him although he had been two timing her.

  55. Stacey Craig says:

    The strangest thing happened to me and for a few weeks I received baby items from China including mittens hair bow and bibs, I never ordered and didn’t have a baby.

  56. Helen Corley Joslin says:

    A see through nighty and thong from a secret admirer that I hadn’t even met. I was a bit freaked out.

  57. Judith MacInnes says:

    I once received a mahoosive box filled with about 200 identical silver glittery tree baubles. They were a bit dusty & clearly not new, & right at the bottom of the box was a DVD of a film which there’d been loads of comps for. I have absolutely no clue why the prize provider (whoever they were – no compliment slip or letter) had sent me the baubles along with the DVD!

  58. Claire sen says:

    About 100 loo rolls! I was so excited to see such a big box outside when I got home. Definitely the most boring and weird parcel I’ve ever received. (It wasn’t even that I’d won them, it was for one of the holiday cottages I manage!)

  59. Alex Brownlee says:

    i once received a hamper of welsh food. No idea where it came from (wales probably)

  60. Laura Pritchard says:

    A pair of Baby Bogey Pickers – a runners up prize I assumed – which kind of sat on our nursery shelf for a few months whilst I occasionally glanced at them in confusion then just picked my son’s bogeys out with my fingers like every normal mum!

  61. Nicky says:

    A Minions birthday cake COVERED in ants!! Not a very happy birthday after all…

  62. Emma Howard says:

    A blow up doll with Sheffield Hallam University on it! Can only think it was a runners up prize because I certainly wouldn’t have entered a competition to win it!

  63. Heather Brannan says:

    An egg timer……possibly because my cooking is bad and someone wanted to give me a subtle hint!

  64. Sarah Murray says:

    A jar of apricot jam. I mentioned to my firend that I liked it and so she sent me a jar. She lives 250 miles away. Good friend!

  65. Kieran Kidd says:

    A sandwich was once posted through my letter box, no idea who posted it but I couldn’t dare myself to it.

  66. Lucy says:

    A box of Rivita with a congratulations winner note, don’t remember entering a rivita comp but it was my first prize and really spurred me on!

  67. Chris Moore says:

    Ordered a take away curry from my local, we weren’t in when they tried to drop it of, so they left a note on a naan bread…The best post ever!

  68. Jade lang says:

    I got delivered a necklace and earrings from mystery man.. still don’t know who sent them

  69. Paula Phillips says:

    A very, very skimpy pair of red lace thongs, they were for winning 3rd prize in a competition.

  70. Mrs Rebecca MacBain says:

    A dog frisbee. I entered a comp for a cat toy and got sent this by mistake.

  71. Jools says:

    I received a packet of Sunflower Seeds in a big envelope. Have no idea who they were from. But we planted them and got some really beautiful tall Sunflowers growing, so I’m grateful to whoever sent them!

  72. Sarah Deneka-Littleboy says:

    A packet of pork scratchings!!! Absolutely no idea where they came from or why they were sent to me! This was around 10 years ago now and it’s still a mystery!

  73. Katherine Quinn says:

    A single sachet of peanut butter, who knew they made sachets of the stuff?! Ts also one of the few foods I cannot stand!

  74. Jenny Gregory says:

    A teabag. Just one teabag. From my mother in law – very weird indeed.

  75. Nicola Taylor says:

    An inflatable Martin Johnson rugby player long time ago

  76. Kelly says:

    Flowers. Nobody sends me fliwers so it really freaked me out!

  77. Patrycja Omanska says:

    A Corsa antenna ball. I don’t own a car…

  78. Lisa B says:

    Suntan lotion is not ordered!

  79. Rebecca Smith says:

    A draught excluder shaped as a worm.. I am still in the dark as to who and why!

  80. Tracy Higgs says:

    A sink plunger

  81. David MacNeil says:

    A Black pudding, which I later enjoying eating!

  82. Ian Speight says:

    I just received a bag with half a dozen eye bandages in!!! No idea where from.

  83. Tania Watkins says:

    A birthing inflatable support I won !

  84. Rosina Hall says:

    I received a phone from a company I had never heard of and I got to keep it 🙂

  85. Tay berry says:

    An opened parcel – the mystery remains who got my present and why?!

  86. Elisa Cartwright says:

    A jiffy bag with a compliment slip saying ‘congratulations’ but nothing else – never did find out what it was supposed to be.

  87. Elisa Cartwright says:

    A jiffy bag with a compliment slip saying congratulations but nothing else – never did find out what it was supposed to be.

  88. Louise Hopton says:

    A Cat pregnancy test (we haven’t even got a cat!) I definitely didn’t enter to win that

  89. Adam says:

    I just love cabbage

  90. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Got home to find a card put through the door from My Hermes saying they had tried to deliver a parcel. Checked with neighbours, looked in the bins and contacted parcel company who denied there ever was a parcel. Still a mystery to this day.

  91. Ian Davidson says:

    Some dog food and we have a cat


    Has to be when i received a book all about the history of computer fonts! no idea where it came from but gave it my brother as a secret santa haha he figured out straight away it was me trying to palm of my random comp wins lol!

  93. julie feathers says:

    me. just a broken umbrella, wasn’t a win really so couldn’t send it back.

  94. Kellie McIntyre says:

    A cd walkman in a greasy pie box. I assume someone had left it somewhere and it needed up on my doorstep-was absolutely rank.

  95. Tracey Martin says:

    A giant soft toy Reindeer – the result of a competition win!!

  96. sue middleton says:

    Tennis racquet with no horizontal strings

  97. Anne O says:

    Beard oil sample…. I didn’t think I was that hairy!!!

  98. Helen R says:

    I had an anonymous letter which said ‘Close your curtains when the lights are on. No 7 watches you.’ Creepy!

  99. Diane Harwood says:

    An outdoor table , chairs, umbrella and barbecue that I had no idea I had won and therefore wasn’t expecting it! It arrived on a wooden pallet ( that I had to dispose of haha!) Those were the days!

  100. Siobhan Lucy says:

    An unofficial Jeremy Corbin annual

  101. Victoria Bazley says:

    Peggy Mitchell’s pub licensee sign from the Queen Vic, but broken in half!

  102. Carolyn E says:

    A lot of jelly for my birthday

  103. Kelly Winley says:

    A teaspoon. Don’t know where it came from.
    My parents received my husbands dirty boxers through their letterbox. He had been drinking with my brother at their house, god knows why he put them through the letter box lol

  104. Madison Childs says:

    I haven’t had anything as strange as the comments but I have been receiving a tea bag and a birthday/Christmas card from Yorkshire Tea for the past 3/4 years.. I don’t remember how I signed up or how I can quit so i’m just having this tea delivered each year now

  105. Lee Wells says:

    An empty box, there should have been a pair of shoes in it, but they just sent the box!

  106. Anna Lord says:

    Love Island fridge magnets!!


    An empty jiffy bag which should have had a jeweled handbag hanger in.

  108. Jo Young says:

    A JedWard lunch box, nobody wanted it lol

  109. Lynn Woodcock says:

    Beard shampoo

  110. Gerri Tennant says:

    A pair of white leather lace trimmed boxing gloves.

  111. Adele says:

    A Giant 6ft Monkey…I was expecting a normal cuddly bear from a when the courier brought this massive box to the door…I asked does that have my name on it lol bet she thought I was off my head…the look of surprise on my face was a classic. We put Mr boo boo his nickname in a charity raffle and raised 350 pound for meningitis. Now is his in a children’s respite care hospice.

  112. Frances Heaton says:

    One day I received 8 separate large plastic envelopes with flat fold-up boxes inside. The postman gave me a funny look when delivering . They were correctly addressed, but no indication of where they were from, and I still don’t know to this day.

  113. sarah knightley says:

    A mini tree in a tube

  114. Carol Thomas says:

    There’s been a few. One was Christmas decorations, addressed to our name of bits and peices we never ordered. I rung the company about it. We weren’t a customer of there’s either. They had no idea how we got it either. They told us to keep it. All they would tell us was it was for someone down South.

    Another was a handle for a razor. No razor blades. Just the handle.

    An envelope with a small square cube of metal in it. No note and don’t know where it came from. It ended up in the recycling bin as there was no use for it we could work out.

  115. Tina H says:

    I won a years supply of microwave rice. That was a strange parcel.

  116. Jo Jones says:

    The postman brought me a parcel with a tiny bikini bottom in it, & I still don’t know who sent it or why.

  117. liz denial says:

    I won a signed piece of artwork, a caricature of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington for the launch of An Idiot Abroad. I thought it was a picture, just a nice small one that I could put on my wall as I love them so much but I got a shock when a lifesize cardboard cutout of them all, signed by all three, arrived. I had nowhere to put it although it was amazing so I donated it to charity instead

  118. Jacqui S says:

    I won a loaf of bread that was delivered in a big box. Odd enough but given that I was on holiday and it had sat in my neighbour’s very warm house for a week …………. I opened a mouldy, smelly package! Yuk!

  119. Yvonne Stevens says:

    An inflatable banana

  120. Rhian Dineen says:

    Just lately, I received a sample of intimate Lubricant Gel, well, sean as I’m getting older, why not try it. 😀

  121. Ally Goymer says:

    A false leg when I was expecting a pair of crutches!

  122. Jasmin Best says:

    A plastic co op bag came in a box at Christmas.

  123. Gill Mitchell says:

    A pack of Walkers Crisps with my name on! I loved them!

  124. DEBORAH LEGGE says:

    a large box of extremely smelly camembert cheese from a French exchange student I had hosted. The poor postie had had it in his van for a very long rural post round on a hot day.

  125. Susan B says:

    A leaflet from a relative with details of her local bin collection dates.

  126. April says:

    A tray of cans with no wrappers on. Turned out to be cream of mushroom soup. 6 of them! Still have no idea who or why!

  127. Bev Neighbour says:

    I had an email to say I’d won a runner up prize in a holiday competition. When the prize arrived it was a head lice busting kit. Anticlimax.

  128. Lesley Blakey says:

    The hole of a polo mint – it was a prize many years ago ! Thanks

  129. Emma Walton says:

    I thought I’d won a competition but when I opened the package, I found a sample pack of Tenna Ladies…

  130. Sandra Clarke says:

    An empty box with a hole in – only a comps slip inside saying “Congratulations on winning Violet”.

  131. Christina Palmer says:

    A packet of flower seeds only there were no seeds in the packet even though it was still unopened.

  132. Katerina Economides says:

    A years supply of Dog Poo bags…..I don’t have a dog.

  133. Lorraine Benn says:

    A Parrot! Not a real one, but a FurReal one which my sister sent from Australia for our Dad’s birthday, he has dementia and loves this talking Parrot and thinks its real. He also has the monkey and cat 🙂

  134. Sonia Polzella says:

    Every year I get a Christmas card from my local curry house. They sent me a birthday card once too!

  135. claire griffiths says:

    rosary beads no idea who sent them they just arrived in an envelope just with my address no name on it

  136. julie cook says:

    a potato to bake…

  137. Rachael Sexey says:

    I regularly get sent tena lady think someone is trying to tell me something

  138. Joan Collier says:

    I packet of masking tape

  139. Kyler Jones says:

    A envelope full of sanity towels, arrived randomly, i think they were sent via university, not sure mind ? haha

  140. Emily Hart says:

    A single trial sample of hand cream, sadly it was not packaged very well and exploded in transit. The postman did comment that his hands now smelt lovely though!

  141. Thomas Perry says:

    A sparkly ladies thong

  142. Lisa T says:

    Some kind of seed, but never ever found out what they were?!

  143. Hannah Smith says:

    I get all sorts in the post, but I think a random tool that was sent by error from amazon, has to be the strangest, it looks a bit like a spanner, but I have no idea what it’s for

  144. Lewis says:

    I had one plain black sock sent to me through the post I don’t no who by or why it was very confusing hahaha

  145. Caroline says:

    A lolly pop stick painted in glitter I was very confused

  146. Summer says:

    A single dog buiscuit bone shaped it was tiny so random!!

  147. Sharon Curran says:

    A single teabag from Yorkshire Tea to wish me a Happy Birthday

  148. Lorraine Mabbitt says:

    A light for your handbag

  149. Chas Gilbert says:

    A blow up sex doll – not sure wht I entered that competition (although I did manage to sell it!)

  150. Elanor Rice says:

    Apart from the random surprises that turn up and look nothing like what you ordered on WISH, Ebay etc…. I think my strangest was from Ted Baker. I won a #NationalFreindshipDay surprise from them which turned out to be a very squashed box of Mince Pie crumbs but as they where wrapped in a beautiful Ted Gift box with all the wrapping a stunning ballgown would have gone in, I still got a win as used that to wrap a gift for Xmas 🙂

  151. Mr George Williams says:

    A cardboard cup and a chocolate muffin

  152. Jolene Yule says:

    Cinnamon sticks a nutmeg whole and two small grater type plates

  153. justine Meyer says:

    A cheese grater

  154. Sophie Roberts says:

    A drumstick lolly and I still don’t know why!

  155. Craig Stevens says:

    Takeaway menus for a place that says I’m to far away to deliver

  156. BELLA LOUISE says:

    Caterpillars that would turn into butterflies after a few days for my daughter’s birthday! I had no idea they posted things like that!

  157. DAWN Adams says:

    I won some bookmarks, except they sent me an empty envelope… not even ripped.. just empty. #fail

  158. A calendar from a local takeaway that was a year out of date!

  159. Jeanette Longhurst says:

    A Pandora Christmas bauble with charm. Beautiful, but not really my thing. I still have no idea who sent it!

  160. Gillian Byford says:

    A pack of 4 yogurts in polystyrene and packed with rapidly melting ice. We weren’t in and the postman left them in a ‘safe place’… the bin! He obviously knew where they were heading!!!

  161. eve mitchell says:

    My dog!!
    When he was a puppy he escaped out the cat flap and I didn’t realise. The postman carried him back and said “…I think this is yours!”

  162. Hazel Markland says:

    The strangest delivery I had was an unexpected delivery of cheese and ham snacks a kind neighbour took in the delivery and wondered why it was leaking water from the parcel! (Ice blocks inside melting!)

  163. Lynda Graham says:

    Instead of a pack of nice “decent” seamless undies – the ones I received were tiny and crotchless!!
    I laughed so much they wouldnt have been much use !!

  164. Cheryl lovell says:

    A broken bottle of wine!

  165. Natalie Barker says:

    Strangest thing I got in the post was nipple tassles (I kid you not) my mum sent me them as a joke. I was like wth? I sold them on eBay for £20 to a lady who was in a play that involved the wearing of nipple tassles so win win hahahahaha

  166. Natalie says:

    The strangest thing I’ve received through the post has to be a hand delivered love letter saying call me with a mobile number on it, needless to say I never called the number lol

  167. Nadine Holland says:

    Single tena lady sample addressed to my daughter aged 7 at the time.

  168. Samantha Mann says:

    Individual mini cheddars! We were on holiday at the time and they were a surprise win… I have no idea where from to this day. But there was a full pack in a squidgy envelope pushed through the letter box haha. Needless to say, they went straight in the bin!

  169. Katrina Adams says:

    Reading through these comments has had me in fits of giggles. The weirdest thing we’ve had through the letterbox was a bright green mankini which was given second hand off eBay it was from our friends for my husbands birthday as a joke, we had the last laugh though when he sent them a picture of him wearing it and then wrapped it back up for their birthday!

  170. Kate Kennedy says:

    Worms! Carefully packed thank goodness. They were to get my worm farm started and manage food waste. Unbelievably good for growing veggies too.

  171. Wendy Lewis says:

    A bag of crisps, crushed to smithereens! Promoters should really consider the merits of sending out runners up prizes like this!!

  172. Louise Whittaker says:

    Nematodes to help rid my garden of slugs ewwww

  173. Geraldine McCambridge says:

    An empty Jiffy bag!

  174. cheryl price says:

    I got sent a used ear bud, not sure why or who. Obviously it went straight into the bin. Still a puzzle to this day!!

  175. Alison Latham says:

    A tongue scraper! A very odd looking bit of kit but apparently it’s very good for your health????

  176. Chantelle says:

    Horse salts (I don’t have a horse)?)

  177. Harley richardson says:

    As a child my dads great uncle would post us tooth brushes for our birthday – basic toothbrushes. I’m sure the postage cost more!!

  178. Harley richardson says:

    As a child my dads great uncle would post us tooth brushes for our birthday – basic toothbrushes. I’m sure the postage cost more!

  179. Victoria Hayward says:

    A book in French, I don’t speak French!

  180. Solange says:

    A large empty jiffy bag.


    I won a competition to win some chocolate – envelope came and it was a single bar from a multipack. I was disappointed but after reading some of the others on here Ive been quite lucky lol

  182. Christine Caple says:

    A completely melted carton of ice cream that I was supposed to be testing!

  183. Hayley Lynch says:

    A envelope with a stamped addressed envelope in to my own house

  184. Gemma Shonfeld says:

    We had a Christmas card this year addressed to lewis, Michelle and Dennis. Not sure who Michelle and Dennis are lol!!!

  185. Lisa Hughes says:

    A Valentines Card – my name on the front, but inside it was addressed to my partner with a cryptic message inside.. we fell out big time & he was subsequently dumped (we lived together but I strongly suspected he was cheating & the card pretty much confirmed my suspicions!)

  186. Mandy smith says:

    The only thing I can think is a shops plastic shopping bag

  187. Danielle Graves says:

    Some 118 branded condoms but they weren’t kitemarked. Also a Jeremy Corbyn annual which I intended to send to some very anti Corbyn friends but decided I wouldn’t be able to cope with the facebook rants it would start

  188. Sophie Carter says:

    We get a Christmas and sent every year for someone that has never lived at my address (our family are the only people that have lived here), no returns address and we can’t find the person in our area. I feel so sorry for the person that sends it every year but there’s no way I can help

  189. Sophie C says:

    A set of Allen keys…I have no idea where they came from, they are at the top of my ‘worst prize ever list’, however my husband uses them all the time!

  190. Jane Sanderson says:

    Some live caterpillars from a grow your own butterfly comp – it was fascinating. On of the butterflies had a wing deformity so we kept it. We called it Frank and it used to sit outside on its sugar sponge and even went on holiday to my friends when we went away. It lived for about 6 weeks and gradually faded away. Must admit I cried and still think of Frank every time I see a red admiral butterfly

  191. Sabina Abbasi says:

    A Birthday Card for me + a Red Nose in an envelope with my Name on it 6 months earlier than my actual date with no sender’s Name, my husband & my son couldn’t stop laughing LOL

  192. Kelly turner-chapman says:

    A standing up attachment to a desk but I haven’t got a desk to put it on

  193. Caroline Cherrie says:

    2 slices of Gluten free bread!

  194. Michelle Crowe says:

    a small block of wensleydale cheese

  195. Doug Mellon says:

    An invitation to go and be in a heavy metal bands music video, in Cyprus! I didn’t even remember entering it as a competition, and looking the band up online, it looked like Rod Hull and Emu had taken a radical career change!

  196. Jade Nuttall says:

    A miniature bottle of whisky with no seal and no note of where it came from, definitely wasn’t drinking that!

  197. Antikhab Hussain says:

    my car arial

  198. Amanda Richardson says:

    A sample of salve for sunburnt lips came during a really cold winter spell a few years ago. no idea where it came from.

  199. Gemma Found says:

    A packet containing one cat treat.

  200. S King says:

    An empty envelope….. still no idea who sent it

  201. Helen Marshall says:

    A strep testing kit

  202. Shelly Layle says:

    A willy warmer lol . And there’s no way I would have entered to win that in a comp or even as a freebie so someone must have played a prank on me

  203. Jo Marsella says:

    My sister-in-law (who has the humour of an 8 year old boy) regularly sends toilet/bogey/other body function poems (including illustrations) to my boys … the latest offering was one on ear wax including a sample taped inside

  204. jacqui rushton says:

    A pair of fluffy red handcuffs – to this day I have no idea where they came from!

  205. Denise Harrison says:

    Some pony curls!

  206. Francesca Jones says:

    I’ve had a few odd pieces of post. Sample bags of Cherrios that kept turning up and I have no idea where from. A pallet left on my doorstep no one owned up to (think builders around the corner dumped it!). Christmas cards and Birthday cards for people I’d never heard of but due to the wonders of the Internet I have managed to find the correct person (I’m a bit obsessive like that!). Worst thing was a 25p coupon that was worth less than the postage!

  207. Michelle says:

    Vaginal moisture gel…. for menopausal women. I was 5 months pregnant at the time

  208. FIONA cullen says:

    a jeremy corben annual

  209. Sally Henry says:

    A random blowup hammer!

  210. brenda heads says:

    I got a Hovis loaf, a win, it was not at its best but still edible.

  211. Margaret Gallagher says:

    A letter that had been posted 18months prior to reaching me ……..
    Royal Mail on the go slow again
    At least it turned up EVENTUALLY

  212. Diane Wood says:

    A yellow plastic Keith Lemmon moustache

  213. leah says:

    menopause cream 🙁 when i was pregnant, cheered me up no end

  214. An empty package with nothing inside due to the fact it had been torn. I never did find out what had been inside.

  215. Hazel Rea says:

    When I was a kid an uncle used to send us a box of delicious treats every Christmas. The box arrived from him one year and it was bigger than ever. I was really excited when and my mum handed me the scissors to cut the string. The box then sprung open and two horrible looking legs and feet popped out – he had sent a turkey!

  216. Mitchell Sanders says:

    A finger with a ransom note! (wrong address)

  217. Lisa Butterworth says:

    We were amused and wowed by the flat bottle of red wine sent to us for Christmas that fit through the letter box!

  218. Simon LC says:

    Receiving a fresh and dry balls cream via Mumsnet to trial this new product

  219. Fiona jk42 says:

    A shoe-box sized package that when opened revealed a mass of packaging and one single red coloured krill oil gel capsule. I’m vegetarian so I would never have ordered it, and I was really annoyed about the environmental impact of all that packaging. I didn’t want to waste it, so cut open the capsule and put the oil on the cat food, my cat seemed to enjoy the flavour.

  220. Michelle Smailes says:

    A commode chair! Left in the front garden for everyone to see while I was at work! lol. It wasn’t for me in case you are wondering, it had been delivered to the wrong address and just left there by the delivery man. It’s funny now but I was not impressed at the time!

  221. Simon Tinsley says:

    8 wooden pallets. I woke up one morning, looked out of the front bedroom window and there they were stacked up outside my front door with a “Sorry we missed you” note stuck to the front of them. I hadn’t ordered any pallets, the note didn’t have a company name or telephone number. It really was just a note with “Sorry we missed you” written on it. I knocked on all the doors with the same number in different streets nearby and no one claimed them. Eventually one of my neighbours had them for firewood.

  222. Carole Paton says:

    A large dead twig. It was apparently a rose bush that had been in the postal system for 8 months!

  223. Lindseylofty says:

    A boy’s birthday card containing £40 cash, addressed to a name I’ve never heard of, at my address. Never found out who it was meant for- but 18 months on I’ve still got the card and cash, in case someone comes to claim it!

  224. Yvonne Mckillop says:

    Has to be my bathmate win on Twitter I was expecting luxurious bath items and what came I never knew existed it was penis enlarger.. instructions and wee bag that had items in to clean it out, never been so embarrassed

  225. Andrew Collier says:

    A bottle of cordial (a runner-up prize)

  226. Andrea Matthews says:

    A pencil, with a knitted cover.

  227. Christina Curtis says:

    A single Stainless Steel Scouring Pad

    I still have no idea where it came from! or why!

  228. Tracy Benson says:

    In a blank white envelope with just my name and address on it,I opened it up and it was an A3 size piece of solid wood! That’s it, nothing else,just the wood!

  229. Donna Anderson says:

    A cord for a lean bag that came in a large amazon box that the postie was adamant was empty. So I stood and had to prove it to us both ! Lol

  230. Vivien Taylor says:

    2 2018 halloween wizard hats that arrived 3 weeks late

  231. tony johnson says:

    a toilet brush! the parcel was shaped like a bottle of something. bit disappointing, noting to drink , just a brush to clean the stink!

  232. Dale Askew says:

    An ear cleaning kit!

  233. Joanne Heath says:

    A water saving device for our shower. It took me ages to figure out what it was

  234. Hazel Lemar says:

    A large box with lots of packaging and one jar of conserve which I had won. Talk about over packaging!

  235. ANNE says:

    A metal bar – after a bit of detective work it turned out to be part of an umbrella i had ordered off ebay but it got broken and only part reached me.

  236. Caroline says:

    Recently, a bag of assorted washers with no covering letter to explain where from or what they are for. As a teenager I had a penfriend who would write to me on a whim using whatever paper-like item was to hand. I got letters on chocolate wrappers, cigarette packets, napkins…I don’t think he ever wrote to me on toilet paper, thank goodness!

  237. Clare says:

    A blank postcard with the words I love you scribbled on. No name or address. I still have no idea who it was from.

  238. Kate S says:

    Some worms! (for a wormery)

  239. Anne Eames says:

    A bunch of dead flowers as they had been held up the post due to snow!

  240. Stephen Hoban says:

    A naan bread in tact, royal mail can’t deliver a letter without a crease but this was edible. A joke from a mate.

  241. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    A stick form Ribena to be planted to grow into a blackcurrant bush. Now grown nicely but was just a little twig in a padded envelope to start with!

  242. Vicky R says:

    Remember my postie laughing at me receiving a tin of soup in the post! (Not sure how we guessed it was soup but I was pleased with my little soup and mug win!)

  243. DEBRA ETCHELLS says:

    I got sent a very tiny plastic screw inside a plastic bag with an invoice for £9.99 I never paid it. I never ordered it.

  244. Carys Rainford says:

    a letter with congratulations 10 screws for you, and in the corner of the envelope were 10 tiny screws !!!!

  245. Kelly Woolfrey says:

    I got a wand for mascara….no mascara in the parcel, just the wand!!

  246. Michelle Newman says:

    I received a Christmas potato with a personalised message on and a little hat. Very random!

  247. claire Fawkner says:

    Two loaves of bread!

  248. Irene gilmour says:

    Has to be a tin of beans no idea were I won them from and to make it worse they paid nearly 7 pound to post one tin

  249. Michelle Barnes says:

    A free gift of beard oil. Did make me laugh as I’m as LADY!

  250. Gaynor says:

    A Borat Mankini (runner up prize in a comp )

  251. Jason Northcott says:

    A watch strap

  252. Anthony Harrington says:

    a little box containing wedding cake, however, the box was empty apart from 2 paper clips, never found out who it was from, we didn’t know anyone who got married around this time.There was no indication on the front as to who it was from , no name or address. Think it must have been intended for another address, The name on the front of the box was just addressed to “My Dear Friends’ so that didn’t help.

  253. Anila says:

    Some badges which I didn’t even want … prob promotional post but I wasn’t going to wear them

  254. Leighton Bowd says:

    Someone sent me a nude by post

  255. Brenda says:

    A stethoscope! Good old Amazon packaging, which doesn’t necessarily box everything it sends. It was a neighbour’s and they came it picked up but definitely the oddest thing to come through our door!

  256. Paul Brown says:

    A random copy of the film ‘Enemy Of The State’ on DVD – about 8 years after it had been released… not a clue where it was from as nothing in the envelope with it!

  257. Christine Taylor says:

    A seed packet containing 2 seeds for ENORMOUS marrows!

  258. Karla says:

    From a packet of hankies to box of condoms till 1 loose battery then 1 shoe my list is endless

  259. Amy Butler says:

    A mankini don’t know where from just turned up out of the blue, needless to say it was donated to charity!!

  260. Naomi Shaw says:

    Rods for Roman blinds, to be transported to Switzerland as they couldn’t be sourced there. Only just fitted in our case!

  261. Jolene Yule says:

    Strangest thing we received was a box of car spares which were not for our car but thankfully the right neighbor came to claim it as the delivery note had wrong house number on

  262. Chris Peacock says:

    Although it wasn’t through the post, a double bed was couriered to us quite recently. We didn’t order it and had no idea who it was to go back to as the teenager took delivery and the dog destroyed the invoice before I got home from work. Still sitting in it’s box hoping the original owners ask for it, failing that it’s going to go to charity.

  263. Cara Vaughan says:

    A hunger games poster a couple of years ago. Not sure who from and found it strange at the time, however my daughter is now a huge fan and has it on her wall, happy days

  264. Laura Turner says:

    Some menopause supplements. I’m a long way off there yet.

  265. Heather Haigh says:

    A really ugly 3 foot long plastic light up arrow – the sort of thing that would look at home on the stairs of a seedy night club. And I have no idea where from..

  266. Sandra MacGregor says:

    Teapigs Green Moucha Tea with glass and whisk months supply won in a competition

  267. kelly wheelhouse says:

    I received a catalogue addressed to me for old people shoes and slippers. I’m only 25 for goodness sake!

  268. Lisa Day says:

    Once a parcel came saying live animal inside and i was worried about opening it as i had no idea what was inside.I was thinking that i definately haven’t ordered any live animals,I carefully opened and peered inside and it turned out it was some Aphids for the garden that my dad had ordered but not told me were coming.They were to improve a plant’s health and he wasn’t home at he time to say about it.

  269. Zenath says:

    Flower seeds. I don’t have a garden!

  270. Maria hackett says:

    I won some potatoes in a competition and i thought they would give me a voucher to buy from a supermarket, but no. the posted a sack of potatoes lol

  271. Kate says:

    My friends urine sample!
    She had asked her husband to drop the tube off and post the parcel to me but he just heard post parcel to me so added it to my birthday gift and off it name! Yay Happy birthday me
    Needless to say she was mortified

  272. Sally Johnston says:

    A voodoo doll complete with instructions of where to stick the pins and a box of pins all the way from the USA!

  273. Sandra P Lodge says:

    A tin of Batchelors Bigga Marrow Fat peas from Canada – a joke by my Aunt and a long story 🙂

  274. Kate Leather says:

    A sock…just one mind

  275. John Pepworth says:

    I came home to Skirting board 2.4 meters of it posted through my letter box. The worst thing is it wasn’t mine. It was the neighbour four doors up from me.

  276. Carrie-Lou Talbot-Ashby says:

    I thought I had been targeted by some kind of sadistic Slence of the Lambs killer when I got a peeled face skin in the post. It was actually a ‘resucitation Annie’ dolls face for my Paramedic Dads doll, as his had torn! lol He had ordered from my amazon account so it came to me. Creepy thing! 🙂

  277. Kathy Waterson says:

    Locust! The shop where we got them for my sons bearded dragon had problems with their supplier so we ordered some online and they came in the post!

  278. Duncan Hunt says:

    A postcard from Jasmine Harmine

  279. Debbie Birchall says:

    A cat scratching pole – I have two dogs!

  280. Siobhan Wilcock says:

    Handmade wool pom-poms… several of them. Addressed to myself, no idea where or who they came from. Almost 20 years ago and still bothered till this day not knowing why I got them

  281. Jonny Bibby says:

    The strangest thing posted through my door was a takeaway that the delivery guy posted through because I’d locked the door and misplaced the front door key!

  282. Karen Usher says:

    My Grandma (Bless her sole) had dementia….she posted me a bday present, about 8 months late…..didn’t bother me at all, until I opened the present, I received her big knickers, a coat hanger and some soap she must have used for the last 6weeks!!!! hahaha bless her, its the thought that counts. Yes I returned her knickers, but I did keep the coat hanger!!!

  283. Keith Hill says:

    A hand knitted jock strap, in sparkly wool, with two walnuts inside. It was from a work colleague with too much time on her hands.

  284. Ellen Murray says:

    A free sample of grow more for the lawn We lived in a flat at the time

  285. Lisa Bailey says:

    Suntan lotion that was addressed to someone two streets away and a completely different house number, very odd!

  286. clare summer says:

    a piece of rock from Iceland… random and strange but when i opened the Icelandic Gin with it it became pretty incredible lol

  287. Sherell Minott says:

    The strangest things I received in the post is two axolots (fish with faces arms legs and a tail) lol. Crazy strange cute little things I ordered them online as a gift for my partner for Christmas one year, but didn’t think they would actually come, I didn’t know you can order pets online, but they actually came and he was well chuffed. If you don’t know what they are please google them, then you’ll understand why i was so shocked at these little strange things

  288. Joanne says:

    A letter that was lost in the post and turned up 2 years later !!!!

  289. Anthony Elvy says:

    A sex toy with an invitation to review!!!

  290. Rachael Buckley says:

    The strangest thing I ever received was a set of keys!!!
    I have no idea where they are for! It was posted via Royal Mail, addressed to myself! There was no note attached and no one ever contacted me about them!
    Three years on it drives me mad not knowing what they are for!!

  291. Robynne says:

    My cat’s collar after months it went missing.

  292. Amanda w says:

    Astronaut food…! Completely random and I assume posted through the wrong door!!!

  293. Lewis Jones says:

    Toe nail clippings taped to a card

    My Aunt has a weird sense of humour

  294. Mark says:

    Once was confused why a pair of underpants were in our letterbox. It later turned out that our next door neighbour thought they had blown off our washing line into their garden; they hadn’t, they weren’t ours.

  295. Kirsty Shears says:

    Not that weird but a folding dog bowl randomly turned up. Handy!

  296. Georgina Prince says:

    a random win i guess, a maple syrup sample and maple syrup recipe book, very random i am assuming a runner up prize x

  297. KEV C says:

    a bar of soap, unwrapped! I’m sure it was a friend playing a joke!

  298. Jim Radford says:

    A letter from Teresa May begging me to vote for her!

  299. Eddie says:

    My mail order bride.

  300. Daphne Ormerod says:

    A dozen bottles of sugar syrup from Belgium. I was expecting a win of 4 small taster bottles of coffee flavourings.

  301. Natalie Ainscough says:

    Ants and worms for my brothers Ant and worm farm.

  302. Joshua Chapman says:

    A blow up dildo for my partner

  303. Elaine Hollis says:

    A femidom free sample. Still got it somewhere

  304. Bex allum says:

    A pair of rubber gloves!

  305. Gordon Easton says:

    A toilet seat . Don’t even know where it came from!. Cheers

  306. Claire Simmonds says:

    An inflatable space rocket

  307. Marsha Richardson says:

    A kilo of mixed chillies! It really was a russian roulette whether it was extra spicy or not!

  308. Karen Bond says:

    I won The Ice Company final mop up draw of an Amazon Echo and 3 packs of ice cubes. I was amazed when I was handed a dripping parcel of ice/water – what a mess! It really was a mop up! Lucky that the Echo arrived in a separate parcel!

  309. Guy Chesshire says:

    Rotten fish

  310. Jo Marie says:

    Some artichokes!

  311. Jamie Edwards says:

    A small garden gnome, he was a little bit broken although still sweet. No idea where he came from!

  312. bob burrows says:

    a vegan condom

  313. John Rutland says:

    a dead rat

  314. Martina Pichova says:

    The pizza sunglasses , my son loves wearing them

  315. Ann Goody says:

    Malibu merchandise, of which was a coconut cup/drinking vessel.

  316. Claire Woods says:

    a almost life sized King Kong statue from a competition I entered!

  317. Claire Madder says:

    A roll of packaging tape in a huge jiffy bag with no sender details – twice!

  318. Sue Barton says:

    A years supply of oxogravy granules

  319. Emma nixon says:

    A 6 pack of vivid pink toilet rolls. Random.

  320. Lisa Pope says:

    Masks of the royal family, I still have them, Somewhere

  321. Irn bru sunglasses – totally random. I still have no idea where they came from.

  322. SCOTT CLEAVELEY says:

    A garden rabbit stone ornament that we started leaving in each others houses after we all left our Uni house. That was 5 years ago and it’s still finding its way around the country.

  323. Alison Thackray says:

    A very small bottle of tomato sauce in a huge box within a box within a box – such an anticlimax !

  324. Darrell Perry says:

    I had stayed in a hotel in Italy and left a pair of trainers. I contacted them and they kindly offered to forward them on to me. When the parcel arrived it was far too small and contained a set of false teeth. Something must have got lost in translation

  325. Graham James says:

    A car care kit i did not order did not want no idea who sent it and i did not have a car lol

  326. Tiffeny Brown says:

    A loaf of bread!

  327. Renae shaw says:

    I received a empty package because they forgot to fill the box. I’ve also received a bunch of pies which were yummy

  328. Simon Armstrong says:

    A disembodied paper mache head.

  329. Jessica Trice says:

    Incontinence pad sample ….

  330. Alice Gilkes says:

    The strangest item I have ever received in the post was a pair of knickers.

  331. Stephanie Gray says:

    Some adult incontinence pade i got sent them as a joke from A friend ever since i had to take A wee outside our tent at camping

  332. Chris Roberts says:

    Some liquified plants in a plastic bag. They’d been delivered, by mistake, to an absent neighbour’s post box (on an external fence) and were there for over a month before he came back and gave them to me.

  333. Maddy Jones says:

    My husband to be. He wrapped himself in brown paper, put stamps on the wrapping and wrote on the paper ‘Please DONT return to sender’ from then on I was smitten. If he could make me laugh that much I knew that we would be happy always. This year it’s our 10th wedding anniversary and still smiling

  334. Ben Audsley says:

    5 dressing up costumes – as escaped prisoners!

  335. Asa McKenzie says:

    I once received a present from my Dad’s employers head office. It was a Barbie, they thought from my name I was a girl!

    I was not a happy 7 year old!

  336. Rachel says:

    A bag of earplugs!!! Runner up prize

  337. Katie says:

    Probably a broken mousetrap. It had no end on so anything that went in it would just get out..

  338. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    I once won a Cornish cream Tea hamper, which sounded wonderful, only the cream was out of date, the scones were tiny and stale, the jam was in one of those tiny jars and they included two teabag! Just had to put the kettle on and have a digestive instead

  339. sadia iqbal says:

    Pack of Tenna ladies .

  340. A slice of toast. It had got a little mangled in the post so was in a plastic item damaged in transit bag with just the name address and stamp on. My husband works for Royal Mail and told a friend that they have to process all items posted with a valid stamp so decided to try the theory out.

  341. Kirsty Drakes says:

    A big bottle of tomato ketchup. I thought it was wine, I was very disappointed

  342. Kevin Will says:

    Dog ashes that were for a previous tenant

  343. Phillip Ross says:

    A burst football

  344. Elizabeth Whitney says:

    It was my birthday and on opening the heavy parcel that had come through the post I found a bag of compost, the spider plant and pot arrived the following day!

  345. Gail Oswald says:

    A pad of post it notes!

  346. Darren Rogers says:

    A melted mars bar

  347. Karen Foster says:

    A tube of Polo mint holes. ( Showing my age there 😉 )

  348. Erica Field says:

    The strangest that I’ve ever received in the post was a hamper from NatWest. I sat in a financial review meeting with my three small children a bag full of snacks, an iPad and a desperate smile on my face. The bank representative struggled through the review for an hour. I must’ve looked harassed and exhausted. They were great with me. She appreciated how hard it was to do the review with the children in tow. I was delighted and surprised to receive the hamper with a lovely message. Totally strange. Completely appreciated!

  349. Peter Holland says:

    A box of empty toner cartridges. There was no return address, so I had no idea why they had been posted to my office, and where I was working had nothing to do with cartridges.

  350. Suzanne Drummond says:

    EDIBLE ANTS and EDIBLE COCKROACHES in various BBQ and chill flavours all had there heads and limbs attached was like my own bush tucker trial

  351. Suzanne Drummond says:

    EDIBLE ANTS and EDIBLE COCKROACHES in various BBQ and chill flavours all had there heads and limbs attached

  352. Jade Thomson says:

    A surprise bouquet of black roses from my university housemates. Totally freaked me out.

  353. Glenn F says:

    A small sample pack of biscuits.

  354. David Swift says:

    Tena Lady samples not sure why a guy would be the target.

  355. Beverley Whitby says:

    has to be either a single lightbulb ..still don’t know where it came from …or a Jeremy Corbyn annual which was a runner up prize in a competition LOL

  356. Kyra Cooper says:

    The postman left a calling card stating that the ‘Torso in black bag’ was too big for the letterbox & needed to be collected from the sorting office 🙂 It made me giggle & I guess the postman had a laugh too! It was a Mannequin for selling clothes on eBay.

  357. Mike Nicholson says:

    A bungee jump runner up prize, I hate heights and would pay NOT to do it

  358. Dawn F says:

    I think the weirdest thing I ever received through the post was a measurement tool for glasses. I still have it, just in case I need it.

  359. Allison Sherwood says:

    1 lonely Brillo Pad in a very large shiny jiffy bag and a slip that simply said congratulations.

    No idea where I win it from.

  360. Jean Dougal says:

    A life size working Dalek. I done the competition for my son when he was 5. Needless to say we were well impressed especially by the size of it. My son loved it although it was difficult finding a place to put it

  361. Jo Williams says:

    A box of condoms

  362. Carol Aikin says:

    Some men’s underpants

  363. Robina Ahmed says:

    I have wanted one of these for ages it would be awesome to see who comes to your door when you are not at home

  364. Suzannah says:

    A pair of y-fronts from a well known Irish bookmaker

  365. Jodie Cook says:

    A giant lollipop! It was about a metre long/tall and fully wrapped up……the look on the postie’s face was priceless!

  366. Hayley Cooper says:

    A carrier bag!! An no not the nice bag for life type just a normal plastic bag and i have no idea where it came from!!

  367. Katharine Burrows says:

    I once won all the ingredients to make a cake. They posted everything out!!! Eggs and all! Needless to say there was a right mess in the box when I opened it

  368. Geri Gregg says:

    Probably menopause tablets (i was 19 at the time ) or a plate with Paddy McGuinness on

  369. Natasha Gandy says:

    A valentines card – it was blank and it was sent in October :p Still no idea who or what it was about!

  370. Amelia McCreith says:

    I was sent a small bottle of unicorn tears. I realised it was a sort of gin. Not sure where it came from.

  371. Kim W says:

    My husband said my broomstick was outside the front door. It was wrapped up and looked like it! It was late at night and Amazon must have left it there. I had to laugh as it was Halloween, but it was the apple picker I’d ordered to get the apples down from the tree!

  372. tim poole says:

    Tena Lady samples

  373. Maxine Kirk says:

    Butterfly Larvae, for my Grandsons Butterfly Garden we brought him

  374. Megan Kinsey says:

    A chocolate teapot! It was delicious though

  375. Lindsay Robson says:

    A piece of red carpet from a red carpet event.

  376. shaife thompson says:

    I received a Clam Shell Poster Advertising Oysters with a Vintage Theme to it

  377. June Grist says:

    A brown paper bag with four Jersey royal new potatoes in it!

  378. Lyndsey Shingler says:

    I went through a phase of getting the ‘Racing Pigeon’ magazine sent to me when I was doing the Royal Mail survey. Its full of pictures of (mainly) men of a certain age proudly holding their pigeons (not a euphemism). I think my post man must have thought I was a complete odd ball!

  379. Elisha Broom says:

    A key to nowhere……

  380. Clare Woodman says:

    A pack of Tena ladies

  381. Robina Ahmed says:

    A red envelope sealed with my name and address written beautifully with no return address it was empty no idea who or where from strange

  382. Larry Skeen Smith says:

    A bunjee rope

  383. Samantha Parfitt says:

    I wrote a letter to my nan when we lived in Germany telling her I was a huge WWF fan. And in the post a few weeks later I got a letter back with leaflets about animal brutality and unnecessary killings and to pick one I liked…………………….(she intended to empty the penny jar she had saved for us to make a donation to help the animals)…………………..which is a lovely gesture…………………but especially disturbing since I was about 8 at the time and the WWF I was referring to was the WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION!!!!!!!!!!

  384. Helen Rodwell says:

    A couple of “Happy Christmouse” tree decorations. They were little white paper mice and I don’t know where they came from.

  385. Karen Weedon says:

    I received some fish food ( I don’t have any fish…)

  386. Leisa says:

    Some weird ‘cat licking’ devices that you stick to the wall for your cat to lick!! Never did find the correct owner

  387. Kim Neville says:

    Tena Lady samples 🙂


    A mug with a frog in the base of it. Not a real frog but same ceramic as the mug.

  389. Lynn Brown says:

    Jersey potatoes in a hessian sack

  390. Sofie Newborough says:

    A bible FAO Reverend Spinky…(!)

  391. Becky John says:

    An adult toy! It wasn’t until I opened it I realised it was for my next door neighbour who at the time was 97!

  392. Laura Blackburn says:

    Chicken nugget Christmas lights

  393. Michelle Jones says:

    A banana! My friend was a poster who said as long as there is a full address and stamp on they have to deliver…. so he wanted to prove it to me

  394. Patricia Bond says:

    Just a sheet of paper with my name and address on, no clue as to who sent it. Weird!

  395. Sarah Robinson says:

    A empty envelope ☹️

  396. Tracey Belcher says:

    Probably a packet of dead lug worms coated in salt. They were for a keen fisherman who wanted to try out this type of fishing bait!

  397. Andrea Goodheart says:

    I came home to find a huge parcel had been left outside my door, hidden behind a gate. It was a lawn mower! I presume I’d won it in a competition but had no recollection of which competition and there was no paperwork with it so I was never able to thank a kind promoter!

  398. Julie says:

    A little plastic thingy supposed to support a mobile phone on my desk – except it didn’t hold the weight and kept collapsing – really glad I won that!

  399. Gillian Turner says:

    A hot water tank jacket insulator. No idea, where from, who from, it’s in a cupboard somewhere!

  400. Karen Walder says:

    About 3 months ago i got a condom in the post!!! It was addressed to me but where it came from i’ve no idea.

  401. Carena Tennant says:

    A box full of ball-bearings. Like bomb building ball-bearings, to my neighbour from Iraq. I placed that box oh so carefully in the alleyway! Turned out it was for something to do with science…. apparently!

  402. Caroles says:

    A toilet roll to review.

  403. Rebecca James says:

    A giant inflatable pretzel!

  404. Peter Watson says:

    A few years back someone for some reason sent me a chlamydia testing kit.I didn’t use it.

  405. Morag Allan says:

    12 bottles of car wax in 12 difference parcels

  406. Diane Radford says:

    A 10p with a Fish on.

  407. Phil Reeves says:

    A guitar, no note or indication as to who it was from.

  408. Megan Fitt says:

    A potato with Hey Spuddy cut in to it

  409. Pauline Dring says:

    The strangest item I’ve ever received in the post was a recorded delivery letter with a random advertising leaflet in.

  410. A Ladies summer dress size small

  411. Keena says:

    Strangest item I’ve ever received in the post has to be some Tena Lady samples.

  412. Jo says:

    I once received some fish oil. Completely random and I still don’t know where it came from.

  413. Fraser Johnson says:

    One single new lollipop. In a sealed envelope, with no letter. Tasted alright though!

  414. Annabel Greaves says:

    I received a sample of cereals that was already out of date

  415. Paula says:

    1 sock – it must have been a sample I think!

  416. A hospital appointment letter with no date or time menioned

  417. Vicky Duncan says:

    Weirdest thing ive recieved was cat food. I dont know where it came from… I dont even own a cat

  418. Giacomino Parkinson says:
    This is a practical review of the Ring Doorbell. Worth a read. WG

  419. Noreen says:

    A sock, just the one!

  420. Mrs Patricia Walpole says:

    A birthday card from Yorkshire Tea with a gold teabag 🙂 (Yorkshire Gold, of course) and I get one evrey year 🙂

  421. Beverley smith says:

    Sample tena incontinence pads! No idea where they came from and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have entered a competition for them! And a Christmas card from aunty Irene… idea who she is!

  422. Audrey JESTIN says:

    an antenna ball!!!

  423. Karen Tranmer says:

    A cardboard box housing a cranberry bush! Had received no prior notification of this prize!

  424. Laura antill says:

    Some of those slimming noodles.. a mystery win from Holland and bareats

  425. Lyndsey cooksey says:

    A Miffy ( a child’s book character) badge… Yes a badge, size of a twenty pence piece…. I needed to Sign for it! I had to go and fetch it as I wasn’t in, but you can imagine my excitement thinking I’d won something brilliant for it have been signed for… For a badge!

  426. Katie Wilson says:

    A small little plastic sandwich of about 6 baked beans. It was a booby prize from a local competition!

  427. Sara Straw says:

    A severed head…. Well it was one of those hairstyle practice heads for my daughter but big clumps came out as soon as you brushed it. It looked too scary for a child too. Swiftly returned and refunded!

  428. Jacqueline Cox says:

    gold underpants – a runner up prize that many others would remember too.

  429. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev) says:

    A bowel cancer testing kit – (not a competiton win ;)) )

  430. Jackie Walter says:

    A Michael Kors watch with only my postcode on it the packaging all ripped, no letter or anything to tell me where it had come from and I have no idea what competition it might have been a prize from.

  431. Claire S says:

    A miniature planing saw! It was like kids size but obviously for adult use!

  432. Elizabeth Jones says:

    A live queen bee, carefully packaged, which I had ordered to re-queen my existing colony.

  433. iain maciver says:

    a cupcake for my birthday

  434. Tracey Gwynne says:

    A rubber angry talking ‘Pepperami (remember those in a promotion a few years back), that was half way out of the packaging. To say an innuendo-based ‘Carry On’ moment ensued is taking it lightly!

  435. Catherine Dimmer says:

    A 3 foot wooden statue of the Virgin Mary turned up in my doorstep, i kid you not. No letter no note just arrived one day when I was in the police. Funny but weird.

  436. Holly king says:

    Just for men hair dye

  437. Tracey Ashburn says:

    Marmite toothpaste.

  438. Sue Clarke says:

    A regular size Onken choose my own flavour yogurt in a huge insulated package and box. I was expecting a much smaller, plain box but it was specifically designed for the competition.

  439. Kirsty Connor says:

    A Paddy McGuinness plate and oven glove!

  440. Ash R says:

    Nothing strange but we do get some lovely drawings for my son from his friend next door, the imagination of 7 year olds cannot be underestimated! 🙂

  441. David Douglas says:

    A jesus Christ fancy dress costume. It was a runner up prize apparently in a easter comp!!

  442. Samantha McDonough says:

    A Benedict Cumberstitch – cross stitch book. Still haven’t stitched anything from it but I’m sure I will do at some point.

  443. Alison Walker-Hyde says:

    An enema!
    Very grateful that they do routine bowel screening when you reach a certain age but I was hoping it was a comp win!

  444. Janice Dunn says:

    I received a clothing catalogue through the post from Fifty Plus clothing. I was only 30!

  445. Janine Learner says:

    Not had anything strange, but a few years ago I was waiting for an order from Lakeland and signed for a delivery which turned out not to be what I ordered but a fabulous food hamper. When I called them they told me to just keep it (and they sent my order). I’d just started a diet that week so decided to give the hamper to my lovely next door neighbour instead of keeping it and being tempted off my diet.

  446. juliette morrison says:

    A supply of disposal bags for sanitary towels -althought they were tiny and not very useful

  447. Lynne O'Connor says:

    I think it has to be the item that turned up this week with no cover note or even a clue as to where it came from. It was a foam insulator t-junction for an outdoor tap. Absolutely no idea why

  448. claire blaney says:

    has to be a full size cut out of a celebrity, it was so creepy lol

  449. Vicky M says:

    A box of 6 warm fresh hot pies – a courier dropped them by my door without a note of even knock on the door….I just heard noises outside my door and when I opened it there were these warm hot pies haha….that was quite a nice free lunch I had that day….and the next! They were handmade and very posh and tasty!

  450. A squirrel wheel! You are supposed to attach corn to various screws, and watch the squirrel try and eat the corn whilst the wheel spins. Here is a video of one I found on the internet –

  451. terence mealing says:

    A wooden leg

  452. Tina Deacon says:

    1 bulb for the garden, I did plant it but it never grew still not sure where it came from

  453. Jordan jarmain says:

    Someone posted us a the back half of a Christmas card with ‘god loves you’ scrawled across it in massive letters. No idea lol

  454. Claire Plumb says:

    I got an inflatable Elephant though the post. I thought it was a towel I’d won. Never mind. My son thinks its fab

  455. Tanya Grant says:

    A Pelvic floor toner

  456. Mrs Linda Watson says:

    Colon cleanse tablets….absolutely no idea who from…

  457. Lauren Price says:

    My captain birds eye calendar, some things can’t be unseen!

  458. Jane orford says:

    A teabag, just the one

  459. Linda Coomber says:

    A 10 foot huge roll of thick black plastic, no idea where it came from used as a weed control cover under the gravel in the garden.

  460. Fiona Hogan says:

    A bowel preparation kit for my husband. I was looking after my Granddaughter that day and we rang my hubby to see if she could open the parcel . We didn’t know what it was so imagine trying to explain that one to a 5 year old lol xx

  461. Cara whitehead says:


  462. Mrs Sabrina Fancy says:

    An expired box of chocolates-some which were missing!

  463. Chris Andrews says:

    ha ha l’ve had fun reading other strange items, but mine is really quite mundane in comparison . . . . . a pack of crumpets one day past their use by date, they went straight in the bin

  464. Zoey P says:

    A garter and to this day have no idea where or who sent it

  465. Emily Hutchinson says:

    A kipper! Apparently it was a delicacy sent from a friend while on holiday in Whitby, but to me it was a jiffy bag with a smelly dead fish in it 🙁

  466. Bernie Pilling says:

    Flowers from my husband out of the blue! I was suspicious?!

  467. nolene oneill says:

    A 5ft Black steel rod! My name and address still have no idea what it is or what it was for, its now a lovely addition to my parents Gazebo for the hanging baskets

  468. Linda Spevick says:

    Ayears supply of coloured condoms!366…must have been a leap year!

  469. Nicola clarkson says:

    I received one incontinence nappy. Thankfully I had no need for this 🙂

  470. sandy lynn ralph says:

    some nipple clamps after i entered a competition to win a mystery prize on twitter but it wasn’t even anything like an Ann summers page either lol

  471. Robert Kearney says:

    I got a plain white apron, no note. Nothing to say who it was from, I still use it now.

  472. Jenny kwan says:

    Packet of Viennese whirls from my mum when I was living abroad

  473. Marian Fievez says:

    A shoe drier !!! Apparently for your trainers

  474. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    One of my first wins, a Scottish football supporters songbook, I’m Welsh!

  475. Rich Jones says:

    A half finished chocolate bar. Had visited relatives, started the bar, decided I didn’t like it and forgot it.
    When I was back home I got a ‘missed delivery’ card. Crossed the city, opened the package hoping for something good and .. saw the wrapper 🙁

  476. CJ Ferguson says:

    A headless dog toy

  477. Sian Williams says:

    I was told I had won some chocolates but a packed of broken biscuits turned up instead. I still ate them though!

  478. Davina M says:

    A packet of (crushed) crisps!

  479. Caroline Benton says:

    200 used roof tiles,,, they came in 5 large boxes… the courier had got my order make up mixed up with someone else random tiles

  480. Naomi Williams says:

    A couple of tea bags

  481. Polly Klidaras says:

    A document saying I now own a piece of the moon, coordinates and all!

  482. Amanda Tanner says:

    A penis chastity belt thing, it was a prize, I’ve still got it somewhere (unused). Really strange looking thing but it gave me and my work colleagues a good laugh.

  483. Elloise Birch says:

    Dog food prize which was supposed to be cat food
    Jaspurrr wasn’t pleased!

  484. Tess D says:

    A Single toffee! it was sent in a huge envelope too!

  485. Tracey Harman says:

    That would be my first ever text to win competition prize back in 2000 , I was told I had won an uncut Sapphire , what turned up looked like a small childs black bogey . Not Impressed

  486. Evette Gabriella Williams says:

    Pants to go in handbag for when I’m caught short

  487. Wendy Malone says:

    Tena lady pads never ordered any and I don’t seriously need them

  488. Deborah Swain says:

    A box full of cake crumbs!!! It should have been a sponge cake, won through a company that sent cakes trough to post!! I honestly think the postman ate the cake , and, left me the crumbs!!!!

  489. Andrea Dimmick says:

    All I can think of is the pens they put in envelopes to “help” you fill out claims/charity donations,……never found one that works.

  490. Jennifer Stevenson says:

    a tiny bean with my name on it

  491. Georgina Jacobs says:

    In 2014 I received some Ecover Multi action wipes through the door and still no idea if it was a win or not!

  492. Sara Davies says:

    A pregnancy test kit! I have had a hysterectomy so definitely no use to me!

  493. Lucy robinson says:

    An inflatable avocado

  494. Jane H Shaw says:

    An empty spray bottle lol

  495. Susan Laing says:

    Probably a single tea bag. The envelope was damaged so there probably was a leaflet with it originally but by the time it got to me just a single tea bag.

  496. Cath Lord says:

    Not strange as such but surprising. Over 20 parcel each containing a pc game from the same competition, I don’t think anyone else had entered!

  497. Denise Davies says:

    Live mice. Took in for the medical students next door.

  498. Terri Dudey says:

    Topper for my car arial

  499. Val Pownall says:

    A dead stick in a tube. At least that’s what it looked like. I nearly binned it, but stuck it in a flower pot instead and it is now an 8ft tall mountain ash tree.

  500. Naina clayton says:

    a curved rectangle piece of plastic that turned out to be a magnifying glass. never ordered it or entered a competition for it!

  501. Tracy Hanley says:

    Small ring box with 2 small teeth in , i have asked everybody i know if they sent them but havent found out yet who sent them and whos they are

  502. Rita Mistry says:

    A childs dummy, the two kids in my household are 6 and 10. I gave it to a friend of mine. The weird part is that it didn’t even say who sent it. Maybe someone wanted me to shut up lol, not that i’m much of a talker.

  503. Cara Holmes says:

    A Jiffy bag full of screws and bolts from ikea in Germany!

  504. Lee says:

    Mine was a single coffee coastee with a picture of david jason on it random

  505. Angie McDonald says:

    Would have to be a pack of Fake Moustaches from Cash Converters for Movember!

  506. Tina Mansfield says:

    As a compers you get odd things all the time. But by far my funniest was a loaf of bread! I thought they might send a voucher. But no it was a loaf of bread by special 24 hour delivery costing 20x the cost of the loaf and it wasn’t even fresh! My postie still reminds me when I sign for a parcel

  507. Karen Dixon says:

    I once got sent a bag of beads, no idea where from there were about 50 glass beads the postage was in chinese, completely random.

  508. Kirsty B says:

    A hamster ball filled with loose hamster food. My sister though she was being smart keeping the package small

  509. Cat Williams says:

    One single, solitary cotton bud. I really should check the free sample pages properly before applying for things.

  510. An empty Jiffy Bag. It was still sealed, not ripped or open anywhere either. No idea what was meant to be in it, that was very strange.

  511. Donna Tully says:

    The strangest item was when I order a lovely travel cot for my son (we are talking 12 years ago now) I spotted an absolute bargain online. It’s the last thing we needed before going away for a break. It arrived……… it was for a doll!! I was mortified when I opened it. #alwayscheckthemeasurements.

  512. Nneka ike says:

    I have never received anything strange before but I would love to receive the numbers for a future lottery draw. Now that would be strange!

  513. Dawn McBride says:


    • Dawn McBride says:

      Not really, that’s not very strange but the strangest thing I received was probably a pack of googly eyes

  514. Laura Skinner says:

    The strangest thing I ever received in the post was a chlamydia testing kit. Hadn’t sent for it, it just turned up unannounced in the post one day! Very random!

  515. Rebecca Townsend says:

    57 1p coins, no note to say who or where from and it cost the poster a heck of a lot more than 57p to post too!

  516. Melody Morris says:

    The strangest thing that has arrived by post was beard oil! A random unexpected win!

  517. Jane Wilson says:

    Competition prizes that I sometimes feel bad that I even entered due to the environmental impact of manufacturing like the can of polo holes.

  518. Lauren Reed says:

    Mine was probably 6 Seahorse glittery Christmas decorations! No idea where they came from or who and not sure what Seahorses have to do with Christmas?!

  519. Sarah Huddlestone says:

    A sample of cat food!!! I don’t own a cat, never have and wouldn’t have sent for one so still not sure where it came from!

  520. Jo m welsh says:

    A pack of solider feet to stand bread in when you have soft boiled egg

  521. Jay says:

    A pair of my fancy knickers that had blown next door

  522. Lindsay Seels says:

    A slice of wedding cake which was sent in the summer while we where away in Florida for 4 weeks. On our return when we opened the front door we where greeted by a mass of ants!

  523. Kristyn Harris says:

    When I worked as an accounts secretary I once received a VERY sharp ‘memo holder’ spike with someones receipts for the year attached to it!

  524. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    A scorpion in a lollipop luckily dead. And no we didn’t eat it

  525. Gemma blake says:

    A life size storm trooper model!

  526. Vicky Riches says:

    A chilli plant which was fine when it arrived but despite my best efforts died

  527. Susan Leach says:

    Sample of men’s incontinence underwear

  528. Lucy Rigley says:

    A post-it note from my dad – just a single one!

  529. Sharlene Keise says:

    A bacon sandwich

  530. Mark Ralph says:

    I got sent 2 x sprouts and a carrot and a message to make my own dinner!.

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