Win game-changing prizes every hour with Walkers, Pepsi & Doritos Perfect Match

This post is about the 2020 Pepsi & Doritos Champions League promotion – click here for details of the new 2021 GET MATCH READY competition!

Even though this year’s Champions League has been postponed, with hopes that the remaining fixtures might be played ‘behind closed doors’ in summer, it doesn’t mean we miss out on the annual Walkers perfect match promotion!

This year’s instant win promotion features on Walkers Max, Doritos and Pepsi Max and kicks off on 19 April 2020. There are an amazing 6,637 game-changing prizes available to be won instantly, including hundreds of LG TVs and soundbars, so there’s a great chance of winning!

The instant win competition runs until 26 July 2020, with a prize draw for late entries closing on 31 January 2021. I picked up a Pepsi multi-pack from Tesco Express.

Game-changing prizes

The prizes that can be won instantly in this promotion are:

  • 402 x LG Smart 4K Ultra HD 49 inch LED TV (model 49UM7400PLB)
  • 583 x LG SK4D soundbar
  • 1,092 x Pepsi Max Beanbag
  • 4,560 x bundles, each including: a pair of Pepsi Max glasses, a Walkers Snack Bowl, a 150g bag of Walkers Max, a 180g bag of Doritos and a 1.5 litre bottle of Pepsi Max

How to enter the Perfect Match promotion

  • Buy a promotional Walkers, Doritos or Pepsi product featuring the ‘Play & Win every hour’ promotional flash
  • Go to
  • Enter your name and email address, then enter the batch code from your promotional pack – for Walkers Max and Doritos, the code is next to ‘Best Before’ date, and for Pepsi Max the code is on the base of the can or the neck of the bottle (enter just the first 4 digits of the Pepsi code) – if you have trouble getting your Doritos code accepted, try it without the final letter!
  • You’ll find out instantly if you win a prize with a ‘perfect match’ (2 matching icons) – winners will be asked for a postal address and phone number, and will also receive a follow-up email
  • Prizes will take up to 60 days to be despatched – if you don’t receive it in that time, email

This is a winning moments promotion, so if you’re the first person to enter your code after a random winning moment, you’re the winner. If nobody enters between one winning moment and the next, the unclaimed prize will roll over into the next time slot so it can still be won. It works out at approximately a prize every 21 minutes – and as usual with this type of promotion, I recommend you enter overnight for the best chance of a win!

T&Cs state that you can enter a maximum of twice per day, but must use a different promo code and have a separate receipt for each entry – however the website does let you enter the same code more than once, and if you buy separate products in the same supermarket then you’re likely to have duplicate batch codes on them – so I don’t think the promoter will be strict on entrants using the same code daily.

T&Cs also state that receipts may be required to validate a win – but from my experience, they are rarely asked for unless there are suspicious circumstances (eg. entries from multiple email addresses at the same IP address with the same code winning major prizes). Note that in the later stages of the promotion, some entrants have been asked to upload photos of their batch code! Each person can win only one of each of the four prize types.

Five winners in the late entry draw (closing on 31 January 2021) will receive a £100 cash prize. There’s a No Purchase Necessary postal entry route for Northern Ireland residents, detailed in the T&Cs.

If you enjoy this type of promotion, check out the other comps in my Di’s Prize Buys category!

22 Responses

  1. Spencer says:

    Seems to me very odd that there are no winners on this, big or small prize.

  2. Mrs Lawrence W King says:

    I keep trying entering the code from the back of Max Strong three letters followed by space three numbers space three more numbers ?

  3. mick says:

    Entered code ‘GBC202120B’ as on packet, your website says ‘invalid’. Waste of time.

  4. DENISE HALEY says:

    I can remember the last time this competition was run, one ‘comper’ posted on Facebook about her winning 5 televisions, and was bemused that her 5th was not sent – she was of course given no sympathy. Does anyone remember this.

  5. Luke says:

    I entered this at about 7AM on a Friday morning when my newborn decided to wake up. Won one of the LG TV’s.

  6. Lyn Shephard says:

    I haven’t seen any promotional packets on any walkers or Doritos, only Pepsi. Has anybody seen the actual promotional packets anywhere? I’ve seen normal crisps everywhere but not the promotional ones?!

    • Di says:

      They have the Walkers MAX bags in my local Tesco Express (Brighton). I’ve not seen the Doritos yet!

  7. Scott Kerr says:

    i have bought numerous promotion packs of Pepsi Max but all of them share only 2 batch codes, 0083 & 0084. Can I use these codes for multiple entries?

    • Di says:

      Yes you can, just make sure you keep the receipt(s) safe just in case you’re a winner and they ask to see them!

  8. Elaine Jones says:

    Further to my previous comment, Walkers have now come back to me to say when entering the code, don’t include the last letter, I tried it and that seems to now work.

    • Di says:

      Thanks for letting me know Elaine – I will add this tip to the blog post in case anyone else is struggling!

  9. Elaine Jones says:

    I tried yesterday to enter a code which was on my Doritos pack but kept on saying invalid qualifaction code. I checked the code several times but still would not work unfortunately. The code on my pack that I tried was GBC101100D.

  10. Caroline Cordery says:

    So say you buy 2 packs with 2 different batch codes for your 2 entries a day. I’m a bit confused as to whether you can enter the same pack codes again the next day?

    • Harry says:

      You can’t (officially anyway).

      Confusingly, in the T&C’s they call the codes ‘promo codes’ which would generally mean they’re unique, but elsewhere it states the code is beside the best before date which would indicate it’s a batch code.

      “Multiple entries are permitted throughout the Promotion, providing each entry is accompanied by a separate purchase and itemised receipt, and a different promo code. Each promo code can only be entered once.”

      • Di says:

        I’m reserving judgement until the promotion starts, and I can test the codes out!

        • Caroline Cordery says:

          Thanks both. I mean, we could easily have bought X number of packs with the same batch codes, couldn’t we?

          • Harry says:

            For those in the know, are the promo codes (or batch codes presumably) the same on different items of the same product? I haven’t been to a supermarket in 2 months and I miss not being able to do detective work!

            They can’t link a batch code to a receipt and if batch codes are shared among a number of items (hence batch) they also can’t realistically require a different code for every entry.

            I need answers!…anyone? 🙂

  11. Emma Gough says:

    This sounds fantastic Di. A new TV is top of my wish list this year. Wishing you lots of luck. Em x

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