Lidl Movie Moments 2019

Spend over £40 in one transaction at Lidl before the end of 2019 – and you could win one of 10,000 family Cineworld tickets!

Lidl first ran this generous promotion in December 2018 and LOADS of my readers won tickets (I used my prize tickets to take Ryland and friend to see the BTS ‘Love Yourself in Seoul’ movie!)

This time round there are four draws, each one with 2500 family tickets on offer – and you can enter all of them!

The prizes

  • 10,000 winners will win a family Cineworld cinema ticket (valid for two adults and two children)

How to enter

  • Spend over £40 in one transaction at Lidl
  • Enter your name and email address at
  • Upload a clear photo of your receipt
  • If the date and total amount isn’t clear enough, you may be asked to check and re-upload a photo

You can enter multiple times before it closes on 31st December 2019, but need a new receipt each time.  The prizes are split, with 2,500 tickets awarded in each of these four prize draws:

  1. Shop between 1st February and 11th April – enter before 15th April 2019.
  2. Shop between 19th April and 27th June – enter before 4th July 2019.
  3. Shop between 27th June and 8th August – enter before 23rd August 2019.
  4. Shop between 27th September and 26th December – enter before 31st December 2019.

The promotion is open to UK residents, and the 2,500 lucky winners from each draw will be contacted within five days of the draw.

NEW! From 7th February – 20th March 2019 you can also enter to win a Jet2 holiday with the same LIDL receipt. See more details here. 

You can read full T&Cs on the website at – good luck!


During August 2019, when you shop at Lidl you can also enter to win Jet2 holidays! Find out more at

14 Responses

  1. Gill says:

    Hi Di,
    Thanks for all the info. I’m just wondering, with the Lidl Comp. you have to spend £40. In my newspaper today, there is a coupon to get £10 off a £40 shop. Do you think that would then not count as an eligible quailie, as what you actually pay will be £30 but before the discount, will show £40 on the receipt, IYSWIM? I rarely spend that much in one shop these days but don’t want to make a wasted entry.

    • Di says:

      Unfortunately I do think you’d need to make a £50 spend to ensure the final total you paid is over £40! Otherwise you’re only actually spending £30. Maybe you could stock up on your storecupboard bits ready for Christmas!

      • Gill says:

        Thanks, Di. I think you might be right. Not sure hubby will appreciate my adding more goodies to an already growing BREXIT pile of goodies (mostly of comp. quallie items) but I’ll work on him!

  2. Gary Anderson says:

    I’m no longer getting acknowledgements for entries that need verifying. This is such a generous competition but the character recognition software is hopeless. No matter how clear the receipt the entry is rarely accepted first time. To be fair they’ve been pretty quick at verifying it’s a legitimate entry in the first few months. But now the process has stopped. I doubt I’ll enter again until last week’s entries are verified. It’s a lot of time and effort if they’re just disappearing into thin air.

  3. Linda Wilkinson says:

    Has anyone had any wins from this yet the first draw of the year would have finished yesterday and the next one starts 19th April. Hoping for a win from this.

    • Di says:

      I’ve not heard of any winners yet Linda, but it took a while after their December promotion ended to email people. Good luck!

      • Linda Wilkinson says:

        Thanks Di – the terms say they will email within 5 days but I guess I am pushing my luck that they will email that quick. I won on the last one so was hoping for a win again this time. Good luck too Di!

      • Linda Wilkinson says:

        Hi Di, have you heard yet when the winning emails will be sent out for this one. Going by last time, I was thinking maybe Tuesday or Wednesday? Good luck.

  4. Gary Anderson says:

    It seems no matter how clear your receipt is you are asked to check it and resubmit. Lidl TRs have the amount spent in big blocks, a very large and bold font. So this can’t be the issue. I’ve submitted two receipts so far. On one I highlighted the date and on the other I just left it plain. I was asked to resubmit both for scrutiny. I’ve not had an email confirming either has been accepted. I don’t suppose I will. If Lidl have to check 80% of these receipts they’ll have a job and a half on their hands. I imagine they’ll just let them go through. After all, you’d be an idiot to try and gain an entry with an invalid TR. What would be the point. Great competition.

  5. Linda Hampton says:

    In the ‘Lidl Moments’ magazine that was posted through our door yesterday there is a £5 discount voucher on a spend of £30, valid from 12/01/2019 to 30/01/2019. Just above it is an article ‘Just the ticket’ detailing a competition/ draw for the chance to win Cineworld family cinema tickets. For the chance to win one of these you are directed to this sight only to be told:

    You can enter multiple times before it closes on 31st December 2018, but need a new receipt each time. The promotion is open to UK residents, and the 1,000 lucky winners will be contacted by 11th January 2019.

    Could you explain this anomaly please.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the comment Linda! Lidl are re-running this promotion which was originally in December 2018 (with 1,000 tickets), but with 10,000 tickets available for 2019. I’ve updated my blog post here to reflect the new promotion – and you need to enter at rather than here on my blog. Good luck!

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