Win game-changing prizes every hour with Walkers, Pepsi & Doritos Perfect Match

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  1. Spencer says:

    Seems to me very odd that there are no winners on this, big or small prize.

  2. Mrs Lawrence W King says:

    I keep trying entering the code from the back of Max Strong three letters followed by space three numbers space three more numbers ?

  3. mick says:

    Entered code ‘GBC202120B’ as on packet, your website says ‘invalid’. Waste of time.

  4. DENISE HALEY says:

    I can remember the last time this competition was run, one ‘comper’ posted on Facebook about her winning 5 televisions, and was bemused that her 5th was not sent – she was of course given no sympathy. Does anyone remember this.

  5. Luke says:

    I entered this at about 7AM on a Friday morning when my newborn decided to wake up. Won one of the LG TV’s.

  6. Lyn Shephard says:

    I haven’t seen any promotional packets on any walkers or Doritos, only Pepsi. Has anybody seen the actual promotional packets anywhere? I’ve seen normal crisps everywhere but not the promotional ones?!

    • Di says:

      They have the Walkers MAX bags in my local Tesco Express (Brighton). I’ve not seen the Doritos yet!

  7. Scott Kerr says:

    i have bought numerous promotion packs of Pepsi Max but all of them share only 2 batch codes, 0083 & 0084. Can I use these codes for multiple entries?

    • Di says:

      Yes you can, just make sure you keep the receipt(s) safe just in case you’re a winner and they ask to see them!

  8. Elaine Jones says:

    Further to my previous comment, Walkers have now come back to me to say when entering the code, don’t include the last letter, I tried it and that seems to now work.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for letting me know Elaine – I will add this tip to the blog post in case anyone else is struggling!

  9. Elaine Jones says:

    I tried yesterday to enter a code which was on my Doritos pack but kept on saying invalid qualifaction code. I checked the code several times but still would not work unfortunately. The code on my pack that I tried was GBC101100D.

  10. Caroline Cordery says:

    So say you buy 2 packs with 2 different batch codes for your 2 entries a day. I’m a bit confused as to whether you can enter the same pack codes again the next day?

    • Harry says:

      You can’t (officially anyway).

      Confusingly, in the T&C’s they call the codes ‘promo codes’ which would generally mean they’re unique, but elsewhere it states the code is beside the best before date which would indicate it’s a batch code.

      “Multiple entries are permitted throughout the Promotion, providing each entry is accompanied by a separate purchase and itemised receipt, and a different promo code. Each promo code can only be entered once.”

      • Di says:

        I’m reserving judgement until the promotion starts, and I can test the codes out!

        • Caroline Cordery says:

          Thanks both. I mean, we could easily have bought X number of packs with the same batch codes, couldn’t we?

          • Harry says:

            For those in the know, are the promo codes (or batch codes presumably) the same on different items of the same product? I haven’t been to a supermarket in 2 months and I miss not being able to do detective work!

            They can’t link a batch code to a receipt and if batch codes are shared among a number of items (hence batch) they also can’t realistically require a different code for every entry.

            I need answers!…anyone? 🙂

  11. Emma Gough says:

    This sounds fantastic Di. A new TV is top of my wish list this year. Wishing you lots of luck. Em x

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