Win epic trips when you buy Original Source

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  1. ruth berry says:

    No, are you going to advertise the winners?

    • Di says:

      It’s not my job to share winners details Ruth – that’s up to Original Source, and unfortunately at the moment due to GDPR and an imminent change in the CAP Code there’s no requirement for the winners details to be shared at all.

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks Di! I just bought 2 bottles but the codes are the same on both? I’m sure I have the right codes (8 digits in white panel above the barcodes on the back of the bottle) Maybe I should contact them as if there are more of the same codes out there then surely the codes are invalid?

    • Di says:

      The codes are batch codes Tina, so the chances are if you buy a few of the same bottle from the same shop you’ll find the same code on each – that’s why they state in T&Cs that it’s important you keep a receipt for EVERY entry. So if someone enters the same batch code 20 times, and wins a prize – they’ll have to show receipts to prove they bought 20 bottles!

      • Tina H says:

        Ah okay. Thanks so much for explaining that Di. I’m happy I can enter for each bottle purchased as I have the receipt safely filed away. Good luck!

  3. Lynne Norris says:

    Hiya Di, I take it you can enter more than once in each seperate draw?

    • Di says:

      Yes! As many times as you like in all four draws – but make sure you keep all those bottle labels and receipts!

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