Win cash with the HQ Trivia app

Have you played HQ Trivia yet? The app has taken the US by storm! HQ live streams to your phone, like a mini quiz show. 12 multiple choice questions are asked – if you get all 12 correct, you get a share of the prize money (usually $1000) paid into your PayPal account.

Thousands of people are already addicted, and yesterday HQTrivia even introduced a special UK version of the game, with a £500 cash prize (although nobody is quite sure if the UK version is a regular feature yet!)

How to play HQ Trivia

  • Download the HQ Trivia app here – currently it’s only for iOS, but Android is coming soon!
  • Sign up with a username and phone number
  • Make sure you allow push notifications so you’ll know when it’s about to go live!
  • The main game is on every weekday at 3pm and 9pm East Coast time (8pm and 2am UK time)
  • The UK version of the game was at 3pm yesterday, but I’m not sure yet how regular it will be!
  • There’s a countdown before the quiz begins, and you can see how many are playing in the top left of the screen
  • Watch the quiz live, and tap your answer within ten seconds of the question appearing

  • Give a wrong answer, and you’re out, although you can continue to watch
  • Gain extra lives by sharing your referral code to friends – when a friend plays, you can earn an extra life (use one extra life per game)
  • If you win, you’ll get a pop up message and can click through to get paid by PayPal!

HQ does have a comments section, which can be really distracting because so many people are commenting nonsense at once! If you want to remove it, swipe right.

I’d love it if you used my code SuperluckyDi, which will give me an extra life in the game. To add it, tap the three dots beside your profile photo and ‘add referral code’. Thanks!

Play HQ Trivia and win cash prizes

Although HQ Trivia is lots of fun, like a lot of apps I’m not sure how long it will last before they run out of funding for the prizes. There is talk of brand partnerships and advertising in the future – so let’s see if the fun lasts!

Have you played HQ yet – how many questions did you manage to get right?

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