Win one of a thousand £50 ASDA vouchers

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  1. jean paul says:

    Thanks Di. A few of my family entered and none of us heard anything so I was thinking that maybe that there hadn’t been any winners selected. Anyway good to know that there were.

    • Di says:

      Yes! Despite there being so many prizes, ASDA said there were 71,000 entries – so only a 1-in-71 chance of winning!

  2. jean paul says:

    did anyone hear of the winners of this competition?

    • Di says:

      Yes! After many phone calls, emails and tweets the thousand winners did eventually receive their gift cards!

  3. Paul Jenkins says:

    Oh drat only just seen this comp now ! ;(

  4. Wayne Milnthorpe says:

    ASDA’s is the best shop locally around for me it always has what I want

  5. Ann Wild says:

    I would like to try some of these new products but as our store doesn’t stock them I CAN’T so this is a waste of my time!!!!! I was told the store is too small so this is more discrimination!! I hope this can be resolved and I will be able to buy these products in the very near future!!

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