Win a holiday to Universal Orlando

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  1. Paul Lim says:

    Thanks Di.. I won!!

  2. Paul Lim says:

    I’ve been selected for this competition. Im due for a pre-recorded call tomorrow morning!! Can you tell me what questions were asked previously or where to find this info so that I can have a feel I’m what to expect? Would make a lovely Christmas gift for the family!! Many thanks

    • Di says:

      Oh gosh, the other finalist tomorrow is one of my blog readers too! The questions have been about the number 3 – but often a very vague link to it! Some have been obvious – Three Musketeers, Three wise men, but others have been ‘name 3 members of Duran Duran’ for example, so very hard to swot up for. Just try to stay calm and if there’s any way you can have someone there to discreetly help you with the answers when you get the call, that would be great. Good luck!

  3. Yvette Morgan says:

    thanks Di 🙂 x

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