Win Early Man prizes with Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley are running a new promotion to celebrate the cinema release of ‘Early Man’ in January. Buy a flashed pack of yogurts or milk, enter the code from inside the packaging and you could instantly win a cave man weekend – or one of a thousand Early Man goodie bags!

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional Yeo Valley product (it’s on yogurt, Little Yeos yogurt and milk!)
  • Enter the unique code from the packaging (under the lid of yogurts, behind the milk label or inside the cardboard sleeve) at
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize!

The prizes

  • One 2-night ‘caveman break’, staying one night at a local country pub and one night in Yeo Valley with all meals and transfers included. The prize includes a tour of Cheddar Caves, foraging for food experience, primitive shelter building, fire lighting skills workshop, preparation and cooking of meals; and primitive tool making.
  • 1,000 goodie bags (drawstring bag, Dug plush toy, mini modelling kit, frisbee, scratch note pad and stickers)
  • There are also 10 goodie bags to be won in the wrap up draw.

Unlike most Yeo Valley promotions (where the prizes are only available to be won, and less than 5% of them are claimed) this one guarantees prizes will be won after winning moments so there will be a better chance of a win – especially if you enter in the very early hours of the morning before everyone is eating their breakfast! (I won my goodie bag at 7.17am).

The main instant win promotion ends on 22nd March 2018, with a late entry draw closing on 3rd May 2018 with ten Goody Bag prizes.

Want to know more about how instant win promotions work and which ones give you the best chance of a prize? Read my guide to purchase necessary promotions.

I’ve only seen the promotion on kids yogurts in a couple of supermarkets so far, but no doubt they’ll be everywhere in January, so try and get hold of them early!

Good luck – you can read the full T&Cs here.

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  1. Cayden says:

    The movie is so cool I really want to watch it

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