Win a Tesla in the new Yeo Valley competition

For their new promotion, Yeo Valley and renewable energy company Octopus Energy have gone green – and teamed up to give away a Tesla electric car worth up to £40,000! In addition, there’s the chance to instantly win one of 10,000 young trees. 

Win a Tesla or fruit trees

There are 10,001 prizes available to be won in this promotion – the car is guaranteed to be won.

  • 1 x blue Tesla Model 3 standard range plus worth up to £40,490
  • 10,000 young fruit trees, which you can plant yourself or ask Octopus to plant for you.

How to enter the Tesla competition

  • Buy a flashed Yeo Valley product – you can find the promotion on yogurt, milk and butter.
  • Look for your unique code under the lid, on the label or inside the cardboard packaging
  • Enter your details, plus the code at – you’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize and must follow the on screen instructions to claim it
Win a Tesla with Yeo Valley

Make sure you’re trying to enter a code from a promotional pack, as other codes will NOT be valid for this promotion – you can still claim Yeokens with these non-promo codes though!

About the instant win format

Unfortunately the Tesla competition is the type of algorithmic promotion where the prizes are only ‘available’ to be won. Every code entered has the same chance of winning – eg. if there are 20 million promotional packs, and 10,001 prizes to be won, then only approximately 1 in every 2,000 codes entered will be a winner. Unlike a winning moment promotion, the time you enter your code will make no difference to your chance of winning a prize in this promotion.

Because so few people bother to input codes for this type of promotion, it’s likely that less than 4% of the 10,000 trees will be won. And of course, with millions of promotional Yeo Valley products on the shelves, this also means the chance of the single winning code for the car prize being entered is absolutely tiny!

However, like the 2019 Yeo Valley birthday promotion, the good news is that if the Tesla isn’t won instantly before the promotion ends on 13th August 2020, it will be given away in a prize draw from every entry received – which is a great idea!

As well as the possibility of an instant win, each code you enter also earns you Yeokens, which can be used to enter more prize draws at – log in and scroll down to ‘Win with your Yeokens’ to take part.

For more information about this competition, check the FAQs and T&Cs at And if you have any problems entering your code, email and they will try to help.

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7 Responses

  1. MHL says:

    Where on this link does one enter the code?

  2. ALI BARLOW says:

    Hi Di, I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of anyone winning the Yeo Valley instant wins. I must have entered hundreds and hundreds of codes over the years and haven’t won a sausage!

    • Di says:

      I’ve heard of a couple of winners over the years, but not many! PromoVeritas run these competitions and do say that only 4% of prizes are usually won. I always think quite a lot of non-compers enter the Yeo Valley promotions!

      • ALI BARLOW says:

        Thanks Di,
        I’ve bought their yogurt for years, but getting to the point that I can’t be bothered to enter anymore! Lol!

  3. Keith Diggle says:

    Why do you make it so difficult to enter the Tesla competition? My iPad is about to run out of power because it has taken me so long – and I still haven’t found out how to enter!

  4. Ramona says:

    Please let me win .

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