Win Deliveroo vouchers on Magic Radio!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this promotion has been cut short.

Magic Radio are giving away a whopping 600 prizes of £50 Deliveroo vouchers over the next few months – a total prize fund of £30,000!

This is a good competition to try if you’re new to radio comps and aren’t quite brave enough to call in just yet. 

Win Deliveroo vouchers

To enter, listen for the presenter to tell you that day’s topic, then get in touch with your message or story. If your entry is read out on air,  you win a £50 Deliveroo voucher in the form of a code to use on the Deliveroo website/app.  Winners will need to set up an account with Deliveroo to redeem their prize. 

The Deliveroo on-air promotions are running on the Breakfast Show (6am – 10am on weekdays) and also the Saturday mid-morning show (10am – 1pm).

Magic Saturday Squad

The Magic Radio #SaturdaySquad competition celebrates your children’s achievements and successes, and is running every Saturday until 9th May 2020. Listen to the Dan Morrissey show between 10am and 1pm, and up to 30 winners of a £50 Deliveroo voucher will be announced on air every week. 

How to enter

You need to text in your entries for the Saturday Squad competition. 

To enter, send a text message to 61054 during the show and start your message with MAGIC, followed by your story/message. Your message should explain why you’re celebrating your child’s (or children’s) wins this week. For example, they’ve achieved something at school, or have helped out around the house. Include your own name and location too. This is a standard rate text, so will cost about 10p. 

If you’re chosen as a winner, you’ll receive a return message of congratulations and will hear your message read out on air. You might be invited on air to talk about your entry. Winners will hear more about their prize from a member of the Bauer team within three weeks, although it’s likely to be the following week. 

Note that on Leap Year Day, the instructions were changed and you could also text in your Leap Day birthday messages or anniversaries – so you don’t necessarily have to be a proud parent!

Magic Breakfast promotion

The Magic Breakfast ‘That Deserves A Deliveroo’ promotion is only running during the following weeks with up to 15 winners per day:

  • Monday 16th March to Friday 20th March 2020 from 6am – 10am
  • Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April 2020 from 6am – 10am

For the breakfast show promotion, they will tell you what that day’s  topic is and then you get in touch with your message, either by texting it to 61054 (start with MAGIC), or calling the studio on 0344 477 7888. Tune in at about 7.30am to hear the topic!

It’s fine to enter this competition multiple times, so keep trying! I entered #SaturdaySquad for the last three weeks and finally got my message read out on Saturday – “My 10 year old son Ryland started street dance classes in 2018 and this week he was awarded the Student of The Month certificate for the first time! He’s really proud and has been dancing in the kitchen all week!”. Magic called me two days later on Monday, and emailed through my Deliveroo code straight away.

Find the T&Cs for the Magic & Deliveroo promotion here

Good luck if you give this one go – and please let me know if you win!

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