How to win radio competitions

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  1. Tanya says:

    I’m in New Zealand, so don’t know if comps are the same. We have national comps to big concerts overseas and the cue to call is every hour or so, but they run for a couple of weeks. Was wondering whether you keep trying to enter once you have finally gotten through and have an entry? I got 11 entries into a draw to see Beyonce in San Francisco (didn’t win), 5 or 6 to see Meghan Trainor in LA (didn’t win), 12 to see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas (didn’t win)!!!! Gutted! So far I’ve got one entry to see Pink in Paris and two entries to see Elton John in Las Vegas. Do I just keep trying?!!!! Thanks 🙂

    • Di says:

      We don’t have a system like this in the UK Tanya – I think the closest we have is the expensive text entry comps where it’s £1.50 an entry. Having an ongoing hourly comp over a number of weeks sounds like hard work just for a prize draw entry! How much does each entry cost you?

      • Tanya says:

        Stressful is probably more like it lol. Doesn’t cost anything. You ring the 0800 no. when the cue to call comes on and if you’re first caller through you get in the draw. Then they randomly pick a winner at the end of the competition. I like your tip on checking all radio stations websites. I’ve scanned them all and entered two other trips on their website and to win tickets for Queen! Just found another one today to win a trip to Lollapalooza in the states. Thanks!!!

  2. Jess says:

    how do radio stations actually choose their winner for example capital cash call I literally apply twice a day I never winner or am I just unlucky? 🙁

    • Di says:

      The comps where you pay £1.50 or £2.00 to enter (like Cash Call, or Triple Play) get LOADS of entries because they’re advertised so often on air and people can’t resist making multiple entries! The winner will be chosen at random from all entries and the only way you can increase the odds is to spend more and more money which is a BAD idea! Try entering the free comps, where you enter online and then they call you back (ideally the creative ones where you have to upload a photo or a tiebreaker answer!)

  3. John Pepworth says:

    Can i enter every radio competition in the country or are you limited to the one in your local area.

    • Di says:

      Stations sometimes have T&Cs online that you can check – but I’ve rarely seen restrictions on it. BUT for some local stations if they pick up they will ask your name AND where you’re calling from, and if it’s too far from the broadcast area they might decide to go to the next caller. A lot of stations never ask where you’re calling from though – so if it’s a prize you’d really like, you have nothing to lose by calling!

  4. Victoria says:

    In the last five yrs I have won over 50 000 pounds. Worth of prizes including a car ten tellies a holiday to turkey Cyprus Majorca Malaga two trips to laris six trips to Ireland. Sky tv free fir a yr ten times four iPads an iPhone an I watch thousands of pounds worth of vouchers for different malls Bikes. Met Robbie Williams and will Young numerous overnight stays in top hotels trip to Harry Potter world u name it ave won on every radio station. Heart real smooth central Clyde absolute magic capital it’s the best thing I ever started doing and everything in the tips above is exactly what I do I prob break the rules you have to if you want to win It’s called competition for a reason

  5. LoveC says:

    How do I get a call back from a radio station on a comp that u register online since they say the system picks you up

    • Di says:

      I don’t understand the question? If you’ve entered online then you will have supplied your phone number so if you get chosen they can call you on that number?

  6. KieranWalsh says:

    We won a lovely trip to Barcelona, On Essex Radio,This year, Call back answer three questions, My wife entered,so they wanted to speak to her, at 7.30am.Had to wake her up.But we won. Won loads on old Breeze Essex radio,miss it, But a good rate of prizes.Funny one was a sofa on Christmas eve,with Breeze,we had a choice of two, and a radio car followed the delivery,from Maldon, we had to be vacuum the floor,ready for its arrival, on radio, they followed it to home,Where we had to have cheering neighbours, and be interviewed,live on radio, still it was worth £1500, And lasted years Embarrassed never. We had fun with Classic BBC Radio, a limo, to last night at the proms Royal Albert Hall chauffeur driven.From and back, Everything laid on, Did we get some looks.Yes you do win great prizes from radio. Be lucky

  7. Local stations really struggle to get people on air for comps – especially with niche prizes like event tickets!

    • emmasfabulous says:

      I have to have a thick skin when the fella asks if I’ll go on hold in case someone else rings in that might answer more questions right 😀

  8. Melanie Sarah Slater says:

    I won a macbook air with Heart fm, it was a text comp, it was an amazing feeling, dont give up is my advice

  9. I’ve been on air twice this year – both in the same month! Was lucky enough to win £500 cash and a new Samsung S8 plus with a really easy to answer question on Heat (i was the first to call in as I had the number on speed dial). I then also won £250 of B&Q vouchers with a head to head quiz with Virgin Radio! (had to pre register first and knew I was going on air the day before).

    Not been told I was banned from winning anymore from Bauer but am playing it safe as don’t want to end up having to hand a prize back or worse- end up paying back monetary value to them retrospectively!

    Would love to get more time to listen to the radio but the kids hate it on unless its banging out Aqua’s Barbie Girl or Frozen…..

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