Win Hasbro games instantly with Ribena

Promotional Ribena bottles are in the shops now, and if you scan the QR code you can play a simple instant win game to win one of 12,385 Hasbro board games (with so many prizes, that’s a pretty good chance of winning!)

Ribena Hasbro instant win promotion

How to enter the Ribena instant win

  • Buy a promotional 850ml Ribena Squash Bottle or 2 litre Ribena Sparkling and keep hold of your proof of purchase (receipt)
  • Scan the QR code on the bottle, or go directly to the entry form at
  • Enter your details, select the store you made your purchase at
  • Enter the last 4 digits of the barcode (Irish residents can enter without making a purchase by answering two skill based questions rather than inputting a barcode)
  • Click to roll the dice. Get a double 6 to instantly win a Ribena Monopoly, or a double 3 to win one of the other Hasbro games.
  • Enter daily to increase your chances of winning a prize!

What Hasbro games can I win?

If you play the instant win game and roll a double six, you’ve won one of 10,000 Ribena Monopoly Mini Board Games.

If you roll a double three, you will be assigned a Hasbro board game at random from this list:

  • 400 x Hasbro Monopoly Classic Board Game
  • 495 x Jenga
  • 495 x Twister
  • 500 x Cluedo Classic Board Game
  • 495 x Cluedo Liars Board Game

The prizes in the 2021 Ribena & Hasbro promotion were a little disappointing, as they were card game and travel sized versions – but this list states these are original versions of the games so hopefully they will be the proper board games this year, although I imagine the mini Ribena game probably isn’t too exciting!

The closing date is 31 May 2022 and winners will be emailed within three working days of winning. You may be asked to send in a photo of your receipt to validate your win. Allow up to 120 days for delivery of your Ribena Monopoly game – the Hasbro games should arrive in 30 days.

It’s not clear from the T&Cs if you can win multiple prizes!

The promotion is open to UK and ROI residents. Terms and conditions are here.

What is a winning moment promotion?

The Ribena Hasbro promotion uses a ‘winning moments’ format where unclaimed prizes roll over, and all prizes are guaranteed to be won. If you’re the first person to enter after a random winning moment, you win a prize. Your best chance of a win is overnight! Find out more in my post What is a winning moment promotion?

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9 Responses

  1. Simon Lewis says:

    Won’t accept the barcode digits

  2. Lena says:

    I’m always confused if it states 1 entry per day, but doesn’t state that a separate receipt/purchase is needed…
    So can I enter with the same receipt/purchase once per day?

  3. Steph says:

    Hope prizes are better than their last promotion. Waited over 4 months after the competition finished to receive a card game rather than what I expected a board game. Was somewhat disappointed. Didn’t bother querying it.

  4. Barbara C says:

    Probably the card games as in the last promotion and not the board games as shown.

    • Di says:

      The list this time does state these are original versions of the games so hopefully they will be the proper board games this year, although I imagine the mini Ribena game won’t be anything to write home about….!

  5. Lucy robinson says:

    I think maybe you can only win once. I tried again today and couldn’t enter.

    • Di says:

      I was able to play today (but lost!). A Lucky Learner says she’s won twice so it must be possible. Maybe you can win one of each game type?

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