Win prizes with the Coca-Cola app!

Have you heard about the Coca-Cola app? It offers a chance to win prizes by playing free games – and sometimes by using codes from the Coke, Fanta and Sprite products you buy!

In the app you can earn gems from playing free games, and coins for entering codes from bottles and cans. You can then redeem these to enter prize draws or instant win promotions. Currently ALL promotions on the app are free to enter for GB residents and do not require a product purchase!

Note that residents of Ireland usually have to make a purchase to enter the Coca-Cola app prize draws and instant wins, and the promotions are separate to the GB details I have listed here. Find out more at

The Endless Summer promotion for GB residents has ended but there’s there’s a prize draw for late entries closing on 23 June 2024 with Brighton Pride tickets to be won.

The Diet Coke Fashion Crush promotion for GB residents runs from 1 March 2024 to 28 February 2025 with 1,920 items of Diet Coke merchandise to win across 52 weekly prize draws.

How to use the Coca-Cola app

  • Download the free Coca-Cola app from Google Play or the App store
  • Register your details on the app (you’ll need to click on a link in your email to complete registration)
  • Enter a pin code from product caps, ring pulls or multipack packaging to earn coins
  • Or simply play the free games to earn gems – you can usually play a maximum of 5 times each day to earn gems (you can continue to play after this but will not earn gems)
  • Use the gems & coins to enter prize draws and instant wins – to do this, tap any Prizes option from the home screen, then select All Prizes to see what’s on offer. Then tap the red ticket or arrow on the right hand side of the main graphic to enter the instant win/prize draw!
  • Some instant wins and prize draws can be entered without any gems or coins!
  • You will find out immediately if you’ve won or lost an instant win. Winners will receive confirmation of their prize by email, this could take a few days.
  • Prize draw winners will be informed by email from – it might go to your junk folder
  • Check your balance in the wallet
  • Check your prizes and prize draw entries by tapping More then Profile

If the graphic on a prizes screen is faint, you’re not able to enter that promotion. It may not yet be open, or you have already won maximum prizes, or had the maximum number of entries into the draw already.

Coins are brand-specific, but the gems you earn playing games are not brand-specific. So you can play the game you find easiest, to maximise your gems! Every game has a different maximum number of gems you can earn each day.

How to enter the Fashion Crush promotion

Between 1 March 2024 and 28 February 2025 residents of England, Scotland and Wales can win prizes by playing the free Diet Coke game on the app, then using the gems earned to enter the weekly prize draws to win:

  • 120 x Umbrellas
  • 240 x Ice Cube Tray Set
  • 240 x Mini Purse and Lanyard
  • 240 x Pop Sockets
  • 240 x Cooler Bags
  • 600 x Case of 24 x 330ml Diet Coke

Prizes are split between 52 weekly draws, with 32 or 33 winners chosen at random each week.

To play the Fashion Crush game, match three items to make them disappear and be replaced by new ones. The more items you match, the more levels you pass and the more gems you can earn to enter our weekly prize draw for the chance to win to win prizes. You will also be awarded bonus gems if you get a perfect score. 

For an entry into the weekly draw you will need 50 gems. When you have enough gems, tap on Prizes from the home screen, and select Join the raffle. Your gem total shows at the top of the screen.

The promotion is open to GB residents aged 16+. You can enter a maximum of 100 times per month, and win one of each prize type.

Check out full T&Cs of the Diet Coke Fashion Crush promotion at

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50 Responses

  1. HAO-HSUAN CHU says:

    I input the code with- the dash, but it’s continue to show error, why?

    • Di says:

      Are you in Ireland Harry? Only Irish residents can input codes at the moment. For GB it’s free entry, no codes required.

      • HAO-HSUAN CHU says:

        Then how should I prove I have bought the 2L coke?

        • Di says:

          You don’t need to buy anything if you’re in England, Wales or Scotland, it’s free to enter.

          If you’re in Ireland, you’ll find a code under the bottle caps, and will need to input this to prove you bought it.

  2. Hazel Cox says:

    where do you find the pin codes?

    • Di says:

      Are you in the UK Hazel? No codes are required for any of the current promotions – they are all free to enter.

  3. Chloe Farrow says:

    Hiya!! I’ve got so many raffle tickets I’ve got through playing the games but not yet won anything, what is the likelihood of winning?

    • Di says:

      There have been plenty of winners in the Lucky Learners Facebook group Chloe, so I would persevere (I’ve not won yet either – I really want a Fanta towel!)

  4. Thankyou Di – I’ll try this.

    • P says:

      I’ve already won the t-shirt and the cute silver pin badge. I’m gunning for a Fanta towel. Coachella would be a bonus lol

  5. Hi Di – just wondered if you could help. I entered & received notification that i had won on the Coca-Cola App – it was a gift set from Cosmoss. This was approx. the beginning of April. The notification said that they would be in touch within the next 7 days. Unfortunately, I did not receive a reply. I queried this & was asked to provide the code from the notification. I forwarded this & also sent a copy of the winning notice. To date I have not received a reply. Not sure what to do now – any ideas, your advice would be very much appreciated.

  6. Lyn Shephard says:

    Hi, Has anybody heard of any winners in the marvel comp yet? I know it says weekly winners but are they announcing them weekly?

    • Di says:

      Yes, there’s been a Disney winner in Lucky Learners but I’m not sure which weekly draw he won!

      • Sarah R says:

        I wasn’t able to enter for the past 4-5 days as the screen was faint, even though I haven’t entered maximum times. Seems to be working today though.

  7. James says:

    The marvel comp for N.ireland and Irish residents is open now

  8. Ghulam Murtaza says:

    I am living in Saudia, today morning I buy 1 Coca Cola. I Received Behind Cap Code. Can any one tell me how to find??

  9. Clinton Ward says:

    I buy the 2L bottles but the code under the cap is too small the pin code is asking for quite a lot of numbers.

    I entered the long number under the date and still comes up invalid pin code.

    Any ideas where the codes on bottles are please it as the QR code to scan and just takes me to the menus in the app.

    • Di says:

      There are no codes for any of the current promotions Clinton – they are all no purchase necessary. Scanning the QR on the bottles just takes you to download the app. If you read this blog post it explains how you play the games to earn the gems which will get you the competition entries.

  10. Jon says:

    New free kick game is v difficult as the power marker will only move a little and things are generally unresponsive! So frustrating!

  11. Sarah R says:

    I just won a football. Glad I won it so early on as i’m rubbish at the game and don’t think I will play it again.

  12. Sara says:

    Did someone had any luck with the Fanta game?

  13. Recheal says:

    How can i play the promo game and how can i download that game on my phone.

    • Di says:

      All the information is in this blog post! You download the COCA-COLA app (must be in the UK) and then simply tap either Play Diet Coke Game or Play Halloween Game.

  14. Satvinder Billa says:

    I won £100 there is a code on the vouchers but it says it expires on the 20/9/2022 anyone no how to use it and if it expires in a couple of days??

  15. Hi There
    I am in RSA, how can I play this game / competition?

    • Di says:

      These promotions are only for GB residents I’m afraid – but maybe there’s a version of the Coca-Cola app for your region too?

  16. Sarah R says:

    I finally managed to find a 500ml bottle in my local Asda today.

  17. Kris says:

    I have managed to win £200 Selfridges gift card . But still awaiting for instructions how to redeem it .

    • Jean says:

      Did you ever get your voucher ?
      I won £100 last week and still waiting for the an email with the voucher. Also told the vouchers expire on the 20 Sept 22, surely this should say 2023?

  18. Malin says:

    Where’s the code placed in the cans?

    • Di says:

      Although the promotion initially advertised that there were codes under ringpulls, it’s not actually the case! The codes are on the cardboard packaging in the multipacks – individual cans do NOT have a code, unfortunately.

  19. Mel says:

    Been trying to put codes in but they keep saying invalid. Any ideas?
    One I have on a can is 6 digits/letters long and the late moss bottle says the promo hasn’t started yet?

  20. Satvinder Billa says:

    Has anyone seen them in store I’ve been to Tesco sainsburys pound shop wilko and can’t find any.

    • Di says:

      My ASDA had restocked with Diet Coke promo packs this week – but only the big bottles and multipacks. I’ve not seen it on 500ml yet.

      • Satvinder Billa says:

        Hi Di thank you, I got some from Morrisons One thing there is only one code for 8 cans of multipack is the right so only one entry?

        • Di says:

          Unfortunately yes – although the terms and conditions would suggest otherwise as it only mentions codes on ring pulls and caps!

  21. Adele says:

    No luck as yet… but will keep playing and collecting points. Di had 20/20 vision, on my first code.. but managed to take photos for the rest, thou do agree they could have found a better way for promotional code, especially with people struggling with eye sight.

  22. Karen says:

    I’m loving the sprite promotion, but I’ve not yet found any promotional Coke products. Good luck everyone.

  23. Christopher McCourt says:

    I’ve amassed around 1,000 gems and will just purchased my first promotional bottle. I have to say reading the code under the bottle caps is sometimes super tricky!

    • Di says:

      Good luck Christopher! I usually dry off the cap and take a photo of the code on my phone, then zoom in to see it properly!!

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