Win Kit Kat Getaway goodies every day

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  1. PAUL says:

    M7C9 – BP9WV- QZ

  2. Me and Hasnain have try to win the 3 codes of the kit Kat competition I hope both of us win the competition and send it to my dad(yunus)on his Facebook as soon as possible few more packs to win
    the promotion. Love From Madihah and Hasnain.


  3. Deborah Ireland says:

    20 codes and not one winner. I usually find it easy to win with Kit Kat and won the max number of ‘Joe the mug’ and the personalised bars prizes by entering codes overnight or very early morning. I know that there were a lot more of those prizes available but I’ve seen feedback from other people how difficult it is to win one of the 100 daily ‘getaway goodies’ in this comp and how they haven’t won either after inputting many codes. It’s good to finally hear of some winners. I, like other people, have even wondered if the website has been working properly. Do you think Kit Kat would release the number of the getaway goodies won because I’d love to know and will definitely be requesting winners info.

  4. Derek Wilson says:

    Thanks Di. Won a beach tote bag which I’ll give to my sister.

  5. helena denton says:

    won a luggage strap after 3 codes

  6. Alison Thackray says:

    nope, 2 codes entered, but sure I can manage a few more packs before the promotion is over

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