Win! The new BTS album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’

It’s finally here! Ryland and I were down at HMV Brighton this morning to pick up a copy of the brand new BTS CD album, Map of the Soul:7. We’ve been excited about this for months (you might have spotted the little 7 added to my Twitter handle!), and by the looks of their special balloon display the HMV staff were pretty thrilled too!

If you watch our prize unboxing videos on YouTube you’ll know that we’re huge BTS fans – we even went on a family trip to see them play live in Paris last summer. The seven members have been a band since 2013 and sing almost exclusively in Korean, their choreography is unbelievable and they have millions of fans worldwide (known as the ARMY). If you’ve not heard of them yet, you soon will – they’re playing two dates at Twickenham Stadium in July which are expected to sell out straight away!

Win a copy of Map of the Soul: 7

Because I love to recruit new ARMYs, I bought an extra copy of the album in HMV to give away to a SuperLucky reader!  The Version 1 box set includes a poster, photo book, stickers and more goodies, and you can buy it for £29.99 at HMV.

If you’d like a chance to win, listen to the album (on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or anywhere else!) and leave a comment here on the blog telling me which is your favourite track and why.

Maybe you’re a fan of the lead single, ON?

Or the gorgeous Black Swan, as performed on the Late Late Show with James Corden?

The prize draw is open to entrants aged 14 and over in the UK and ROI, and the winner will be chosen at random from all comments. Closing date is 3 March 2020.

Competition now closed – winner is Victoria Turbin!

Good luck – and I hope you enjoy listening to the album!

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. There is one prize of a copy of BTS ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ CD box set (version 1).
  2. Open to UK and ROI residents aged 14 and over.
  3. Closing date for entries is 11.59pm GMT on 3 March 2020.
  4. Entrants must leave a comment on the blog post to say which is their favourite track from MOTS7 and why.
  5. One comment per person.
  6. The winner will be chosen at random.
  7. The winner will be informed by email within 3 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen.
  8. The prize will be posted to the winner within 7 days of the winner confirming their email address.
  9. The promoter is SuperLucky.
  10. By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

44 Responses

  1. Nicky says:

    I love bts. Iam a army with out any BTS stuff

  2. Victoria Turbin says:

    A massive thank you to Super Lucky Di for this prize win! Both me and DD are very excited! It was a lovely email to receive! X

  3. Scott Fallon says:

    I would definitely pick UGH! I like the rapping, the fast tempo and the bass line is pretty cool.

  4. Stephanie Anastasiou says:

    Yes please absolutely amazing

  5. Sam Tilley says:

    I love listening to all of their songs, but my favourite at the moment is Inner Child because I like the lyrics & V sings it! X

  6. Rachel Tilley says:

    My favourite track has to be ego because it’s so catchy, the lyrics are great and it really matches j-hopes style (and the music video is also great)

  7. Layla says:

    My favourite is Outro:Ego because it was released on my birthday!

  8. Nadia Nisa says:

    I adore all the songs as each one has its own special meaning & emotion behind it but I have to say Moon is one of my favourites! Jins love for ARMY shines through! The lyrics definitely make me cry, thank you BTS & thank you Jin…. he’s come such a long way from being a shy boy who didn’t know how to sing or dance but took a chance

  9. Avalon says:

    At the moment I’m really love Moon because I love Jin’s voice

  10. Chlo says:

    I love the rapline so UGH! Is my favourite

  11. Mimi says:

    My favourite is ON because it’s so catchy!

  12. Sarah prescott says:

    I like Black Swan as it’s catchy. I also impressed my niece that I knew who BTS won so she would think it great if I won this.

  13. Ava says:

    My favourite song from MOTS:7 is filter! Jimin has fantastic vocals and the song makes me want to dance 🙂

  14. Chloe says:

    My favourite track is My Time because, throughout my depression I have always felt as though time is slipping away from me, and it’s comforting to know someone else feels the same way

  15. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Black swan its very catchy and I love that the tunes are so easy to listen too they are very unique

  16. Sarah-Dawn Pope says:

    Blimey Di, this is like asking me to name my favourite child! I love On and Black Swan, both very catchy with amazing choreo as per usual. But the track I keep going back to is Ugh! Layering the rap line over a traditional Korean sound is so unusual. Fingers crossed that I manage to score tickets for Twickenham this summer, it was so nerve wracking trying to get Wembley ones last year, thankfully we got them in the end.

  17. David says:

    Hello, I like their song ‘Make it Right’ as it is very catchy.

  18. Leiane hardy says:

    Boy with luv, Halsey also is extremely talented from a big fan

  19. Carole Nott says:

    I do not have a favourite as they are new to me but would love the chance to hear them. The reviews sound good.

  20. Simi Akinfe says:

    My favourite song would have to be We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal because the song is quite different from part 1 and 2, it really shows how ARMY have supported BTS throughout their music career. I can really feel the emotion from BTS through the song, so I like to listen to it a lot

  21. Dale Dow says:

    Black Swan, definitely a catchy tune. Before today I didn’t actually listen to their songs, I thought ‘come on, it’s Korean, I won’t get that?’ But I do like the beats. My youngest loves BTS

  22. Amanda says:

    My favourite song from Map of the Soul 7 has to be Friends, it is about a friendship that is very strong and beautiful , and in a world full of so much hatred it’s so wonderful to see.

    • Simi Akinfe says:

      My favourite song would have to be We Are Bulletproof: the Eternal because the song is quite different from part 1 and 2, it really shows how ARMY have supported BTS throughout their music career. I can really feel the emotion from BTS through the song, so I like to listen to it a lot 🙂

  23. Aimee says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for the wonderful competition. c: My favourite song from the album is We Are Bulletproof : The Eternal because it’s such a beautiful, meaningful song where they sing about how in the beginning they were only seven but now they have all the army. how we protect eachother. How they don’t care about the hate because they have us.

  24. Kai Taylor says:

    Filter- It reminds me a lot of Latin pop, which is something I grew up with a lot. I love that with every solo Jimin tries something new. Lie, Promise, Serendipity, they’re all so different both lyrically and musically. While his previous solos highlighted his insecurities and fears, this song celebrates Jimin’s self-love; in Filter he comes to terms with his versatility and the effect he has no hearts of men and women alike, which I think is pretty cool.

  25. lynn doe says:

    my teenager is a massive BTS fan, all he got for christmas was BTS stuff, and im now in charge of grabbing tickets for twickenham when they go on sale. im not a big fan myself but i dont mind the song Epithany,

  26. June Seghni says:

    Hi , it was nice to meet you today at the HMV K-pop party. My favourite track is Louder than Bombs- sultry, sexy, hypnotic-need I say more…

  27. Sandra Oliver says:

    ‘Friends’ I just love it, my 15 year old Granddaughter has huge crush on Jimin. ‘Friends’-reminds me of her, she sings BTS songs and now knows a little Korean, which can’t be bad.

  28. Wendy says:

    Love it all having been converted by my daughter – Black Swan would be my favourite as like the beat and the concept.
    Watched them twice at Wembley. Got hotel booked for Twickenham 2 nights now have to get tickets for both nights – stress time!!!

  29. Eliza Stone says:

    I really enjoy 00:00 as i feel the song gives a great message and already has helped keep my mind focused when at home and just makes me feel happier ARMY FOREVER

  30. Vicky Turbin says:

    Weirdly I like Shadow, mostly because DD showed me an in-depth explanation of how this track links to the previous albums and to psychology. I never realised that BTS had more to them. Made me want to hug them. I like the other tracks too but they are more upbeat like going on a fun road trip with friends. Will be desperately looking for comps to win tickets now! Thanks for the chance to win the album as it’s DDs 18th Birthday soon so would be fantastic! X

  31. Sienna says:

    Louder than bombs is my favourite track because I have read the lyrics and I feel like I can really connect to it.

    Also I am really broke and can’t afford an album and I’m a Brighton Army as well. ❤

  32. Holly harmsworth says:

    My daughters favourite track is friends because jimin and Taehyung have been friends since school and they have gone through the whole journey of BTS together.

  33. Tracey Andrews says:

    My daughters favourite track is ‘Friends’ because it’s different to anything they have done before (apparently)!

  34. sharon martin says:

    my daughter is a huge BTS fan and loves the song Dionysus from the album as she likes the lyrics. shes gradually introducing them to me and i quite like black swan as its an easy to listen to song and quite a catchy tune.

  35. Laura Walker says:

    Black Swan is really catchy I’ve surprised myself. My niece would love me forever if I won this

  36. Israt says:

    I love the whole album and I only listened to it a couple of tiles… but my favourite track right now is Friends, because it represents the friendship between Jimin and Tae, the lyrics are so touching I almost cried 🙁

    • W Sum says:

      My favourite song from MOTS7 is Black Swan as it’s such a catchy song and very much their style! However as my bias is Tae I really do like Inner Child! Currently have the album via Spotify but would love to win a hard copy please!

  37. Melanie slater says:

    Inner child, my niece is 15 and loves Bits, she has been teaching herself Korean and all sorts, she can sing this song word for word it amazes me as I’ve no clue what she’s singing

  38. Lisa West says:

    Love On as it is so catchy.

  39. Hayley Davies says:

    Love ON. I always like their songs that have a distinct beat. Always a bonus to see jungkook dancing around in a leather jacket
    I love that each of their albums is so distinctive from each other. Roll on twickenham!

  40. Martina says:

    My daughter clio is OBSESSED! We were at Wembley last year. She would love this x she loves Louder than bombs

  41. Louise says:

    Black Swan is my favourite track because it feels really different in tone.

  42. BECCI Cleary says:

    I am not going to lie…. I havent actually ever listened to a #BTS track – but my 15 year old daughter could be IN the band with how well she knows them. One thing is I feel you cannot get enough merch in this country for them I have struggled over Christmas and for her birthday this week.

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