Win prizes with the Coca-Cola app!

Have you heard about the new Coca-Cola app? It offers a chance to win prizes by playing free games and using codes from the Coke products you buy.

In the app you can earn gems from playing free games, and coins for entering codes from bottles and cans. You can then redeem these to enter prize draws or instant win promotions!

The first prize promotion on the app is Sprite, and it runs from 2 May until 13 June 2022. Top prizes are a £1,500 room makeover and lots of tech including tablets and smartphones.

How to use the Coca-Cola app

  • Download the free Coca-Cola app from Google Play or the App store.
  • Register your details on the app (you’ll need to click on a link in your email to complete registration)
  • Play the game to earn gems
  • Enter a code from products to earn coins
  • Use the gems & coins to enter prize draws and instant wins
  • Check your balance in the wallet.

How to enter the Sprite promotion

Between 2 May until 13 June 2022 you can enter to win prizes on the app.

For the instant win competition you can enter by playing the ‘Chillout’ game to earn gems. For the two prize draws you’ll need to purchase a product and enter codes.

You can play the game now, but can only enter the codes and competitions after 2 May.

  • Purchase a promotional Sprite bottle, can or multipack (this includes 2 litre bottles) – look out for the ‘Chill Time is not wasted time’ flash on the bottle.
  • Enter your unique code from the bottle cap or ringpull in the Coca-Cola app to earn Sprite ‘coins’
  • Use coins to enter the grand and weekly prize draws
  • Play the Chillout game to earn ‘gems’ – you’ll get bonus gems for each level you complete
  • Use these gems to enter the instant win comp
  • You can play to win gems 5 times daily
  • For the prize draws, you need both gems AND coins – see below!
Coca-Cola Sprite game

How to play the Sprite Chillout game

The Sprite game is super simple to play – just use your finger to move the armchair across the screen from left to right, and catch any items that help you to chill out (Sprite, iPhone, blanket, slippers, headphones…) – but avoid the noisy items (alarm clock, vacuum cleaner). 

To complete a level you’ll need to get enough chill points to reach the star at the top of the screen – you earn a point for every chill out item, but lose a point for the noisy items!

For level 1 you need 30 points to get one star (and 30 gems) and 34 points to get two stars (and the 50 gem perfect bonus). You’ll need more points (and earn more gems) on the harder levels, but can only earn the 50 gem perfect bonus once on each level. 

What are the prizes?


  • £1500 room makeover
  • 2 x mobiles
  • 2 x home cinema system
  • 3 x tablets

For an entry into the grand prize draw you will need 2 Sprite coins & 100 gems

WEEKLY PRIZE DRAW (prizes distributed across 6 weekly draws)

  • 15 x speakers
  • 15 x beanbag lounger
  • 10 x wearable blankets
  • 5 x smart lighting kit
  • 5 x year movie subscription
  • 5 x year music subscription

For an entry into the weekly draws you will need 1 Sprite coin & 50 gems

SPRITE CHILL TIME INSTANT WIN (680 winning moments)

  • 80 x headphones
  • 150 x popgrip
  • 300 x selfie lights
  • 150 x LED strip light

For an entry into the instant win you will need 50 gems


There’s a late draw for entries between 13.6.22 and 25.7.22, with just one prize of a 4k home cinema system

For an entry into the late draw you will need 1 Sprite coin & 50 gems

What are the entry restrictions?

The promotion is open to GB residents aged 16+.

It does look like an Irish version of the Sprite promo is on its way too – it’s due to start on 30 May at

You can only have a maximum of 42 prize draw entries in total, a maximum of 2 instant win app entries per day – and can only win one of each prize type. Sprite prize draw entries are capped at 2,000 – on the prizes page, the red gift icon shows how many prize draw entries are left (eg. 1.6k/2k shows that 400 people have entered the prize draw so far).

Check out full T&Cs for the Sprite promotion at

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2 Responses

  1. Christopher McCourt says:

    I’ve amassed around 1,000 gems and will just purchased my first promotional bottle. I have to say reading the code under the bottle caps is sometimes super tricky!

    • Di says:

      Good luck Christopher! I usually dry off the cap and take a photo of the code on my phone, then zoom in to see it properly!!

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