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Hot on the heels of their Trolls promotion, Plenty kitchen roll are once again tempting us to buy with a promise of 432 prizes to be won in six weekly draws, starting today (25th January)! Once again, you’ll need the unique codes from promotional packs – which are only available at Tesco.

Find out more in my latest YouTube guide…

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional pack of Plenty at Tesco (you can buy online too – but you may risk receiving one with the old Trolls promotion on!)
  • Go to and click to explore the house.
  • Choose from six rooms – each offers three prize draws you can choose from (see prize list below).
  • Click on the star for the prize you want to win, then enter your name and address details plus the unique code from the packaging
  • Enter two unique codes per household (address) each week – the weekly draws close on a Tuesday at midnight, with the first closing date 31st January 2017 and the final draw on 7th March 2017.
  • You may be asked for your receipts, so keep hold of them!

The prizes

There are 432 prizes in total, with 72 given away each week (each week has the same prizes and format). Here’s where you can find the prizes in the Plenty ‘house’:

  • 4 x Nespresso U Coffee Machine, 4 x Dualit Toaster (Kitchen)
  • 4 x Polaroid Snap Camera, 4 x iPad Mini 16GB (Home Office)
  • 4 x Philips Home Cinema System, 4 x PlayStation 4 Slim 500GBBathroom (Lounge)
  • 4 x Fitbit Smart Scales, 4 x Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush (Bathroom)
  • 4 x Karcher Power Washer, 4 x Kids Bike (actually £100 gift card) (Garage)
  • 4 x GHD Straighteners, 4 x Bush 32” TV & DVD Player Combi (Bedroom)
  • In addition, every room has 4 x £100 Tesco gift cards to be won!

The main promotion closes on 7th March 2017 (with a late entry draw closing on 30th March) and you can enter two codes per household (address) per week.

My tip would be to enter for the toothbrush, scales or camera for a better chance of a win – these prizes will be less popular than the PS4 or iPad!

Find out more at, where you’ll also find details of the No Purchase Necessary route for Northern Ireland residents.

Will you be entering, or do you already have enough kitchen roll for the rest of the year thanks to the Trolls promotion?

12 Responses

  1. Margaret Neary says:

    Love to win a prize just joined it looks great

  2. Valerie Kay says:

    Just got an email saying I’ve won a Nespresso U Coffee Machine! Thanks Di 🙂

  3. Emma Fox says:

    Won a Dualit toaster today – yay! Thanks for the blog post on this promotion (I was not going to enter as I failed to win a single Troll on the previous promotion but clearly I am very happy I did now!)

  4. Gill Mitchell says:

    Got an email to say I won a toothbrush! Thought Id missed out again this week when it got to Tuesday so it was a lovely surprise! Thanks for all the info! Any idea if winners can continue entering?

  5. Hayley says:

    Won the Polaroid Snap Camera today! Thanks so much!!

  6. Sarah H says:

    Just won a £100 Tesco Gift card, am well chuffed !! Thank you Di for the heads up on this comp. Happy Friday !

  7. Trenton1984 says:

    Just received an email to say I have won a PS4. Probably would not have entered if not for your video. One crossed off the wishlist!

  8. Jen O'Rourke says:

    I didnt bother with troll promo but like look of this one. Have chosen £100 tesco gift card since there are more of these. Fingers crossed!x

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