Win Premier League tickets every week

It’s less than a month until the Premier League kicks off again, and you might have spotted the latest Coca-Cola on-pack promo in the shops already!

The prizes are 120 pairs of Premier League tickets every week until 1st September 2019 – all you need to do is enter the code from a promotional bottle, can or multi pack at

As part of the promotion, Coke is supporting Street Games, a charity giving disadvantaged young people access to sport. Every entrant must vote for one of two Street Games projects – and Coca Cola will share £200,000 between the projects, depending on the share of the vote.

The Prizes

Each week, there are 6 pairs of Premier League home tickets to be won for each of the 20 Premier League clubs – 120 prizes a week (960 pairs in total). Each prize also comes with £50 towards travel to the match. Match dates and times will be confirmed with the winners.

How to enter

  • Buy a promotional bottle, can or multi-pack of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Oasis, Sprite or Dr Pepper (there’s only one code on a multi-pack!)
  • Find the code on the reverse of the label, inside the box, or under the ring pull
  • Go to*and register, or sign in using your email address or Facebook log in (you also have the option to enter via Messenger chatbot!),
  • Choose your favourite Premier League team
  • Enter the unique code from your packaging
  • Cast your vote for either the StreetGames Training Academy, or the StreetGames Spaces project

*Website address depends on the product –,,, all links redirect to the main Coke website!

Each prize draw closes on Sunday at midnight, and the following working day, six winners are chosen at random for each Premier League team from all entries that week. Those 120 winners will be contacted by email within 24 hours, and asked to call a FREEPHONE number within 4 working days to claim their prize.

You can enter up to 5 times a day, but only win one prize for the duration of the promotion, which ends on 1 September 2019. You must be 16 or over to take part.

Terms and conditions are here – if you have trouble using your code you can contact the Consumer helpline on 0800 227711.

Don’t forget Coke comps are great for those of us that like to womble too – look out for discarded bottles out and about (particularly at Premier League stadiums!)

27 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    I have won tickets. So excited.

  2. Raju David says:

    Foot ball is our Family favourite game. We Love ❤️ to watch the game.

  3. Football tickets love to get tickets my football team play in London

  4. Roger Golden says:

    Would love tickets

  5. Stephen Dick says:

    Another purchase necessary(or womble for 1 free entry) is the Robinsons fruit shoot 4 pack where you can win a good time for your kids(shoot the moon).

  6. Landimeire Hipolito says:

    I will be great full, if six tickets. I would like to go with my family

  7. stephen stubbs says:

    i watch lower league football so Premier League football.. WOW yes please.

  8. Burling says:

    I would love to see my team play again it’s been a while

  9. James Walsh says:

    I would love to go and see Wolverhampton Wanderers playing in the premiership, but as a pensioner I can’t afford to go.


  10. Raju David says:

    I will be great full, if six tickets. I would like to go with my family.

  11. Michael says:

    Premier league

  12. Winifred Clarke says:

    Brilliant idea hope to win( as l don’t usually)

  13. Gary Key says:

    I would love to win tickets for my daughter to watch Manchester United as she as never been to ever watch her dream team

  14. Raju David says:

    I am interested in watching football. It’s my favourite game.

  15. Bobbie says:


  16. Leo says:

    I hope you I get it

  17. Melvyn West says:

    I would love to win to take my Autistic grandson to see is favourite team

  18. Thomas says:

    My son has not seen a premier league game before and it is his dream to watch a game.

  19. Finlay Whyte says:

    Football is the best thing in the world!! I would love some tickets!!

  20. Vivienne Emerson says:

    I would love tickets

  21. Lesley Bentley says:

    What a great win this would be.

  22. E Voy says:

    Win win win

  23. Claire Young says:

    Wombled for the first time yesterday for this! Hilariously exciting, hope I win! Looking everywhere for bottles now!

    • Di says:

      Ha! I love it. I’m taking an extra carrier bag to the park on Friday – on the last day of school there’s so much litter in the park, I’ll be having a good old womble…! Good luck!

  24. ben says:

    i really want to see a football game for thee first time }:

  25. Thomas says:

    I love football and i would love to have some tickets

  26. Gaurav says:

    I want tickets

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